God-level Evolution Starts from the Pirate Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Defeated!

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The sudden slash Ling Li was so incomparable that Jhin couldn't react completely, so he was hit!

This sharp slash left a deep scar on his body!

"Damn! The speed is so fast, even if I cover the armed and domineering, I can't have time to defend!"

Jhin didn't expect that Karl's attack would be so strong, but his recovery speed was very fast.

In a blink of an eye, the injury fully recovered.

When Carl saw this scene, he didn't say anything, just flew into the air indifferently, and it was another slash!

Jhin didn't dare to be careless, his whole body was covered with armed domineering, his wings suddenly waved, forming a violent shock wave, and collided with Karl's slash.

Accompanied by a bang explosion!

The attacks of the two of them canceled each other out, the two of them were deadlocked in mid-air, and no one took the lead.

"Blazing Ember, I don't seem to provoke you, right?"

"Navy kid, don't be naive, even if you don't provoke me, what if we are already enemies!

You even defeated Jack, even humiliated Kaido boss, and ruined the reputation of our Beasts Pirates!

I happened to meet you when I passed by here today, and I just educate you about what is called the Four Emperors Pirates! "

Jhin regained his human form as he spoke, and the wings behind him spread out to stabilize his figure in the air.

He drew out his long knife, covered it with armed domineering, a slash that didn't lose to Karl, and came to Karl in an instant!

Facing this slash, Karl didn't even move, just standing here staring at Jhin without squinting.

Wait until Slash has come to Karl.

An invisible hurricane appeared instantly, shattering this slashing slash in an instant!

This is how Carl's ability has undergone a qualitative change after gaining the mastery of the wind element!

Even if he doesn't use both hands, he can perform operations that could not be done with both hands before!

For example, the ability to form a hurricane instantly and crush the opponent's attack was impossible before.

After gaining the mastery of the wind element, this kind of thing is completely trivial to Carl.

It can even be done without expending too much physical strength and energy, and it will not affect normal combat at all.

"Blazing Ember, since we have run into it, don't even want to run! Obediently follow me back to the navy headquarters!"

While talking, Karl disappeared!

Jhin's pupils shrank suddenly.

He decisively turned on the domineering vision and color, and opened it to the side!

Carl's figure appeared on Jhin's left side at the same time.

This blow was blocked by Jhin, but Carl's attack was like a violent storm, and it did not stop at all!

Even he can do two things with one heart, creating a variety of air currents to harass Jhin, making him unable to defend with all his strength!

"Damn it! How could it be so strong?!"

Jhin didn't expect that the guest's strength was stronger than he thought!

He can only defend here with all his strength.

But even so, Carl's lingering double sword flow and the ability brought by the fluttering fruit made Jhin miserable!

This time Jhin can be regarded as realizing, why he asked Jack about the battle with Carl, but Jack couldn't tell at all!

Because Carls attack simply doesnt give the enemy any leeway!

This was the first time Jhin felt this attack like a squally storm!

But before that, he used this method to attack the enemy, after all, he himself is also a swordsman!

But now being so suppressed, this feeling is very uncomfortable!

"Damn bastard, don't put me down!!!"

Jhin roared.

The mysterious flame on his body suddenly flourished!

These flames Carl didn't know what the origins were, so he didn't rigidly connect, but chose to withdraw.

Facing the chasing flames, Carl directly released the fruit ability and swept it into the sea.

Even if these flames fall into the sea, they can burn for a while before they are completely extinguished.

Seeing this scene, Carl's expression gradually froze.

He can see that this flame is no small thing!

If it is hit, there is a high probability that the car will overturn!

"It forced me to use the bottom-pressing technique. Your strength is beyond my expectation!

But even so, you can't be my opponent!

Enjoy it, I will let you know what is truly powerful! "

While speaking, Jin Jiang's whole body was covered with this mysterious flame!

In addition, he even covered his whole body with his arms and domineering!

In a moment, after finishing all this, Jhin rushed forward without hesitation!

His speed is faster than before, and even his strength has been robbed a lot!

This time it turned out that Carl was at a disadvantage.

But Karl quickly adjusted his condition and was evenly matched with Jhin!

"It's really annoying flame. As long as it touches a little bit, it takes a lot of effort to extinguish it. I don't know what the flame is about!"

Carl muttered to himself during the battle.

The original book didn't explain whether the flame on Jhin's body was a demon fruit ability or his own superpower.

Because in the world of pirates, in addition to the devil fruit, there are some other supernatural abilities.

The physique of people with these supernatural abilities ~www.wuxiaworld~ is very good, and their abilities are also very rare.

Just like it is unique to the moonlight lion clan, the full moon will transform, and its strength will be at least doubled.

There are also some special abilities and special physiques possessed by some people.

Blackbeard Titch is the most obvious example of this!

If he is not of special physique, he can't have double fruits at all, and he may even have more devil fruits abilities!

These are all huge pits, and the original author didn't fill in them at all.

When Carl crossed, the manga was just updated to the war chapter of Wano Country.

Therefore, he has no idea what this ability is.

But ignorance does not mean that it cannot be defeated!

As long as the hard power is strong enough, it is like the four emperors and the three generals!

No matter what special ability you face, you can crush the opponent from the front!

So Carl also got serious, and his domineering look broke out instantly!

The powerful overlord color made Jhin stunned for a second, but within this second, Karl instantly got up and left a huge cross scar on the opponent's body!

It's not over yet!

Carl uses the fruit power to create a huge storm, sweeping the surrounding sea, forming a sea tornado and rushing to the embers!

"The previous intelligence said that he must do his best to control the ocean! That **** who collects intelligence is really damn!"

Seeing dozens of sea tornadoes around, Jhin turned around without hesitation and ran away!

He is a demon fruit capable person, and if he is hit by the sea tornado, he will undoubtedly die!

Even if he and Karl are now evenly matched, he must escape!

Because the sea is not the territory he is good at!

In addition, he has no air supremacy, and Karl can still control the ocean!

If this battle continues, Jhin will undoubtedly lose!

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