God Level Teacher Spike System Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Should come or come

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The appearance of this person is very similar to Bei Qujing, but the temperament is completely different from Bei Qujing. Although Bei Qujing is young, he exudes a kind of awe-inspiring righteousness. Although the guy in front of him is in a suit and shoes, he can be said to be different from head to toe. Full of an uncomfortable breath.

Unless the Beiqu master has some great secrets to guarantee the appearance, otherwise Jia Siwen believes that this person is him and Li Kang reminded him to be careful in the Beiqu war.

"You are Teacher Jia Siwen, right?" Beiqu Zhan walked up to Jia Siwen and looked at Jia Siwen with an arrogant look.

"You should be the Beiqu war?" Jia Siwen still kept his face indifferent.

"It really surprised me. I didn't expect Teacher Jia to know my name. I must not be an ordinary person."

The reason why Beiqu Zhan appeared here is very clear to Jia Siwen, and now he also knows what he meant by what he said.

First of all, what is certain is that its hard to be good at the Beiqu Zhan so much that its so exciting to find yourself, but the Beiqu Zhan is not a fool. Even if you dont follow the rules, you have to understand a truth, that is, dont provoke it easily. The forces behind it are those who are above themselves.

If you encounter such a person and want to deal with it tough, the final result is not only that you will not be able to save face, but also that you will bring you even greater disasters.

And the role of Beiqu Zhan's remarks is to determine whether Jia Siwen is a person with such power.

"There is no need to make unnecessary guesses." Jia Siwen snorted coldly: "I am an ordinary teacher, and there is no background at all."

Jia Siwen's indifferent reply made Bei Qu Zhan and Wang Luoyan both cast doubtful expressions at him.

Wang Luoyan's doubts are naturally Jia Siwen's strength. Without expert guidance, no adventures, how could an ordinary teacher possess such strength?

As for the Beiqu war.

"Hehe, Teacher Jia really confused me this time. Is it possible that Teacher Jia hasn't heard of the name of our Beiqu family?"

Beiqu Zhan asked.

"How should I say, I didn't know before, but I heard about it later." Jia Siwen still shrugged calmly: "Especially today, a student of mine gave me your name in science."

"In this case, why do you dare, Teacher Jia?"

Although the Beiqu war talk has not been finished, Jia Siwen is too clear in the words what he meant to express. In short, since Jia Siwen knows the name of their Beiqu family, why dare to defy them like this.

"There is no particular reason. Your brother broke into our school uninvited. I'm not sure if she will threaten my students. As a teacher, isn't it justified for me to let him leave?"

The calmness on Jia Siwen's face has not diminished at all.

This has made the Beiqu war even more confused. Generally speaking, an ordinary teacher, even if he has never heard of their Beiqu home name, is so scared that he doesnt say anything after seeing this scene, but Will definitely be bluffed.

But this guy didn't just seem to show any signs of this, but he remained so calm in the face of his own questions, as if he was completely at a disadvantage in the Beiqu war.

Although Beiqu Zhan is not a cultivator, but because the martial arts hall is their family property, it is of course impossible for him to know nothing about it. Of course, he understands that his younger brother is actually good, and he can do it without any hands on it. She scared her brother away.

The strength of this person is certainly not weak, but Beiqu Zhan has always believed that in front of the crowd, it is meaningless to have personal strength. For example, as long as one's own people are swarming, not to mention fighting, it is enough to be tired. Will Jia Siwen exhausted.

So what is the reason why this guy can be so calm?

"Interesting, I really didn't expect that there really is a desperate guy like you in this world." Beiqu Zhan sneered: "Since Teacher Jia is so smart, I think you should already know that I am looking for you specifically. Is it for what purpose?"

"From the current situation, at least it is certain that it is not here to chat."

Jia Siwen shrugged and smiled.

"Although our Beiqu family cannot be said to be a famous family, it is not possible to provoke any physical education teacher. Your behavior today is not only aimed at my brother, but also hit our Beiqu family in the face. Teacher Jia doesn't think you can just pass by just haha."

Beiqu Zhan points a cigarette, squinting fiercely at Jia Siwen.

"Just say what you want."

"Happy! It's actually very simple. We can't lose the face of our Beiqu family. I don't plan to kill Teacher Jia. Now you are giving up an arm in front of me. I think this has never happened. "Bei Qu Zhan sneered.

"It's really interesting, why do you people like to call others to waste their arms." Jia Siwen sneered: "Then what if I don't?"

After listening, Beiqu Zhan lightly snapped his fingers, and for a while, the people surrounded by Jia Siwen and Wang Luoyan walked a few steps closer to them.

"Teacher Jia, this is not your school, and I am not as good as my brother. Do you think you have a choice in this matter? Now I have a good temper. Let me call you Teacher Jia, but if you really give If you are shameless, I don't want to talk more nonsense."

Bei Qu Zhan said that he took out a knife in his hand and played with it. The threat was already quite obvious.

"Is it possible that Teacher Jia thinks that only the two of you can deal with so many people? Even if you are really good at martial arts, I think I can kill both of you in a battle with so many people.

In the final analysis, this matter is a grievance between you and our Beiquist. If I can, I don't want to involve other people. I think Teacher Jia should think the same way. "

"Huh! Underestimate me? I tell you, this girl doesn't pay attention to your group of stinky fish and shrimps!"

Wang Luoyan shouted unwillingly.

"It's a little girl with sharp teeth. I just don't know if I can be so ignorant after being scratched later."

Beiquzhan sneered.

As a result, it was just such a small character, like a switch that detonated a bomb. Wang Luoyan shouted and slammed into the Beiqu Zhan. Fortunately, Jia Siwen had quick eyes and hugged it, but Wang Luoyan could still be heard constantly. Swearing in his mouth:

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