God Rank Upgrade System Chapter 1480

Chapter 1466: The Power Of All People The Last Blow

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At this time, everyone's eyes looked at the projection, and it was obvious that there was light blooming in the bottomless hole that was blasted out!

what is this! ?

Sun God Lord Yan and their eyes looked at this scene, and their eyes were full of shock.

"The power of the earth..."

Luo Yue seemed to have discovered something, and there was also a surprise in his eyes at this time.

Like Lin Xiu, he is absorbing the power of the earth!

The Origin Qi on the earth is being continuously absorbed by Lin Xiu, and is converging to the lower side.

This kind of skill, Lin Xiu had used it before!

Lin Xiu, not dead at all!

"Aren't you dead?"

Tianyin is madly absorbing the power of the planets in the universe.

At this time, he looked into a huge tiankeng that blasted out, and clearly saw the white light blooming.

And these white lights seem to be getting more and more dazzling.

Lin Xiu's figure slowly floated up in the next moment.

UltimateGenius Control!

After was upgraded to the top level, Lin Xiu chose to evolve this skill to the top level!

At this moment, following Lin Xiu's thoughts, the source force on the earth immediately gathered towards his body!

Whether it is an animal or a plant, there is more or less a source of power in the body.

At this time, all these source powers were absorbed by Lin Xiu.

There is more and more white light.

All quickly gathered towards Lin Xiu!

"He absorbed all the source power on the entire planet...!?"

Everyone's eyes widened.

There was an unbelievable look in his eyes.

Give me all the power!

Lin Xiu closed his eyes, as if he could feel the power of the entire dilapidated earth.

The source power of a large number of dead warriors volatilized in the air, but at this time, they all gathered on Lin Xiu's body.

Lin Xiu's body began to be covered by the dazzling white light.

"Even if you absorb the power of the entire earth, you are not my opponent at all!"

Tianyin looked at this scene, and suddenly let out a grin.

He opened his mouth wide, and at this moment, those terrifying dark red powers rushed towards Lin Xiu again!

Lin Xiu watched this scene, and the spear in his hand shot directly at him!


Suddenly a burst of white energy also directly impacted the past!

collided with the dark red energy that he squirted out, and there was a huge sound!

The white energy and the dark red power collided frantically, and the surrounding space kept trembling.

At this time, Lin Xiu's thoughts moved, and dozens of his own clones suddenly appeared.

These avatars held the weapons in their hands at the same time, bursting out white energy, converging with the white energy released by Lin Xiu's body.

makes the white energy ray released by Lin Xiu become more powerful!

But even so, there is still no energy that can suppress the dark red energy that the sky gushes out.

"Not enough! Source power is still too little!"

One of the **** kings looked at this scene and couldn't help but speak out.

The earth, after all, is just a world of particles, and the whole planet has too little power.

"There are still ten minutes! The energy of the sky is about to spread toward the Martial God Realm!"

Sun Yan Shenjun looked at the projected screen at this time, his face also became extremely ugly.

At this time, he raised his eyes and looked into the sky, and he could clearly see the entire sky above, and the dark red energy began to spread over!

"It's over..."

The faces of the other **** kings also became extremely ugly.

Soon, the entire Martial God Realm will be surrounded by these energy!

And they will be drained!

"What should we do now!?"

The Heavenly Zero God King said.

"There is no way."

Sun Yan Shenjun gave a wry smile.

The energy released by the cloudy sky is really terrifying.

There is no way to resist.

"Unless, he can win."

"Impossible, the energy of the earth is not enough, unless he also absorbs the energy of other planets like the sky."

But this is also an impossible thing.


At this time, Lin Xiu clearly looked at the dark red energy, suppressing the white energy column he released, and was about to suppress it toward him!

not enough! The source is not enough! ! !

"Boy, unless you can absorb the power of the entire universe, you can't beat me!!!"

The sky is overcast, directly echoing in Lin Xiu's head.

What he absorbs now is the power of the entire universe!

Who can resist him!

"Is the power of the universe..."

Lin Xiu seemed to have thought of something at this time, and his eyes suddenly widened.

Space Rubik's Cube! ! !

With a thought, this spatial cube appeared instantly.

Marki Planet!

This is my first time, after leaving the earth to find the planet of Luo Yue!

Namiar Planet!

To help the Ye family revenge, go to the planet!

Dark Planet!

In order to find Luo Yue's brother, and avoid the planet that arrived when the **** king attacked!

Martial God Realm!

The planet that arrived after becoming a Valkyrie!

With the movement of his thoughts, a series of spatial cracks suddenly opened around him.

"Xiao Lin! An Qi! Can you hear me!"

Lin Xiu's thoughts moved, and the sound passed through the crack in the space.

"I need to use the power of your planet to release all your source power!"

Marki Planet.

An Qi and Xiao Lin, who were practicing, seemed to have heard something.

"It seems like... the voice of the master?"

An Qi opened her eyes, her eyes filled with surprise.


Xiao Lin raised her finger to the sky.

Looking closely, there was a dazzling light in the sky, and a huge hole was actually broken.

"I need to use the power of your planet to release all your source power!!"

At this time, Lin Xiu's voice passed over again.

"It's really the voice of the master!"

An Qi and Xiao Lin had surprises in their eyes at this time.

The source force in the surrounding air was quickly absorbed into the cracked space.

"Everyone, release their own source of energy directly!!!"

An Qi and Xiao Lin, their current strength is already at the martial arts level!

is already at the top on the planet Marki.

As their news spread out, a large number of warriors did not hesitate to release their source of energy.

"Brother Lin Xiu... are you back?"

Liu Pan, who was killing a powerful evolution beast on the planet Markey, seemed to hear Lin Xiu's words, and his eyes showed surprise.

"Did you encounter a difficult opponent?"

He raised his eyes to look at the huge space crack in the sky, and at this time he also released the power of his whole body.

If the martial artist does not take the initiative to release all the source power of the body, the source power absorbed is very small!

After all, this is a large area absorbed from the broken space.

Namiar planet.

In the sky, a huge space was broken.

Just when everyone was frightened, Wang Qiang seemed to feel something, his face was suddenly full of surprise.

The time over there is different from the Martial God Realm. I don't know how many years have passed.

At this time, Wang Qiang has also grown into a powerful martial artist.

On the planet of Nano, he is also a party overlord.

"Master's voice!"

"Everyone releases the source power!!!"

Wang Qiangqiang roared.

"Little Lord!?"

Ye Kai was holding a child while coaxing him to sleep. At this moment, he seemed to feel something, and his eyes looked into the sky.

Sima Qiang, Zhao Yongyuan and others also showed surprise at this time.

Lin Xiu, are you back! ?

"Are you in trouble?"

Old Ye's body was suspended in the sky, looking at the huge crack in the space. At this time, he touched his beard, and a large amount of source force on his body was directly released.

Dark Planet.

"It's not good, people from the Martial God Realm are here again!"

At this moment, looking at the crack in the sky, everyone's eyes were full of shock.

"Don't panic, it's Lin Xiu's voice."

Luo Huatian, who was working on the construction of the host, seemed to feel something at this time, and suddenly smiled.


Some people on the dark planet know that Lin Xiu killed all the people in the Celestial Pavilion that were ruined on the dark planet!

"He should have encountered some trouble, don't be afraid, let go of the energy of your body!"

Luo Huatian said loudly.

Martial God Realm.

"Does he want our source power?"

At this time, the Sky Zero God King looked at a huge spatial crack that appeared in the sky, and said subconsciously.

A lot of rich source power in the Martial God Realm is constantly being absorbed.

But the source of energy gathered in this way is still too little.

It is difficult to absorb the source power of other warriors in this space to absorb the source force across the space.

"If the order continues, all the warriors of our continent will release their source power! Can't keep it!"

Heaven Zero God King, said aloud at this time.


The other **** kings looked at each other at this time, and instantly broke through the space and disappeared in place.

Luo Yue raised his hand to face the broken space crack, directly released the source force in his body, and rushed towards the space crack!

"I'm coming too!"

Baili Haoling also said aloud at this time.

"It seems to be... Lin Xiu's voice!"

Lei Tong and Mr. Pang looked at the huge space crack in the sky, and their eyes also showed surprise.

didn't care so much, their power was also released towards the crack in the space at this time.


Gungun also made a tender sound at this time, and the whole body burst into white light.

The power of the body is directly released without reservation.

Xiaobai also raised his head to the sky with a long roar, and a large amount of white energy was released into the air.

"It must be absorbed..."

Lin Xiu gritted his teeth at this time.

All those low-energy asteroids appearing on this cloudy day are swallowing them, and they must gather enough powerful energy, otherwise they are not enough.

"Not enough! The source of energy absorbed across space is too small!"

Candle Dragon also roared at this time.

Space Rubik's Cube spun out crazy under Lin Xiu's mind.

In an instant, more and more space cracks appeared around, connecting a large number of unknown planets.

But the source power that unknown planets can absorb is too small.

And at this time, as the space cube was continuously rotating, in the next moment, the entire space cube burst out!

Still...isnt enough...

Lin Xiu watched this scene, and his heart sank suddenly.

The source power gathered now is not even enough to resist Tianyin's attack!

"Master! Can you hear me!"

"We are here to release the source power!"

At this moment, the voice came from the crack in the space.

The space crack on the Marqi planet suddenly had a large amount of source power, forming a huge white light, which instantly rushed towards Lin Xiu's body!

a lot!

Lin Xiu's eyes widened at this time!

Next, it's the planet of Namir!

"Master, here you are!"

Wang Qiang led thousands of warriors, standing under the space crack.

The energy is stronger!

Dark Planet!

Martial God Realm!

The **** king of Jiuzhou, leading a large number of warriors in this continent, directly suspended in the space crack.

"It's all on you!!!"

Sky Zero God King roared, and a white light burst out from his body, directly surging toward the crack in the space above his head!

what is this? !

Tianyin watched as more and more white energy converged on Lin Xiu's body from the cracks in the space, the look in his eyes could not help but change drastically.

"Die to me!!!"

At this time, he stretched out his hands, facing Lin Xiu's position, and released white and dark red energy, and continued to rush towards Lin Xiu!

But at this time ~wuxiaworld.online~ Lin Xiu's entire body is covered by the white light ball!

Those dark red energy hit his white energy, there is no way to make any impact!

The greater the energy and coming, Lin Xiu's whole body burst into a dazzling white light.

It was as if a huge sun appeared above the earth.

From the earth that came to the future world, all the training battles seemed to come to mind.

Since this journey, I have been so tired, and there has been almost no stopping fighting.

Today, it's time to put a rest!

"It's overcast!"

Lin Xiu opened and closed his eyes at this time.

A large number of martial arts flashed in my mind: [Hundred Birds Chaofeng] [Rainbow Pear Flower] [Judgment] [Milky Way Falling Nine Heavens] [Silver Electric Burst Fist] [Fire Refining Starry Sky] [Tianlong Breaking the City] [Falling Tiger Landing] [Sweep The Eight Desolations] [Break the Sky] [Quiet] [Frozen Miles]...

A lot of martial arts that I have learned before are all played back in my mind.

The spear in his hand clattered loudly.

"Candle Dragon! Got it!!!"

Lin Xiu roared, holding a black spear full of dazzling white light in both hands. At this moment, he directly rushed towards Tianyin!


Candle Dragon let out a roar, which made the spear more powerful.

Lin Xiu, with the endless white light, rushed towards the sky!

Those dark red energy, at this time, there is no way to resist Lin Xiu!

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