Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1762

Chapter 1761 Stargazy Pies Vs. Soul Demons

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"What is that guy talking about? Is there some kind of unspeakable relationship between Soul Demons and dark cuisine?"

Bu Fangs words baffled many people, especially those nobles who had tasted dark cuisine. Even Viscount Ash and Master Zhen Yong were giving him deep glances.

Cursed Goddess Soul, however, was unconcerned. She assumed it was just Bu Fangs last struggle. The victory was in her hand nowshe had everything under control, so she did not have to worry at all.

Behind her, countless Soul Demons hovered in midair, and they were not all she got. The means she had, which the Great Soul Overlord had prepared, could even let her control Void City directly!

"In fact We are really in a disadvantageous position," said the little girl. She did not look like she was in a disadvantageous position, though.

"What a waste of breath. This king doesnt need you to tell him that. He can see it at a glance" Er Ha rolled his eyes. He was unconcerned by the Soul Demons. What worried him was their numbers and those Chaotic-Saint-level Soul Demons.


Suddenly, the ground began to shake. In the distance, a black dragon approached at great speed, and then a few figures descended from the sky.

That gave many people pause, while some nobles who had chosen to support Soul sucked in their breath. The group of people, who appeared to be fleeing in panic, was none other than Countess Xia Qiu and the other two counts!

Marchioness Ruoshui, standing behind Soul, seemed to feel a little strange as well.


The black dragon landed, leaving scratches on the ground with his sharp claws. He was baring his teeth and breathing puffs of hot air through his nostrils, while black flames danced in his mouth.

Countess Xia Qius face was livid. Countess Aitang, looking somewhat dejected, was supported by her. They did not like each other, but they had to put their conflicts aside to face a common enemy now.

The three counts landed in front of the restaurant. As many nobles watched, puzzled, they went straight to Netherys side.

"What happened? Countess Aitang and Countess Luming had clearly chosen Her Excellency Souls camp from the beginning!"

Countess Xia Qiu glanced coldly at Soul, who was hovering in the sky, and said, "Youve gone too far." She knew the Cursed Goddess was the one who colluded with the Soul Demons to destroy Void Citys defense and release all the exiles of District D so they could trample District C and District B.

"You are winning, and you just have to wait to ascend to the throne Why do you still do such things!" Countess Xia Qiu gritted her teeth as anger boiled in her eyes.

Many nobles did not understand.

"I want vengeance" Tears were welling up Countess Aitangs eyes. Chaotic Saints rarely shed tears, but the moment the divine phoenix was devoured, she could not hold back her tears. Supporting Cursed Goddess Soul? She would be betraying the divine phoenix by doing so!

Countess Luming also shook her head. Clearly, she was very, very disappointed in Cursed Goddess Soul.

In the distance, rumbling sounds rang out again. Many people sucked in their breath as they saw an even more shocking scene: Countless experts clad in ragged and filthy clothes crawled out of the crater.

"Arent these the exiles of District D? These men carry sins, and they are being punished in Void City! But Why are they here? How did they come to District A?"

The people were not stupid. When they linked this to what Countess Xia Qiu had said, they quickly deduced a fact that made their hair stand on end.

"Shes really out of her mind!"

At this moment, a black-robed man slowly approached from a distance. He held an hourglass in his hand, in which golden sand kept flowing to the lower glass bulb. Under his feet, a huge black phoenix with a sinful fire burning all over its body was spreading its wings.

Countess Aitangs eyes widened, and she flew into a rage. That was her divine phoenix! She could not believe it had fallen and become such a sinful creature! Its colorful feathers and sacred aura were gone! It had fallen into depravity!

Bu Fang let the three counts enter the restaurants boundary. At this moment, the restaurant was completely surrounded by enemies.

Cursed Goddess Houtus aura recovered considerably after she had eaten the oyster pancake. She exhaled, then said, "I didnt expect this woman to be so extreme. She cant wait to sit on the throne of Void City and influence the cosmic battle

"Once she succeeded in ascending to the throne, the war situation between the Soul Demon Universe and the Primitive Universe will be completely changed"

"Dont worry, she wont succeed. That throne belongs to Nethery," Er Ha said, grinning. "Rest assured, beauty, this king will protect you."

Houtu glanced at Er Ha as if he was an idiot.

The corner of Bu Fangs mouth twitched. "Shes also one of the contenders for the throne" He gave Er Ha a quick lecture on the field.

Er Has face froze, then he laughed dryly and scratched the back of his head.

A terrifying, oppressive aura spread and fell over the whole world, making the faces of Countess Xia Qiu and the others unsightly. Soul Demons, the Cavalry of Death, the exiles, and the Great Soul Overlord Cursed Goddess Souls power was too strong!

Lord Dog narrowed his eyes slightly as he stared at the Great Soul Overlord, who was holding the Hourglass of Time and Space.

Meanwhile, in front of the Queen of Curses palace

Countless petals flew in the chaotic realm, cutting at everything and tearing at the void. A rumbling sound echoed out as the power of curse collided and swept out in all directions. The next moment, three figures separated in midair and then drifted to the distance.

Although they were dragged into the realm by Duchess Tianlian, Duchess Yunlan and Duchess Nightmare could still fight her by joining forces. They exchanged a glance and saw the grave look in each others eyes.

Being trapped in this realm, both of them could not sense what was happening outside, so they had no idea about Houtu and Netherys situation. However, they were aware that since Duchess Tianlian used this means to trap them, it meant Soul was absolutely confident that she could kill the other two Cursed Goddesses. Otherwise, there was no point in starting this war!

Suddenly, Duchess Tianlian, supporting the array with her power, furrowed her brows. The whole realm seemed to tremble slightly. Taking the opportunity, Duchess Nightmare and Duchess Yunlan attacked with their strongest means and found a point where they could break through!

"Bring down this restaurant! Kill the two Cursed Goddesses Void City only needs one Cursed Goddess, and thats me!" In midair, Soul waved her arms and ordered the army to launch the attack. At the gesture, the entire void began to boil.

The Cavalry of Death roared as a terrifying aura erupted out of the soldiers, while the army of Soul Demons hissed and growled like savage monsters. The exiles eyes were scarlet as if their minds had been manipulated. With the power of sin surrounding them, they rushed crazily toward the restaurant!

Bu Fang rubbed his head. He did not like war. He just wanted to open a restaurant in peace, but there were always people who came to give him trouble.

"Its time to strike!"

Marquis Lang Gu grabbed his pellet drum, shook it, and gave Er Ha a sideways glance. He had to be sluttier than this guy!

As if he had sensed Marquis Lang Gus gaze, Er Ha squinted and said, "Dont look at me like that This king doesnt like men!"

Marquis Lang Gu twitched the corner of his mouth. The next moment, he took a step forward. A rumbling sound filled the air as his body grew abruptly larger and his clothes ripped. In just the blink of an eye, he had transformed into a savage monster as large as a hill. Standing tall and mighty, he threw out a palm, killing many exiles with just one slap.


The moment Soul gave her order, the experts in the restaurant made their moves as well.

With his elegant cat-like steps, Lord Dog came up to midair and threw out his paw. Viscount Ash held an icy bow and kept shooting arrows, freezing an enemy with each shot.

Master Zhen Yong, on the other hand, was more direct. He took out a bottle and crushed it. Pills immediately floated out of the bottle. Then, he flicked his fingers and sent them toward the exiles in the distance. The pills exploded and blew all those experts into ashes!

Meanwhile, the army of Soul Demons approached the restaurant, hissing and roaring. Bu Fang stepped on the void and floated up into midair. That gave Nethery and Xiao Ai pause, while the little girl narrowed her eyes.

What is he trying to do?

"Let me handle these Soul Demons," Bu Fang said. His tone was filled with confidence. He had his own way of dealing with the Soul Demons.



Countless Soul Demons were closing in, ripping through the void. Some of them were Numbered Soul Demons, some were top Soul Demons, and some were even Soul Overlords and top Soul Overlords.

A terrible aura distorted the void. In just a flash, the entire Void City had turned into a battlefield with the sound of explosions and the din of battle ringing out everywhere.

Bu Fang took a step forward and faced tens of thousands of Soul Demons alone. The scene appeared to be somewhat bleak and spectacular. Countess Xia Qiu and the others had thought of helping him, but he turned them down.

This chef plans to fight against so many Soul Demons alone? Those are Soul Demons, a kind of disgusting creature in the multi-universes that is very difficult to get rid of! But since he dares to face them, he may really have a way to deal with them

So, Countess Xia Qiu and the others turned to fight the Cavalry of Death. A collision broke out between the two sides instantly. Although their numbers were fewer, their fighting prowess was extremely high. As a result, the battle quickly fell into a stalemate.

In midair, Bu Fang shook his hand. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok immediately appeared in front of him. Lately, he had been studying dark cuisine, and this was the perfect time for him to try out their power. Compared with stinky tofu, dark cuisine might be even more formidable. Perhaps, they were the perfect meal for these Soul Demons.

As the Soul Demons approached, Bu Fang began to cook. One herring after another was thrown into the air by him. He moved as fast as lightning and manipulated time, so he managed to complete a large quantity of dark cuisine in just a flash.

Under normal circumstances, Bu Fang did not like to manipulate time when he was cooking, for it would affect the quality of the ingredients and the taste of the dish. But this was an emergency.

Countless Stargazy Pies with canned herring as the main ingredient hovered around Bu Fang, with all the fish heads pointing at the sky, their eyes gleaming as if they were eager to fight!


Bu Fang glanced over his shoulder at Foxy, who was curled up in Netherys arms, and beckoned at her. The little foxs eyes were filled with the reflection of the countless Stargazy Pies around Bu Fang. The next moment, she rolled her eyes and pretended to faint in Netherys arms.

Bu Fang twitched the corner of his mouth. He had thought of asking Foxy to swallow the Stargazy Pies and spit them out, just like the Soul Demon meatball. However, she played dead. So he could only do it himself.

The army of Soul Demons was getting closer and closer. Bu Fang floated in midair, his mental force surging and the Vermilion Robe fluttering. Then, he raised a finger, pointed it at the army, and slowly pushed it forward.



The Stargazy Pies shot out like flying saucers, emitting a pungent stench as they rushed toward the army of Soul Demons. In just a flash, they collided with the army!

After that, a scene that left everyone dumbfounded happened!

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