God-level Evolution Starts from the Pirate Chapter 117

Chapter 117: The helplessness of the Warring States

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Just after Carl settled the matter of the G5 branch.

The people from the G5 branch also contacted the Warring States Period and explained everything here.

This made the Warring States feel a little speechless while angry.

He didn't know where Carl really went wrong.

First Dresrosa, then Golden City, and now it's the G5 division again!

It's almost bombing wherever you go, it's not an exaggeration to say that it is a gangster.

Even Punk Hassad, who was ordered to patrol by the Warring States itself at the beginning, was also because of Karl's presence.

Did not escape the fate of being bombed.

This makes Warring States really do not know what to say.

He is now a little doubtful, if Carl returns, will the navy headquarters be blown up?

Or is it in the navy headquarters, what moths come out?

Thinking of this, the Warring States period got goose bumps all over his body.

"I didn't expect that Karl, this kid, really has the shadow of you once!

You old guy used to be too, no matter where you go, your news is indispensable! "

Warring States glanced at Karp next to him, and couldn't help sighing.

Karp blinked, wondering what the Warring States period was talking about.

Because the phone bug just now was not loud, and Karp was napping at the time and heard nothing.

"That guy Carl is causing trouble again?"

"Yeah! Caught an undercover lurking inside the navy, and the opponent is still the base commander of the G5 branch!

The most important thing is that the other party turned out to be Doflamingo, the man who was placed in our navy!

This Doflamingo is really not worrying! "

"Hahahaha! Carl, this kid is really good, I didn't expect him to catch the undercover so quickly.

Didnt you say that Doflamingos investigation was a bit strange.

Some of the information will not be made public. Wouldn't it be possible for him to know if there were no undercover agents?

At that time, you said that it was just a coincidence. How is it that it feels uncomfortable to be slapped? "


Karp laughed mercilessly.

It's just that their relationship is so good that they can mock each other without shy.

If you were someone else, the Warring States Period would not be as peaceful as it is now.

"Forget it, since it has happened, I don't care about anything.

However, the Dragonites still acted on Karl, and this time Virgo would be exposed because the Dragonites let him do it. "

"Such a coincidence?!"

Hearing what the Warring States had said, Karp was stunned for a second, and the Warring States also nodded, and then said.

"Get ready to go to see Wu Lao Xing with me. Wu Lao Xing and Tianlongren don't know about the undercover.

This time Carl was arrogant, and he succeeded in getting out of the siege for himself.

If there is another time, I cant guarantee that Carls luck will be so good, so I have to buy time for him to return to the headquarters! "

"This is your job. Why do you take me to see the five old stars? I don't want to see these five old things. They are so annoying."

Karp waved his hand, obviously not planning to go.

Just as the Warring States period was about to say something, the phone worm's ringtone suddenly rang.

He answered the call bug, solemnly responded a few times, and then looked at Karp with a wry smile on his face.

"Let's go, Wu Lao Xing called for the two of us to meet them together, and Crane will also go together..."

at the same time.

Carl and others have left the G5 branch.

After seeing and telling the Warring States what happened here, they accelerated toward the navy headquarters.

Vergo also woke up at this time.

His body was wrapped tightly, except for his head, everything was wrapped up.

In addition to the white gauze, a variety of iron chains were even used, and they were wrapped round and round.

I don't know, I thought he was the pharaoh from where he was unearthed.

"Carl, how do you know!"

When Wilgo woke up, the first thing he saw was Karl.

After he was silent for a while, he asked his first question.

Carl smiled at his question, then pointed to his temple.

"The brain is a good thing, but unfortunately neither you nor Doflamingo!"

Carl was smiling, slightly mocking.

His answer made Vergo a little angry, but he couldn't refute it.

They think that what they have made is seamless, and even the Warring States period cannot dismantle themselves.

In the end, it was dismantled by a commodore admiral, and even shattered all their plans!

This makes Vergo unwilling!

But as Carl said, if they didn't show their feet, Carl might not have a chance to know this.

But Wilgo couldn't figure out where he was, and Karl saw the flaw.

In this regard, Carl will not explain.

He can never say that he is a traverser, so he is familiar with all the plots, and then he knows that you are an undercover agent and knows Doflamingo's plan?

Since such things cannot be said, then Carl will naturally pretend to be mysterious and maintain his compulsion.

Anyway, the other party doesn't know anything, as long as he doesn't say it, he will make up his own mind.

Only in this way can it bring greater psychological pressure to the enemy!

"Huh! Although I don't know how you did it, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, but you have offended the Tianlongren, wait to die!"

Although Vergo didn't like the dragon people very much, he had to admit that the power of the dragon people was very big.

Otherwise, Wilgo didn't want to use the order issued by the dragon to stop Karl here.

It's not that he didn't think that Karl would fight back, but he didn't expect that Karl would know his true identity.

He even recorded his words with an unheard of Yinbei, so that he would not confess to himself, no matter how sophisticated he was.

Originally, Virgo wanted to use the Sky Dragon to suppress Karl and let him die obediently.

Even if the other party does it, they will be labelled as a traitor to the Navy. In this way, the reputation of Carl and his men will be ruined!

It is impossible to return to the navy headquarters, only to continue wandering in the new world.

As a result, Carl would do the trick and directly let Wilgo blew himself up, and then it became the current situation.

Although Vergo was helpless, he did not regret his choice at the time.

He only hates why Karl knows everything, but he doesn't know anything!

"Vergo, you don't have to put on such an expression. Compared to the squabbles of you guys, I actually don't bother to take care of it at all.

Had it not been for this fellow Doflamingo to be too annoying, I wouldn't have done anything to you at all.

It is only your own making and feelings that contributed to all this. "

Hearing the guests' words, Vergo's mouth twitched and his expression was very ugly.

Carl was about to drink some water to moisturize his throat.

But suddenly, his domineering look caught a figure that continued to drive in not far away!

That figure is very huge, like a person with devil fruit ability!

At the same time, Enzo ran in anxiously.

"My Lord Brigadier! One of the three plagues of the Hundred Beasts and Pirates Group, Yan Disaster Cinder found us!"

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