Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1688

Chapter 1688 Cook For Lord Dog

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The gold recipe was extraordinary. At least, for the average people. The glow that swirled around it and the profound aura that emanated from it were mind-bending.

In the days that followed, Bu Fang spent most of his time studying the recipe. He knew that it must not be something left behind by an ordinary chef. It was very likely to be the legacy of the legendary God of Cooking.

So, he did not dare to take it lightly.

He read it and carefully analyzed and compared the ingredients that were listed in it. He had even simulated the cooking of the dish many times in his head.

The ruined Temple of Heavengod Time was quiet. Heavengod Transmigration seemed to have quieted down as well, for he did not come to give Bu Fang and Lord Dog trouble.

The Chaos Space seemed to have become calm. Apart from the occasional disturbance of God Kings and God Emperors, the surroundings of the Temple of Heavengod Time were very quiet most of the time.

Er Ha had been a little melancholy lately. He always sat on the roof of the ruined temple, staring into the chaos in the distance and sighing. His face looked pained, and from time to time, he would reach out his hands to grab at the air as if to pull the clouds in the sky into his chest.

Whenever Yun Tianyi saw that, she shuddered. If it were not for the fact that Er Ha and Lord Dog knew each other, she would have thrown this psychopath out of the temple.

Lord Dog was fast asleep on the ground in the temple to adjust his vitality. His strength had not yet returned to its peak, and because he had given part of his Causality Throne to Bu Fang, his foundation was somewhat unstable now.

He now pinned his hopes on Bu Fanghe only wished that Bu Fang could surprise him. Bu Fangs aura was very similar to that supreme being. Back then, it was that aura that had attracted him. Perhaps Bu Fang could really bring them hope

Deep inside the temple, Bu Fang frowned, resting his chin on one palm. His spirit sea was spinning, and the images before his eyes kept changing. He was meditating, simulating cooking in his head.

The recipe hovered in front of him. The golden words on it kept dancing as if they had come to life. He reached out the other hand and was drawing something in the air.

It was a long time later when Bu Fang slowly opened his eyes. The look in them was somewhat complicated.

The stone door was pushed open with a creak. Lord Dog walked through it with his enchanting cat-like steps and glanced at Bu Fang. "How is it?" His gentle and magnetic voice rang out.

"The simulated cooking failed again," Bu Fang said lightly. "This is the eight hundredth time it failed The dish in this golden recipe is very difficult to cook."

A heavy look came over Lord Dogs face. He knew very well about Bu Fangs cooking skills. After all, he watched Bu Fang grow. If even Bu Fang could not cook it, no one else in the world could cook it.

"Is it really that difficult?" Lord Dog stuck out his tongue. He did not know how to cook, but he knew how to eat.

"It is not simple. This recipe is very advanced. The dish is based on the Law of Time, and it must be cooked with Heavengod-level ingredients and special techniques. Besides The dish is shapeless and formless. There is no real finished product. Every time it is cooked, it is full of uncertainty," Bu Fang said.

He felt a little headache as this was the first time he came across this kind of recipe. However, that was what made it more challenging. He was looking forward to the appearance of the dish when it was cooked.

"What you mean is The recipe doesnt have a specific dish on it?" Lord Dog was struck dumb. "How could there be such a weird recipe?"

"This is what makes this recipe so advanced Silence is more powerful than words," Bu Fang said after cocking his head and thinking for a while.

Lord Dog nodded. He yawned, got a bowl of Sweet n Sour Ribs from Bu Fang, then happily left the chamber with his enchanting cat-like steps.


The stone door closed again with a crash, sweeping up a small cloud of dust. Bu Fang took a deep breath and went into meditation again. Countless ingredients emerged before his eyes, and he began the eight hundred first simulated cooking.

Er Ha was missing!

When Yun Tianyi discovered that, she could no longer find him in the Temple of Heavengod. No one knew when he sneaked out of the temple.

"Your Excellency That fellow is missing," she said, looking nervously at Lord Dog. As the descendant of an ancient clan in the Chaos Space, her submission to Lord Dog went deep into her soul.

Lord Dog did not seem to worry at all. He waved his paw, yawned, and said, "Dont worry. He will come back after suffering some defeat"

Yun Tianyi nodded, though she could not understand completely. Then, they just ignored Er Ha and never minded where he had gone.

Heavengod Transmigrations faction had controlled the entire Chaos Space, and those ancient clans and ancient Heavengods who chose not to submit to him were hiding in different corners.

Although Lord Dog looked laid back, he was really just taking a break from his work. He needed to assemble these ancient clans and ancient Heavengods. After all, it was very difficult for just a few of them to face Heavengod Transmigration.

His work had paid off. As time passed, more and more ancient clans gathered around the Temple of Heavengod Time. There was even an ancient Heavengod.

Of course, conflicts were inevitable, for Heavengod Transmigration and his men would not let this happen. Many ancient Heavengods brought their men and began to attack the remaining forces of ancient clans, leading to constant conflict in the Chaos Space.

One day, the stone door opened with a crash again, and Bu Fang walked out of the chamber with his hands clasped behind his back. His Vermilion Robe flapped noisily in the wind, and his face was calm.

His appearance immediately attracted the attention of many. Lord Dog jerked his head up and looked at him.

There were more people in the Temple of Heavengod Time now, and the atmosphere became somewhat lively. This surprised Bu Fang. He wondered when there had been so many people.

"This is the Heavengod who ascended from the lower realms?"

An expert of one of the ancient clans narrowed his eyes and looked respectfully at Bu Fang. He and the others were here at the summons of Heavengod Time. Although they were not that confident with a Heavengod from the lower realms, they still venerated him. This was the basic respect for a Heavengod.

Todays Chaos Space was controlled by Heavengod Transmigration. Most of the ancient clans who refused to submit to him had been wiped out, and for them who managed to survive, they were just dragging out their feeble existence.

Bu Fang nodded at these people. There were not many of them, only a dozen God Kings and two God Emperors. He saw an old man with white hair crouching in a corner, who was the only ancient Heavengod among them.

"I did it I can start the preparations for cooking," Bu Fang exhaled and told Lord Dog.

Lord Dog was so excited that all his fur bristled. "You did it?" There was still a hint of disbelief in his voice.

"After the one thousand three hundred eighty-second simulated cooking, I finally succeeded" The corners of Bu Fangs mouth lifted slightly. After so many failed attempts, his mind had grown somewhat numb. But fortunately, he did it at last.

He told Lord Dog that he would be away for some time, then clasped his hands behind his back and left the temple. He needed to find some ingredients as he did not have some of the ingredients listed on the recipe.

Lord Dog wanted to help, but Bu Fang rejected him. As the people of the ancient clans watched in confusion, he walked out of the temple and stepped into chaos.

Heavengod Transmigration was quiet. However, Bu Fang knew that he must be brewing something, and when he made a move, it would most likely be a major disaster.

The Chaos Space was like an egg yolk surrounded by a boundless starry sky. Its spiritual energy was extremely rich, for the spiritual energy of the entire universe was gathered here.

It was not a star, but it possessed many characteristics of a star. As a world purely condensed of the power of Law, the Chaos Space was filled with all kinds of Laws, such as the Law of Light, the Law of Darkness, and the Law of Gravity. It was a world made up of Laws.

In this world, Gods were the weakest existences. Even newly born babies possessed the power of a God, for that was the only way they could survive in chaos.

In the rolling clouds, Bu Fang was holding a leaf in one hand. The bright green leaf seemed to glow as translucent liquid drops condensed on its surface. Beneath the leaf was a jade bottle, where the liquid drops fell into. This was an ingredient he needed.

He was traveling to every corner of the Chaos Space to collect the ingredients listed on the gold recipe. They were all extremely precious ingredients and very difficult to collect. Some of them could only be found at a specific time, such as the Purple Dew, the essence of spiritual energy, and the crystal left behind after different Laws crossed each other.

It took Bu Fang a long time just to collect them. Perhaps this was what was called good things never come easy. In any case, he managed to gain some new comprehension about cooking in his journey of collecting the ingredients. At his level, every improvement in his cooking skill was shocking.

The sound of waves pounding on the coast rang out as Bu Fang gently shook the jade bottle. The corners of his mouth lifted. It was already so difficult to collect all the ingredients, and the cooking that was coming up next would be even more difficult.

If he failed, he would have to start all over again. This was deadly to him and Lord Dog, and even to the entire Chaos Space.

He put away the jade bottle and took a deep breath. Suddenly, his figure vanished as he tore the void apart with the Law of Space and returned to the Temple of Heavengod Time.

It sounded ironic, but for todays Heavengod Time, time was of the essence.

Outside the ruined temple, buildings had been erected by the descendants of ancient clans. A small city was built around the temple. Of course, this city could not compare with the Temple of Heavengod Transmigration, but it had gathered most of the people in the Chaos Space who had not submitted to Heavengod Transmigration.

It was worth noting that the number of ancient Heavengods had increased to two. It was still far lesser than the ten ancient Heavengods under Heavengod Transmigration, but it was already a growth.

Bu Fangs return naturally caused a commotion. Wagging his tail, Lord Dog followed him as they walked deep into the temple.

"Ive collected all the ingredients Ill start cooking now," Bu Fang said, looking at Lord Dog.

"Are you confident that you will succeed?" Lord Dog focused his eyes.

"Only half confident" Bu Fang did not want to guarantee anything. After all, he succeeded only once in more than a thousand simulated cookings, so he did not dare to promise.

"If I fail I will have to spend a long time collecting ingredients again. I cant afford to fail," Bu Fang said with emotion.

Lord Dog wagged his tail and stuck out his tongue. "Bu Fang boy, Lord Dog watched you grow up. Believe in yourself. You can do it with your cooking skills!" He gave Bu Fang a rare encouragement as if he had learned how to encourage someone like the System.

The corners of Bu Fangs mouth lifted slightly. The next moment, he asked Lord Dog to leave the chamber. The stone door closed with a crash, and everything grew darker.

With a thought in his mind, the God of Cooking Sets appeared. A terrible aura immediately filled the entire chamber.

As the gold recipe hovered in front of him, Bu Fang put his hands behind him and focused his eyes. Suddenly, he activated the God of Cookings Eye, turning the entire chamber bright as day!

He began to cook for Lord Dog

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