God Rank Upgrade System Chapter 1481

Chapter 1467: Come True

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Chapter 1478

impossible! ! !

At this time, the huge voice of the sky began to come over.

His eyes were wide open, and a large amount of red energy was continuously released, and he rushed towards Lin Xiu!

But all these red energies were washed away by the white energies released by Lin Xiu at this time.

boom boom

In the air, at this moment, there was a huge and incomparable sound.

Tianyin's body is constantly getting bigger at this time, instantly turning into a giant.

The dark red energy that he squirted, at this time, also became more gross.

But around Lin Xiu's body, there is still a large amount of intense white light covering it.

The pure energies of these four planets gathered together, and the dark red energies passed through, and there was no way to resist Lin Xiu who was coming over!


Seeing that the dark red energy that Lin Xiu stared at himself was about to impact in front of him, his eyes widened and stood up.

die! ! ! "

Lin Xiu roared in his heart, and the black spear in his hand penetrated his body at this moment!


A huge hole appeared in his chest instantly!

Lin Xiu's figure also appeared behind him.

At this time, Lin Xiu held the black spear with both hands, and a large amount of white energy gathered in the spear.

go with! ! !

With Lin Xiu's black spear in both hands, he swiped again, the large amount of white light absorbed by Lin Xiu directly hit Tianyin's huge body!

"You die for me!!!"

Tianyin turned and looked at this scene, and suddenly let out an angry roar.

With a wave of both hands, a large amount of dark red energy will be blocked in front of him.

But this white energy directly impacted into the dark red energy, and then continued to impact towards the sky!

Do not! ! !

Tianyin's eyes widened, and he screamed wildly in his heart.


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At the next moment, the white energy has covered his whole body!

"Do not"

Tianyin roared loudly at this time.

But at this time, his body has already begun to be annihilated by the large amount of white energy at a speed visible to the naked eye.

As the sky died, the dark red energy, at this moment, disappeared instantly.

There are still cracks in the space around it, and the entire space seems to be very unstable.

The whole earth is shaking violently, as if it is about to explode.

"Not bad."

At this moment, a voice rang in Lin Xiu's mind.

Who? !

Lin Xiu heard this voice at this time, and the whole person became extremely alert.

Soon, Lin Xiu could clearly see the dazzling white light released from his body.

Soon, the white light released began to slowly converge into a single figure.

"you are"

Lin Xiu looked at this figure full of white light, with surprise in his eyes.

"True Lord!"

At this time, the ghost of the candle dragon also appeared at this time.

It seemed very excited.

"True God......!?"

Lin Xiu's eyes widened at this time.

Is this old man the so-called true god?

"The cloudy sky has been wiped out by you, and this game is over."

The old man smiled and said.

"No, it's all a game, right?"

Lin Xiu said in a panic.

The old man was startled, then laughed out loud.

"No, it's not."

"Just for me, choosing you is my little game."

"I didn't expect that you could grow up to the present, which is indeed a bit beyond my expectation."

"Now, you can enjoy everything you should have."

"From today, you are the true **** of this universe."

The old man said.

He was pointing with his right hand at this time, and tapping lightly in front of Lin Xiu's forehead, a ripple suddenly rippled.

A large amount of white light around him, at this moment, all gathered in Lin Xiu's body.

The source energy that just couldn't fully absorb the source power that entered into the body just now has completely entered Lin Xiu's body!

At this moment, a special golden pattern also appeared on Lin Xiu's forehead.

Lin Xiu carefully felt his current body at this time, it seemed that everything...has changed!

The whole body is filled with a very comfortable feeling!

It seems that there is some kind of control over the entire area, no, even a large range of cosmic space!

With a movement of thought, the space cracks in the surrounding area, at this moment, all returned to their original state in an instant.

"Okay, time is almost up, I should leave."

The old man said with a smile at this time.

"True God Lord

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, where are you going? "

Zhulong felt his voice.

"I've been enough to be a god. I want to experience it again, a new life."

he said with a smile.

In the next moment, his body turned into white particles, and then began to slowly disappear.

"True God Lord..."

Looking at this scene, Zhulong was stunned.

That's it, disappeared...

Lin Xiu was also a little dazed.

Looking at the dilapidated earth, Lin Xiu moved his mind and stretched out his right hand.

[Time Control]!

As Lin Xiu used this skill ~wuxiaworld.online~, at this moment, the earth, which was shaking violently, seemed to explode, began to stabilize.

Soon, all things on the earth began to slowly start to recover.

"Use this time-turning power on the entire planet!?"

The people in the Martial God Realm were originally in the midst of the joy of killing Tianyin.

Watching Lin Xiu's movements at this time, they were all shocked.

"He seems to...become the new true god."

Heavenly Zero God King also muttered to himself at this time.

Because of the power that Lin Xiu is showing now, no matter how powerful the **** king is, it is impossible to do it!

Soon, with the power released by Lin Xiu, it surrounded the entire earth.

Everything on the earth began to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Back in time, restore directly to before the earth was destroyed! ! !

Those broken limbs and broken arms, those broken buildings, those bursting land, all have been restored to before!

"I... seem to be dead?"

Those people on the earth at this time were all in surprise.

Time recovered, but some memories seemed to remain in these people's minds.

"Look! Is the ninth-order warrior in the sky?"

At this time, everyone above Sky City looked up into the sky.

saw a man full of white light.

It's like the real body has come.

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