God Level Teacher Spike System Chapter 587

Chapter 587: This is not coming to us

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Just as the so-called wave is not flat, another wave is starting again. Just as the two of them solved the trouble and planned to leave, a black car with four circles drove over.

At first, the two of them didn't care. After all, in today's world, there are not a few people who can afford this car.

However, the cultivators senses have always been known for their keenness, and several people quickly noticed that these cars had all made a slow motion when they were about to reach their position.

And Jia Siwen also noticed that after this Audi, there were four Wuling Gongguang cars followed!

Jia Siwen clearly remembered a popular sentence in his mind.

Never provoke a person who drives Gong Guang from Wuling, because you never know how many people will jump from the car and beat you. Looking at this posture now, I am afraid that there are not a few people coming in this wave.

Jia Siwen frowned slightly, combined with what happened today, he had already faintly guessed the other party's possible identity.

"Why are they slowing down? Isn't it just for us?"

Wang Luoyan tilted her head and said.

Soon, her conjecture was verified, and the several Audis that had arrived came to a halt when they came to their side.

Jia Siwen immediately sent Wang Luoyan back.

"You hide behind me first, if something happens then you go first."

Wang Luoyan turned to look at Jia Siwen. Through the previous fight, the two have their own strengths. In terms of comprehensive strength, the two are actually still between the first and second. At this time, there is no question of who protects whom.

As for such a scene, Wang Luoyan didn't pay attention to it at all, but I have to say that for a petite girl, Jia Siwen's protective behavior still made her feel a little warm.

"What protection does not protect."

Although she felt happy in her heart, Wang Luoyan didn't want to admit it. She walked to the front with a arrogant snort, put her hands on her waist and raised her chest and said:

"Don't forget, this girl is stronger than you, this kind of guy, this girl doesn't care about it at all!"

"I said, Miss, these people who are coming to the door now are not cultivators like us. They have no rules and what they will do is simply unpredictable. We have promised your father that we will never hurt you. of."

Jia Siwen said helplessly, this is not only because of Wang Luoyan's father's order, but the most important thing is that after so many short exchanges, Jia Siwen feels from the heart that this girl is actually a pretty good person, and it naturally happened. The kind of thought that I don't want to see people around me hurt.

"Then I can't leave!"

In the end, she didn't expect that Wang Luoyan's stubbornness was completely inversely proportional to her height. The more Jia Siwen said that, her attitude became more determined.

"If you have a shortcoming in your waiting game, wouldnt it be enough if we didnt have all the martial arts personnel? In that case, it will take time to recruit people again, and more importantly, there is no guarantee that we will find them. Better than you, such a bet is really uneconomical.

So it's better for both of us to stay and settle the matter here. "

Jia Siwen is speechless. Today, he has seen in the true sense of how many axes a girl can have when she gets up. Seeing what Wang Luoyan means now, there is really nothing more effective than just knocking her out and taking her away. Method.

Jia Siwen took a long breath and looked at the car that had been parked in front of him. He knew that trying to escape basically couldn't solve the problem. Since there is no way to escape, he can only bite the bullet. He only hopes that this person will not defend. The rules of Beiqu warfare can be a little bit to abide by the rules of being wronged and indebted.

At the very least, be directed at yourself and don't involve other people.

After a few cars parked neatly on the side of the road, the first to open the door was Wuling Gong Guang. Just as Jia Siwen thought, the people who came down from above were completely overloaded, and the number of overloaded people was quite a bit.

All of a sudden, a group of people who had basically carved the bad guys on their faces surrounded Jia Siwen and Wang Luoyan.

"These guys don't seem to have cultivators, we can fight."

Wang Luoyan felt sharply and said after a circle.

Jia Siwen nodded, but didn't say much. After all, the most essential difference between a cultivator and a cultivator is that the cultivator will definitely come into contact with some martial arts routines in the process of training, although these routines will make their battles more fluid. , But at the same time it will also make their battles become a rule.

In the competition arena, the so-called breaking moves are actually finding the opponent's fighting routine and then responding accordingly.

But the people who mix and practice martial arts are different. Although many of them are not cultivators and cannot compare with cultivators in terms of internal strength, they are more fearless than cultivators, let alone fame.

More importantly, their battles are completely chaotic, there is no rule to follow, and they can only rely on their own adaptability.

If it is a small number of people, it is not difficult to see through their movements and fight back before, but now so many people are here, two fists are hard to beat four hands, and Jia Siwen cannot guarantee that he will be taking care of this one person. Will others suddenly attack from behind?

Even if you can block such a sneak attack for a while, it is impossible to resist it forever.

"I said, who did you offend? Get so many gangsters to trouble you."

Wang Luoyan looked at Jia Siwen sideways and said.

"This matter is a long story. To put it simply, it is to talk about the sequelae of the collapse. There is still too much time to withdraw, or you should go first, I will stop these guys." Jia Siwen said.

"What are you kidding? You really think that you are invincible in the world, so many people who are really tired can exhaust you to death."

Wang Luoyan said:

"Who will let this girl be righteous, let me share a little bit for you. And I think they haven't done anything for a long time, they should be waiting for the Lord to speak."

Jia Siwen nodded. Indeed, if it is really just for revenge, they can start attacking from the moment they get out of the car, and because of the suddenness of the matter, they may be able to catch themselves by surprise. There is no need to surround yourself like this. Prepare yourself, this is obviously waiting for someone to speak.

Immediately afterwards, I saw this group of gangsters spreading to the left and right, and one person respectfully opened the Audi's door. A person who looked quite similar to Beiqujing but had a completely different temperament and aura got out of the car. Come, surrounded by these gangsters, walked in front of Jia Siwen and Wang Luoyan. The latest chapter address of the god-level teacher spike system: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/171324.htmlReading address of the full text of the god-level teacher spike system: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/171324/God-level teacher spike system txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/171324.htmlGod-level teacher spike system mobile phone reading: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/171324/In order to facilitate the next reading, you can click on the \"Favorite\" below to record this reading (Chapter 587 This is not here to come to us). You can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "The God-level Teacher Spike System", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) ,Thank you for your support! ! (www.wuxiaworld)

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