Golden Fox With System Chapter 499

52 Going To Sleep With Yuki

Papa and Mama it is.


After Theo explained everything that had happened to Yuki, she now had a greater understanding. Although she was a little shocked to be called Mama by little Yui. She did not think it was a bad situation, she even liked the idea of being a mother and Theo the father.

Not long after, Shina had also finished consuming the [Water Mana Pill], thus she stopped meditating. Noticing that she was alone, she began to worry about Theo and Yuki. She then saw they were sitting at the table, she started to walk toward them.

But then, she realized that there was a little girl with beautiful white hair on Yuki's lap and froze on the way... Asking with difficulty: "T-Theo, Y-Yuki... who is this girl?"

They, who had already noticed her approaching, turned around and when they heard her question, unexpectedly, the one who answered was little Yui: "Me Yui!" She said proudly, standing on the chair looking at Shina.

"That..." Shina stared at Yuki and Theo, asking for answers.

Theo sighed and said, "Come, sit first."

"Yes." Despite having doubts, Shina obeyed Theo. She went toward them and sat down on a chair near Theo.
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Little Yui looked for a while at Shina with her large green eyes, full of curiosity, but then her attention returned to Yuki as she was carrying a spoonful of cake toward her mouth. Whether she wanted to or not, the cake her mom was giving her caught her attention more.

Seeing that Shina was looking at him waiting for answers, Theo began to tell her everything that had happened

After hearing Theo's narration, Shina sighed, thinking it was too much to digest at once. After all, Shina did not think it was bad, because she was very fond of children. Giving little Yui a better look, she realized that this little girl was cute.

But then a question came into her mind and she asked Theo, "Theo?! Do you still want to visit the city?" Shina thought Theo might change his mind because he didn't want to put little Yui's life at risk and that he knew that as long as they stayed in the village, they would be safe because of the barrier placed by Theo.

Of course, she understood that this barrier would not stop those beings with higher cultivation than the Wizard Kingdom, but they wouldn't come here, right? She did not think so, or at least she wished not. At least not until they got stronger, although she knew that with the speed of Theo's cultivation, it would not take long until he had enough power to be one of the strongest beings on the island they are currently living in.

"Umm... well, yes, although little Yui is still young, she's already cultivated in the 2nd Tier of the Higher Student Realm," Theo said, surprising her.

"Wow! It was that high already? But I don't feel much mana coming from her..." Shina commented confused.

"Well, I think it's because she has a high dragon lineage and there must be some other factors that helped her manage her mana well, without letting others see her cultivation easily," Theo said what he thought.

Shina thought and gave her opinion: "I see... but that's good, with her having high cultivation where we are going, there is not much that can threaten her life!"

"Yes, but even if someone wants to put their lives at risk, we can go to the [Dimensional Room] and strengthen there. After I get enough power to fight whoever wants to hurt whom I want to protect..." Theo closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to even imagine what he would do if that were to happen. He sighed and said, "Well, you can be sure that whoever does this will not have an easy death..."

Shina and Yuki who heard Theo's words, could not help feeling their heart warm. Theo had already proved that he cares a lot about them and would do anything for them, but even so, they were moved with Theo's words. Although for some people these words could cause them to sweat frightened since he was talking about killing whoever messed with the people he cared about.

But Shina and Yuki had no pacifist thoughts, they thought that if they left their enemies alive, it would be the same as giving them a chance to attack, and maybe have the chance of losing their lives or a person they love. So they would not be foolish enough to let anyone who hates them... live.

Especially if they were Human. Theo, after having lived all this time in this world, began to understand them a little better.

Animals respect the strong, hardly seek revenge, monsters generally care more about themselves, they fear the strong and eat the weak. The Demi-Humans, in general, were not very different from the animals regarding that respect to the strong, but there are always exceptions; there was always some who have a bad heart and seek to take advantage of all kinds of situations.

But for Theo, and even for Shina, the ones they thought they had to be wary of were the Humans. Theo talked to Shina and she'd read a lot about the things humans did and do. Apparently, the humans of this world were even worse than in the world in which he lived before. Or were they like them in ancient times?

In this world, there were many slaves, and the ones who did most of these kinds of actions were humans. Many of the humans thought themselves to be superior to the other races and thought they should be grateful that they were slaves and their servants. Because of this, it was rare to have beings of other races in human countries, or at least those who have weak cultivation would not risk going there for fear of becoming slaves.

Not only did humans do bad things, but they had an ego larger than almost every other race in the world. Especially when they wielded great power.

Luckily when Theo met a human, it was Mei Zong.

"Sleep...!" Said little Yui after she finished eating all the cake.

"Ohh! Let me put you to bed, then." Yuki said taking little Yui in her arms.

After putting little Yui in Yuki's bed, Yui grabbed the sleeve of Yuki's T-shirt and said, "I want to sleep with Mama and Papa."

"That..." Yuki looked at Theo.

Theo noticed Yuki's gaze of someone who did not know what to do... he smiled at her and said, "Okay, Yui, Papa, and Mama will sleep with you."

"Oba, oba!!" {TL: means 'yay'} Little Yui celebrated happily.


TL: Second question although late, should I use original words in things like the one right above or their English equivalent (if applicable)?
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