Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1686

Chapter 1686 A Monstrous Conspiracy

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"How about I join the fight?"

Bu Fangs indifferent voice echoed out. The Law of Space ripped the void, and he silently emerged in front of Heavengod Transmigration.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew straight at the Heavengods face. The blow rumbled like thunder and came with a force that seemed to shatter the void. Anyone could tell that it was an extremely terrifying attack.

Perhaps even Heavengod Transmigration never thought that Bu Fang would appear in such a stealthy manner.

"The Law of Space?" He frowned. In front of him, the Law of Transmigration turned into a waterfall of gray energy. He made no attempt to dodge the black wok because he could sense Bu Fangs aura.

Bu Fang was indeed a Heavengod, but he was just a little bit stronger than the average ancient Heavengod, and he was still weaker than a modern-day Heavengod. Such strength posed no threat to Heavengod Transmigration.

The corners of Bu Fangs mouth lifted slightly. He loved it when someone was so confident, for only a confident man could suffer from a slap in the face!

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok arced beautifully through the air as the Law of Destruction enveloped it. Then, accompanied by the shattered void, it smashed hard onto the waterfall before Heavengod Transmigration.

A crackling sound echoed out. Unable to withstand the great impact, the gray waterfall cracked like a porcelain bowl and broke into pieces. Then, the wok continued to fall with unstoppable power. With a thud, it hit Heavengod Transmigration in the face

In that instant, time seemed to have frozen, and the Transmigration paused!

In the distance, Lord Dogs jaw dropped. Bu Fang is still as domineering as ever!

The corners of Bu Fangs lips lifted, and he shook his hand. A stream of light immediately flew toward Lord Dog. "Here, the Sweet n Sour Ribs you want," he said.

Lord Dogs eyes lit up. Without hesitation, he transformed from a glowing humanoid into a black dog, then began to attack the ribs in the place, wagging his tail.

Suddenly, he looked up, his face full of sauce, and asked suspiciously, "Wait Why is half of the dish missing?"

"Oh Er Ha ate the other half," Bu Fang said calmly as if he was stating a fact.


Lord Dog flew into a rage when he heard that. "How dare he eat my Sweet n Sour Ribs!" Bristling, he slapped the void with a paw. The Law of Time spread from him as a large black hole was created in the void.

The void in the Chaos Space was extremely stable and much stronger than that in the Chaotic Universe. Even so, Lord Dog managed to rip a hole in it with his paw.

The corner of Bu Fangs mouth twitched as he observed a moment of silence for Er Ha.

Meanwhile, the eyes of Heavengod Transmigration, who got hit in the face by the black wok, grew sharper. With a rumbling sound, the aura of Transmigration erupted, and a tremendous force struck Bu Fang, causing him to drift into the distance.

Bu Fang stopped beside Lord Dog, who was nibbling at a piece of Sweet n Sour Rib. He was a little shocked. Heavengod Transmigration proved to be a top Chaotic-Saint-level expert, and he was much stronger than Suiren. Although Bu Fang had become a Heavengod, his strength was still inadequate to deal with such a mighty existence.

A large gash appeared on Heavengod Transmigrations face, and blood was flowing out of it. He turned his head back, and the gash healed in an instant, leaving not even a scar.

"The Law of Space The Law of Destruction" He narrowed his eyes, his face cold. "The new Heavengod who comprehended all the five supreme Laws of the Universe, obtained part of the four Heavengods Causality Thrones, and rushed into the Chaos Space by force is indeed bold.

"Ive tried to kill you as soon as I sensed your existence I didnt expect you to succeed and make it here after all," said Heavengod Transmigration.

He took a deep breath. The gray vortex behind him grew larger and larger. A clanking sound rang out of it, and then cold chains flew out, lashing at the void as they circled him.

"Todays Chaos Space doesnt need a new Heavengod!"

Heavengod Transmigration focused his eyes. The next moment, his aura exploded out, and the chains slithered through the air toward Bu Fang as if to trap his soul and pull him into the Transmigration.

Bu Fang looked up, flipped his hand. The Law of Transmigration emerged in his palm as he casually slapped the cold chains with it, knocking them back.

"The Law of Transmigration I know how to use it as well," he said indifferently.

Lord Dog, while eating the Sweet n Sour Ribs, threw out a paw and knocked the other chains away.

Heavengod Transmigration narrowed his eyes, and his aura became cold as ice.

"Youve tried to kill me again and again If I may ask, for what?" Bu Fang asked. He had wanted to ask the question for a long time. The Heavengods attack had been bothering him like a nightmare since the Xiayi Divine Dynasty.

"As I said, the Chaos Space doesnt need a new Heavengod. All the seedlings must be annihilated before they grow up!" Heavengod Transmigration said coldly.

However, Bu Fang was not satisfied with the answer. He shook his head and produced the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. "No Im sure this is not the reason."

The kitchen knife flipped, and mighty knife energy soared into the sky. One slash after another kept gathering and eventually turned into a heavenly knife that seemed to cut the Transmigration in half.

"Ill cut through the Transmigration with this knife!"

Golden light burst out of Bu Fangs eyes as he activated the God of Cookings Eye. At this moment, a mighty power that was strong enough to destroy heaven and earth exploded out from the knife that countless slashes had turned into. The whole Chaos Space began to tremble.

Heavengod Transmigration focused his eyes and raised his hand. Suddenly, a gray vortex rushed up and collided with the knife. A rumbling sound echoed out, and the vortex was cut in half. Bu Fang held the kitchen knife as the wind ruffled his hair.

Heavengod Transmigrations body slowly twisted as it was being cut in half

Bu Fangs expression remained unchanged. This was not the Heavengods true-self, and he had known it ever since the fellow appeared.

Lord Dog knew it as well. Otherwise, he would not have rushed out of the temple. With his current condition, he would be instantly suppressed if he were to face the real Heavengod Transmigration.

Heavengod Transmigration had controlled the Chaos Space for countless years, and no one knew what level he had reached.

"You really are the wild card that will change everything, as that man said!"

Heavengod Transmigration was split in half, but bizarrely, both half of his body spoke at the same time. As his body disintegrated, the gray Law of Transmigration kept leaking out of it.

"You are not supposed to be in the Chaos Space" The Heavengod fixed his eyes on Bu Fang.

"A wild card?" Bu Fang frowned. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. He narrowed his eyes as a grave look came over his face. "The calamity of Soul Demons is related to you?"

It was only a probing question, but the Heavengods reply made Bu Fangs pupils constrict.

"The Transmigration needs them. When countless restless souls enter the Transmigration they will provide me power. It is a peaceful home for them. In there they will have no pain but only peace, and I will have power. Why not?"

Heavengod Transmigration, split in half, laughed evilly.

Bu Fang thought of the countless people who died in the calamity of Soul Demons. Anger pooled in his eyes in an instant. He raised a hand and clenched it into a fist.

The Law of Space emerged and stacked the void around the Heavengods body and crushed him continuously until he vanished completely.

"Hes crazy" Lord Dog said as he licked the plate.

He was there during the calamity of Soul Demons, and he had noticed something unusual. Supposedly, the Heavengods were aware of the Soul Demons invasion. He could understand why the modern-day Heavengods were absent, for of the five of them, Heavengod Transmigration was the only one left.

However, it struck him as strange when not even an ancient Heavengod had appeared. As it turned out, Heavengod Transmigration was behind all this.

"Hes really insane! Soul Demons are evil They devour all living beings and are the enemies of everyone. Yet, that old fool is colluding with them? Is he out of his mind?!"

Bu Fang shook his head; his face was dark. If he had not come forward, the whole Chaotic Universe would have been destroyed.

"I cant believe he is making the souls of all living beings fall into the Transmigration to improve his cultivation base Hes really crazy!

"Back then, he would do anything for power, but he wasnt so extreme" Lord Dog put down the plate and seemed unsatisfied.

Heavengod Transmigration had disappeared, but a dark cloud was hanging over them.

"Perhaps time can really change everything. It can change a persons mind, and perhaps even a Heavengods mind."

Bu Fang took a deep breath and calmed the fury in him. He thought someone like that was not qualified to be a Heavengod.

With a buzzing sound, Lord Dog and Bu Fang tore open the chaos and returned to the Temple of the Heavengod Time.

Bu Fangs face was livid. Heavengod Transmigrations true-self was not here. Perhaps he was tied down by something, but that was not good news either.

Even though he was only a clone, he had almost suppressed Lord Dog. Had it not been for his misjudgment of Bu Fangs strength, he would have killed both Lord Dog and Bu Fang.

The situation in the Chaos Space was indeed bleak.

Yun Tianyi breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw Lord Dog and Bu Fang, feeling grateful that they were safe.

Er Has eyes lit up when he saw them. "Oh, youre back! Where is that old thief?"

However, he was answered by Lord Dogs angry voice. "Forget about that old thief Ive something to show you. Here, look at my paw!"


Before long, Er Has miserable howl filled the palace.

Yun Tianyi was dumbfounded. She glanced at Bu Fang, not knowing what was going on.

Bu Fangs face remained calm, and he said lightly, "Its normal. Youll get used to it."

"I did not eat your Sweet n Sour Ribs!"

Er Has miserable howl echoed out from the depths of the palace. Suddenly, he crawled out of the darkness, but a dog paw reached out and pulled him back in the next instant

The Temple of Heavengod Transmigration was different from the dilapidated Temple of Heavengod Time. Although it was not luxuriously decorated, it looked magnificent, while the temples of the other Heavengods all looked sad.

Countless Gods and even God Emperors were walking inside the temple, for many ancient clans in the Chaos Space had submitted to Heavengod Transmigration. The temple was guarded by many ancient Heavengods as well. These experts made up a mighty force, which no one in the Chaos Space could resist.

In the depths of the Temple of Heavengod Transmigration, under a magnificent palace, a huge blood-colored vortex was spinning. Gray energy of Transmigration kept rushing into it.

There was a blood pool beneath it, which contained the blood of Gods, God Kings, God Emperors, and even Heavengods. A figure sat cross-legged in the middle of the pool with bloody patterns spreading on half of his face like a spiderweb. His eyes were open, but the whites had turned black, and the pupils were scarlet. A terrifying aura was churning around him.


The air rang to the splashing of the blood as the divine power in it poured into the figures body. Meanwhile, countless souls wailed in the Transmigration as they were being crushed into pieces and sent into his soul.

The figure closed his eyes with an intoxicated look coming over his face. After a long time, the bloody patterns receded from his face, and he draped a robe over his shoulders.

Heavengod Transmigration stood at the edge of the blood pool. With a thought in his mind, the pool split in the middle, revealing a huge arm at the bottom. Monstrous sinful power surrounded the arm, so strong that it almost took a physical form.

With both hands resting on the edge of the pool, he took a deep breath as if he was savoring the sinful power. A struggling look suddenly appeared on his face. He shook his head violently as if to wake himself up.

"The Soul Gods arm that Ive nourished for countless years Dont worry, you will soon belong to me.

"Ive sacrificed all the souls in the Transmigration to achieve the perfect transplant of the Soul Gods arm. I wont let any wild card get in the way of our union I hope you will not disappoint me!"

Heavengod Transmigration muttered, licking his lips with a fervent look in his eyes.

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