Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 944

Chapter 951 Exploring The Relics

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Chapter 951 Exploring the Relics

The so-called helping the weak and upholding justice that Mengmeng meant was actually what she did on the outings with Mu Xue. The two often punished the evil and helped the good together, which Mengmeng found quite interesting.

Thus, when Mengmeng came over, she didn’t even go to find her father. Instead, she sneaked to Mu Xue’s side and asked, “Aunty Xue, when are we going out to play?”

“Let’s say, this evening, okay? When we go back to the mountain this afternoon, we have to see the two pairs of newlyweds flaunting their love.” Mu Xue puckered up her lips.

Well, all men liked to show off.

After the party here was over, they would go to Mount New Moon and spend the whole afternoon.

Of course, her master was an exception.

“Alas, I’m getting jealous.”

Seeing that Mengmeng was with Mu Xue, Zhang Han helplessly touched his forehead and said, “Mengmeng likes to hang out with Xue now. Seems that I gotta come up with a way to win you back.”

“No, it’s not like that.” Mengmeng immediately replied, “I’ve noted that you and Mummy are having some intimate time, so I think I’d better not to be a third wheel.”

As soon as her words were out, Zi Yan laughed.

“Do you think the time of your being the third wheel is rather limited?”

During the period when she and Zhang Han were particularly crazy for each other, Mengmeng was really clingy with Zhang Han. These days, she liked to go out and play from time to time, so the couple finally had more time to themselves.

The huge crowd filed out.

When they all went back to Mount New Moon, the magic paradise instantly became bustling. Many people were hanging out there. A lot of tables were on the lawn beside the magic paradise. Ah Hu and Instructor Liu both took a seat there and started to drink.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were also there.

After more than two hours, when Mengmeng and Mu Xue went out to have fun, Zhang Han deliberated for a while and beckoned Zhao Feng over.


“I want you to look for some relics open in the next few days.”

“Relics? Master, are you planning to let Mengmeng visit some?” Zhao Feng’s expression altered.

“Not let her. I’m taking her to the remains.” Zhang Han smiled casually.

“Okay, I’ll go and investigate,” Zhao Feng answered and then backed away.

“This will be the first time for our family to go to the relics.” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and said with a smile, “I’ve taken you to see two of such places, which were kind of too ordinary. But some of the relics are splendid. We haven’t visited those yet. If we go to those places more often, we will definitely see some.”

“But I still have things to do. I have an endorsement advertisement to shoot these couple of days.” Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “You two can go and have fun. I can wait for the next time.”

“Just push that endorsement advertisement back until you come back,” Zhou Fei offered spontaneously. “Anyway, they would wait for you no matter how long.”

“No, I’ve already told them I’m in. The shooting days are just around the corner. If I now postpone it, people will say that I’m putting on airs. Never mind. There are enough relics for me to see later anyway,” Zi Yan replied.

“Okay.” Zhou Fei grinned.

“I want to go, too.”

Leaning against Liang Hao, Zhang Li said, “I’m bored here. Let me go to see some relics.”

“That’s not gonna happen. You two, stay at home and behave.” Zhang Guangyou said grumpily, “I get mad every time I see you two. Are you having a baby or not?”

“It’s all my brother’s fault. He gave Hao that cultivation method. Because of it, Hao couldn’t have children until he makes it to the second level. Thus, we’re not the ones to blame,” Zhang Li shouted.

“Fine. Don’t try to shut me up with such a lame excuse. I’ll give you another three years for the last time. If you don’t have a baby when the time is due, you can never go anywhere.” Zhang Guangyou snorted.

At the end of the day, he still let Zhang Li have her way. He also knew that she wanted to have more fun time and didn’t want a child to burden her so soon.

Zhang Guangyou was both angry and amused at their decision of not having a baby for the time being. Nevertheless, he could not do anything about it.

A short while later, Zhao Feng came back.

“Master, there are three relics open during the week-long National Day holiday. One is a C-grade relic in Malay, the opening time starts on the early morning of October 5th. The second one is a D-grade relic. It opens tomorrow, at 6 o’clock in the morning. It’s at the Rowdy Sand Bay in Inner Mongo. The last one is relatively close to us. It’s in Mount Malai in Xichuan Province. But its opening time is a little late. It opens at 6 o’clock in the evening on October 6th. It’s an F-grade relic.”

F-grade relics were the most low-level ones, which all martial artists could enter. The D-grade relics were only accessible to those at the Peak Strength Stage. As for the C-grade relics. only those who were at the Qi Strength Stage were allowed to go in.

“Then let’s go to the relic of the Rowdy Sand Bay.” Zhang Han didn’t hesitate. A D-grade relic could also offer them a fun time.

“What time do you want the flight to be?” Zhao Feng asked.

“No need.”

Zhang Han slightly shook his head. He planned to take Mengmeng and fly straight there.

He now understood that if he didn’t take Mengmeng out to play, she would probably move out and live in Mu Xue’s villa.

It might be a little exaggerated. But it was certainly the way things were heading for. Zhang Han could not stand Mu Xue being the one who played with Mengmeng all the time. He prepared to be part of Mengmeng’s life, too.

Mu Xue was an easy-going person. She also liked to talk back to others. Mengmeng had learned a lot from her in this respect. Now, she was already able to render her classmates in stunned silence.

At this time, the two were sitting on the roof of a seven-story building.

“Aunty Xue, why are we sitting here? Nothing is happening here.” Mengmeng looked around for two minutes with a baffled expression on her face.

“Why is there nothing happening? Look over there. A traffic scam is going on.”

Mu Xue pointed to the back of the street without surveillance.

“Where is it? Why can’t I see it?”

Mengmeng looked left and right only to see more than a dozen cars on the street, but there was no trace of scammers.

“It’s a new traffic scam that has appeared very recently. Look at the white Volkswagen driving very slowly. It is screening another person from view. There is someone riding a bicycle on its right side. They are a gang. As for the Audi A6 behind it, it would have to take the right lane if it wanted to surpass that Volkswagen. The person riding the bicycle is ready to fall in a moment. Then, someone will come out to extort money from the owner of that Audi,” Mu Xue elaborated.

“Aunty Xue, how did you know all that?” Mengmeng asked skeptically.

It was as if she was telling a story. She did not believe Mu Xue had such a vision.

“This has something to do with your perception.” Mu Xue’s face became serious. “Mengmeng, you are still too young. It’s normal that you can’t see any of that going on. But I’m not like you. I’ve gone through all kinds of ups and downs and worked with your father for so many years. How can I not be experienced regarding this?”

“Oh.” Mengmeng pouted.

“Aunty Xue is so awesome.”

“That’s not right.”

Mengmeng suddenly looked up and said, “You’ve only been around my father for six years or so. I’ve been around him for a longer time.”


Mu Xue couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “How old are you? How can you compare yourself with me? Before becoming your father’s disciple, I already traveled across Jianghu, and people even called me Female Demon. They were all afraid of me. I’ve also defeated countless talented martial artists. As for you, you have just started to learn about the martial arts world and haven’t competed with others yet.”

“I’ve had duels with others. I’ve even defeated Uncle Feng, Uncle Hu, and many other people. Also, I have to beat Chen Chuan every day,” Mengmeng said.

“That’s because they went easy on you.”

Speaking of this, Mu Xue stopped joking. She put on a serious face and explained, “Mengmeng, the real martial arts world is not all that peaceful and wonderful as you’ve perceived. The people and things you have come into contact with are all somewhat influenced by your father. In the whole world, no martial artist dares to disrespect your father. Therefore, what you see is rather one-sided.”

“But I’ve never seen my father being that impressive was. How powerful is he on earth?” Mengmeng’s interest was piqued.

“How should I put it…”

Mu Xue contemplated for a moment and said, “In this world, none of the martial artists is the match for your father. He is invincible.

“That’s not all. You’ll understand it later. Master will take you to roam in the universe. He will give you whatever you want and take you wherever you like to play. On this planet, you’re the only one who can have this kind of privilege.”

“And Mummy, too.”

“It’s different. The love Master has for Ma’am is indeed enviable. But he adores you to the morrow.”


Mengmeng snorted. No one knew what she was thinking about. She just mumbled a few words to herself.

“Soon, you will see your father’s unmatched charisma.” Mu Xue giggled, and her eyes flashed with burning admiration.

Her master had not battled for more than five years solely because there were no rivals.

But as soon as the Kunlun Immortal World opened and the people in that world came out, there would once again be a foul wind and a rain of blood.

Nan Feng, the third prince of the Wind Snow Temple.

This name suddenly crossed Mu Xue’s mind.

“It’s about to start. Look!”

Mu Xue pointed down at the street.

Of course, that had nothing to do with her perception. When Mengmeng had soul sense, she would naturally understand why it was like this.

She would also realize that Aunty Xue was just fooling her back then.

The two looked over at the street, and everything went exactly like what Mu Xue had predicted.

The Audi could not help but want to overtake the Volkswagen, and the one riding the bicycle feigned a fall.

They did pull off a traffic scam.

In the face of the three fierce, brawny men, the owner of the Audi did not dare to reason with them.

“How much do you want?”

His endless bitterness turned into these five words.

He compromised.

“I’m telling you, no less than… abah-abah, abah-abah…”

All of a sudden, he seemed to have lost his voice as if he had become mute.

“What’s with you?”

His companion threw him a cold look, then turned to the owner of the Audi and said with a kindly face, “Look, he is injured. And it’s his left leg that has been wounded. Just now, he also said that this injury would keep him from work. At the very least, you gotta pay for his lost income, medical expenses, recuperation fees. As for the total sum…”

He hesitated to calculate.

The owner of the Audi already knew that the other side would ask for 10 or 20 thousand yuan.

But to his surprise, when the other party made to talk about the money

“Abah-abah, abah-abah…”

The man also turned mute and couldn’t give a definite number.

“Cut the crap. Give us two… Abah-abah, abah-abah…”

His last companion was resolute to get the money. Yet, he also got muted at once.

The person who feigned the fall was the only one who had not spoken. He looked completely confused. Originally, he wanted to ask for 20,000 yuan. Seeing the odd phenomenon, he changed his mind.

“Why don’t we, abah…”

The four of them were now barking noisily at the same time, which really gave others a headache.

Finally, the first person was down barking. He exhaled a long breath and said, “Is it because we had too much spicy food for lunch?”

“Sh*t, my tongue has just become numb. Bro, I’ll just tell you this. I want this number.”

He raised two fingers.


And then, his third finger was also raised, and the number that the fingers represented continued to change: one, three, five and then to two, four, six…

“Abah, abah…”

It looked like he was having a stroke.

“What the hell do you want?”

There was a flash of anger in the eyes of the owner of the Audi.

“Are you making fun of me?”

“No, I didn’t. I just…”

But he started to bark as soon as he wanted to mention the compensation.

Ten seconds later, the leader of the gang slapped himself hard in the face. Then, he was finally able to speak normally.

“You’re tough. Guys, let’s go!”

The group of people ran away in a flash, leaving the owner of the Audi standing where he was with a blank look on his face.

“Are these scammers actually patients who have run away from the mental hospital?”

He scratched his head, got in the car, and left.

On the roof.


Mengmeng giggled as she saw how things turned out and asked, “Aunty Xue, how did you make them stammer? This is so funny.”

“I can teach you this. It’s a martial art about stimulating acupoints.”

Mu Xue began to teach.

Mengmeng grasped it in a few minutes. But because she could not do it through long distances, the two of them came to the street and found two quarreling passers-by to try it on. The technique turned out to be really handy.

After playing for more than two hours, they returned to Mount New Moon, where another piece of good news was already waiting for them.

“Daughter, don’t you always say you want to see the relics? Daddy will take you to see some tomorrow.”


“Finally, I’m going to explore the relics!”

For a moment, Mengmeng was so happy that she danced with joy. She had long wished to see the ruins. Now, she finally got what she wanted.

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