God-level Evolution Starts from the Pirate Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Fire disaster!

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In the sky.

A huge toothless pterosaur with mysterious flames on its body is flying freely.

His speed is very fast, and he can fly a long distance in a blink of an eye.

But just as he passed a warship, he suddenly stopped.

"Is this a navy warship? Or a brigadier general's warship?"

"The brigadier general who can sail in the new world is probably the only one who defies the boss of Kaido, right?"

Thinking of this, Yan Caijin took a deep look at the warship, then turned around and rushed down without hesitation!

"Although I went to the world to find and pick up Kaido boss back, but since I encountered this kid here, then teach him a lesson!"

Jhin's eyes were full of hostility.

His strength is very strong, he is the strongest in the Kaido Pirates group except Kaido!

But he also knows very well that Carl's strength is not weak, otherwise he can't stand in a stalemate with Kaido for half an hour.

But Jhin does not think that Carl will be stronger than himself!

That's why he chose to take action on Karl's warship!

But just when he wanted to do it.

Thunder suddenly fell in the sky.

The huge thunder pillar directly oven the ocean, causing huge waves.

Jhin was swallowed by the thunder pillar, but in an instant he broke free from the shackles of the thunder pillar and rushed out from inside.

But there were no scars on his body, and he didn't even use his arms and domineering!

"Is this the fruit of the Thunder? It really deserves to be called, the strongest natural devil fruit.

If this kind of power is changed to Volley Six, I am afraid that there will be no way to resist it without any effort.

But compared to the three navy generals, this kid is still far behind! "

Jhin smiled contemptuously and rushed up again.

But at this time.

The flying snow in the sky suddenly covered him.

The flame on his body suddenly became smaller, and even Jhin could feel it, and his body became a lot stiffer.

The cover of ice and snow made his questions drop rapidly, and his flight speed became visible to the naked eye.

"There are people with natural ability?!"

Seeing the blizzard hit, Jhin's pupils suddenly shrank.

He just knew that Carl had a thunder fruit ability under Carl's men.

Because Anilu is too ostentatious, he likes to call himself Thor and show his fruit ability everywhere.

This resulted in his reputation being only slightly lower than Karl.

As for the others, there is almost no information.

Even if Nilu is also very ostentatious, but she has no fruiting ability, and her strength is very average.

Although she is not weak, there is no topic on her.

So the information about her is basically zero.

Since Nilu is like this, Jace's non-talkative is basically zero sense of existence.

Few people take the initiative to collect their data.

So when Jace used the Xuexue Fruit ability, Jhin was so surprised.

But astonishment is astonishment, Xuexueguo's freezing ability and attack power are both a weakened version of Frozen Fruit.

It can be regarded as the lower fruit of the frozen fruit, and its power is limited.

So Jhin only used a little force to increase the burning level of the mysterious flame to a higher level!

The speed has been raised again!

But at this moment.

Once Ling Li's slash came suddenly!

This slash rushed towards Jhin with the indomitable aura of Jian Hao!

In the face of this slash, Jhin covered his wings with armed domineering, and slapped it out without hesitation!

"That's it?"

Ling Lie's incomparable slash was shot apart in an instant, which made Jin couldn't help but mock.

But suddenly.

A figure silently arrived behind Jin!

Covered with armed and domineering fists, they slammed into Jhin with great force!

"Sneak attack?"

Jhin's domineering color has been kept on, so he can clearly see everything around him.

He had noticed the sneak attack from behind, but he didn't stop it, but wanted to see what effect this blonde girl could have on him.

So he also waved his wings without hesitation!

Two forces collide instantly!

Nilu flew out directly.

At the same time, Jhin also flew upside down!

"It's careless, I didn't expect her power to be close to the giants!"

Although Jhin flew upside down, he was not even two meters away. Instead, Nilu rushed straight to the sea.

But just as she was about to fall into the sea, a sea king suddenly appeared, caught Nilu firmly, and returned to the warship.

After a while, the sea kings sank into the sea and disappeared.

Jhin narrowed his eyes when he saw this scene, and was amused.

"Xue Lei Guo and Xue Xue Guo are subordinates, there is also a sword tyrant with good potential, and a strange girl with a physique close to the giant tribe.

It even has the ability to control the sea kings. If I don't see this combination with my own eyes, I am afraid I can't believe it. This is just a squad led by the Commodore! "

Jhin was already twelve points in his spirit now.

He knew very well that Carl hadn't shot yet!

The strength shown by these men alone is not as good as their own, but in the new world ~www.wuxiaworld~ also belongs to the upper-middle strength!

This kind of strength is not as good as the major signs of the Four Emperors Pirates, but under the major signs, no one will be their opponent!

Coupled with the strength of Carl's own strength, it is enough to stalemate with the Four Emperors.

With such staffing and strength, people believe that they are pirates vying for the position of the Four Emperors!

But they are the navy!

It's just the Commodore and his team!

This simply made Jhin unacceptable!

"It seems that I need to let you see the cruelty of the new world!"

While talking, Jhin rushed up again, preparing to overthrow this navy that made him very upset!

But as he rushed down, the warship flew into the air without warning.

Jhin almost plunged into the sea.

Fortunately, his reaction was quick and he adjusted his body shape instantly.

But his face became a little strange.

Because he had completely forgotten just now, Carl is a person with fluttering fruit ability.

And the floating fruits can also float non-living objects other than themselves!

It is not difficult for Carl to make the ship fly!

at the same time.

After Carl stopped the ship in mid-air, he looked at Nilu and the others.

"How about, just a simple match, do you feel that the opponent is very strong?

You don't have to be discouraged. You know Jhin's strength very well, but it will not be easy for you to progress to your current level in this month.

Your talent is very high, the next thing to do is to stabilize the talent, and then continue to fight.

But for battles like this level, you can just take a look, and let me handle it next! "

After saying these words, Carl lowered his head to look at the rushing Jhin with sharp eyes, without hesitation, it was a slash.

"Cross Slash--"

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