Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1764

Chapter 1763 Troublemaker You Will Be Stripped As An Example To Others

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Something dark flashed in front of Bu Fangs eyes. Squinting, he felt a cold aura envelop him. The black-robed man had appeared in front of him in just a flash.

In the distance, the army of Soul Demons had stopped advancing. It was as if the appearance of the black-robed man had frightened them. Some Soul Demons, who were drooling, hurriedly wiped their saliva with the back of their hands.

The black-robed man hovered in midair and looked down at Bu Fang, giving him unprecedented pressure and causing him to narrow his eyes.

"Holding off my army of tens of thousands of Soul Demons with food A chef like you" the man said, holding the hourglass in one hand. However, before he could finish, a figure arrived as fast as a shooting star.


After swimming for a long time, Er Ha finally arrived. He fell in the void and rushed forward, knocking the black-robed man flying away!

"Bu Fang young man! Spicy strips! Spicy strips! This king smells spicy strips! Its a brand-new flavor! Why didnt you find me when you have a new flavor?! As a loyal fan of spicy strips, this king feels sad for such poor treatment!" Er Ha grabbed Bu Fangs shoulders and kept shaking them!

The black-robed man was somewhat dumbfounded at first, but when he finally steadied himself in midair, he flew into a rage. Who was he? He was a Great Soul Overlord of the Soul Demon Universe, who was second only to the Soul God! How dared that fellow knocked him away?!

"Youre courting death!" he said coldly. The next moment, he lifted his hand.

A monstrous sinful aura permeated the air as a thunderbolt fell from the sky and smote Er Ha with a resounding rumble. A loud crash rang out as he smashed into the ground, creating a large crater with a plume of smoke rising from the bottom.

Bu Fang breathed a sigh of relief.

The next moment, the black-robed man pointed another at Bu Fang. With a flick of his finger, a dark thunderbolt of sin came smashing down.

The void around Bu Fangs body distorted, and he dodged the thunderbolt. The lightning went straight into the crater where Er Ha had fallen into. A rumbling sound filled the air, accompanied by a miserable howl.

The corner of Bu Fangs mouth twitched, while the people in the surroundings did not know what to say. They thought the slutty fellow must be struck by karma. The great monster in the distance, Marquis Lang Gu, clapped excitedly and thought to himself, Thats the price you have to pay for being sluttier than me!

"The Law of Space" muttered the black-robed man, squinting. At a glance, he recognized what Bu Fang had just used. The chef had used the Law of Space to transfer his sinful thunderbolt to somewhere else, which was a brilliant trick! "You come from the Chaotic Universe" he said.

The Vermilion Robe fluttered as Bu Fang floated up into the air.

"A chef from the Chaotic Universe You remind me of someone" There seemed to be a terrifying aura swirling in the black-robed mans scarlet eyes. "All chefs from the Chaotic Universe must die!"

All of a sudden, the black-robed man went berserk. It took everyone by surprise, and Bu Fang tensed up. He shook his hand and produced a Death Spicy Strip. The man was also a Soul Demon, so the spicy strip should be useful against him.

However, no sooner had the spicy strip appeared than a rumbling sound rang out, and the black-robed man, who had just come in front of Bu Fang, was knocked flying away once again, smashing into a building in the distance like a cannonball. The building trembled and collapsed in an instant!



Er Has hair stood on end. The Law of Life swirled around him, and he was unscathed! He stared at Bu Fang with excitement in his eyes.

Rubble fell. The black-robed man, who was knocked flying away, floated up from among the ruins in the distance with a boiling aura. "You You are really courting death!"

He was knocked away once again, and he did not expect it at all. Most importantly, the man who was struck by his sinful thunderbolt was still alive. Heck, he was even unscathed!

"This fellow Is he the Heavengod of Life?" The black-robed man really did not expect this. The Chaotic Universe, which was almost destroyed by the Soul God with one slap, had given birth to new Heavengods now.

Looking at Er Ha, who would go crazy if he did not get the spicy strip, Bu Fang twitched the corner of his mouth. He gave him the spicy strip. "Enjoy it" Bu Fang said helplessly.

Er Ha took the half-meter-long spicy strip and slowly shoved it into his mouth, pulled it out, then pushed it in again. He kept repeating the same motions, which made many people turn their eyes to somewhere else!

"Wu! Wu! Wu!"

Death Spicy Strip was different from the previous spicy strips. Since it could be considered as dark cuisine, it was far from being comparable to those in the past. Er Has face turned red in a flash, and his lips became as swollen as two large fat sausages.

"Oh! It feels so good!" Er Has eyes were misty as he focused on enjoying the spicy strip.

In the distance, the corner of Master Zhen Yongs mouth twitched. That f*cking thing was Owner Bus dark dish, the Death Spicy Strip, and he almost died from eating it! But That fellow actually looked like he was enjoying it? If he was as composed as the slutty fellow, he would have long acquired the Chaotic Energy!

The black-robed man was ignored by the Heavengod of Life. He clenched his hand that was holding the hourglass until his knuckles turned white.

In the distance, Lord Dogs paw fell and slapped the black-robed mans clone on the head. It exploded with a bang. Although the clones strength was strong, Lord Dog was Heavengod Time, and he was even stronger than Er Ha. A mere clone could not stop him.

Strutting his elegant cat-like steps, Lord Dog threw his paw at the black-robed man with the hourglass in hand. The paw grew larger and larger in the void and eventually blotted out the sky with the Law of Time swirling around it.

The black-robed man narrowed his eyes and flicked his finger. A dark thunderbolt immediately zigzagged toward Lord Dogs paw. A collision took place, and an explosion followed.

Bu Fangs figure flashed, and he pulled Er Ha aside.

"Soul Demons Attack!"

A cold voice echoed through the air. The next moment, countless Soul Demons in the rear charged into the battlefield. Unlike before, they had learned their lesson this time. They split into three groups; one went for Bu Fang, while the other two joined the Cavalry of Death and the army of exiles.

With that, Master Zhen Yong, Viscount Ash, and the others faced a sudden increase in pressure. In fact, they even showed signs of defeat! After all, their strength was not considered strong.

Marquis Lang Gu, in his monster form, roared and killed one Soul Demon with every slap, perfectly demonstrating his savage nature.

With a mere thought in Bu Fangs mind, numerous Death Spicy Strips emerged, then shot toward the Soul Demons. Suddenly, Er Has eyes lit up, and he bellowed, "Spicy strips! They are mine! They are all mine!" He soared into the sky and flew toward the spicy strips.

Meanwhile, Lord Dog and the black-robed man were fighting. The man was a Great Soul Overlord, and Lord Dog did not like Great Soul Overlords at all. Or rather, he did not like any Soul Demons. If the Soul God had not nearly destroyed the Chaos Space with a slap, they, the Heavengods, would not have fallen into transmigration.

"The Heavengod of Time?"

The black-robed man did not expect to meet two Heavengods in Void City. The existence of Heavengods, who were no weaker than Great Soul Overlords, really shocked him. He thought the Chaotic Universe was falling into ruin, but now it seemed he was wrong. The whole Soul Demon Universe was wrong!

"Are these two Heavengods here to help the Chaotic Universes Cursed Goddess?"

The black-robed man rushed up the sky and engaged Lord Dog in a fierce fight. The power of sin and the power of Law kept colliding, causing explosions and loud rumbling noises!

Er Ha was addicted to spicy strips and could not stop himself. Bu Fang was facing an army of Soul Demons alone, while the others had fallen into a disadvantageous position. The situation of the battle was reversed!

In midair, Bu Fangs Vermilion Robe fluttered as he flew toward the enemy. He had unleashed the five supreme Laws of the Universe, while dark dishes floated around him. Dark cuisine was the simplest and most effective way to deal with Soul Demons.

He moved through the army of Soul Demons. Wherever he passed, every Soul Demon burst into flames. They simply could not resist the deliciousness of dark cuisine.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Bu Fangs figure streaked across the void like a shooting star, leaving all the Soul Demons behind him to explode into pieces. It was a shocking scene. The nobles of Void City sucked in their breath as they watched.

In the sky, Cursed Goddess Souls face turned livid. However, she did not panic. She knew it would take Bu Fang some time to deal with so many Soul Demons, and she had enough time to do many things.

She turned to look at Nethery, who was in the restaurant. Isnt this chef trying to help Nethery? If shes dead, surely hell be distracted By that time, no one will be able to stop me!

Soul turned to Pi Dong and Pi Xi, the twin brothers standing at her side, and said, "Come with me." The brothers, fully clad in armor, focused their eyes and nodded. She then lifted her hand and pointed at the restaurant with her long, fair finger.

"Lets kill those two Cursed Goddesses" Soul said in a confident voice.

The brothers eyes lit up.

At this moment, the opposing defenders were all out, leaving only the two Cursed Goddesses in the restaurant. Netherys strength was merely at the level of a mid-stage Saint of the Great Path. As for Houtu, she was already wounded and could no longer pose any threat to Soul.

This was the perfect opportunity for her to strike! Soul grinned. In her hand, she clutched a black orb with the power of sin swirling inside. The next moment, they sped forward at the same time, turning into three black shooting stars and heading straight toward the restaurant. Their goals were Nethery and Houtu!

Bu Fang smashed two Stargazy Pies on the faces of two Soul Overlords. At this moment, from the corners of his eyes, he saw Soul and the twin brothers rush toward the restaurant. A faint smile brushed his lips.

Marquis Lang Gu roared, while the expressions of Viscount Ash and Master Zhen Yong changed dramatically. If the two Cursed Goddesses were wounded, then everything they did would be in vain.

Countess Xia Qiu, Countess Aitang, and Countess Luming were held up by some experts, so they could not spare a hand to help. A look of worry flashed in Countess Xia Qius eyes. What should they do?

Er Ha focused his eyes and stopped sucking his spicy strip. Then, he kicked the ground and hurled himself toward the restaurant. The spicy strip was delicious, but he knew what the priority was.

The twin brothers landed on the ground with a crash, aimed their black bow at Houtu, and pulled the bowstring to its maximum length.

Houtu squinted and pointed her Bow of Bliss at the black bow.

Soul, on the other hand, had landed as well. As someone who had stepped into the realm of Chaotic Saints, her fighting prowess was superb. The power of sin poured out of her black orb and went to wrap up Nethery.


Cursed Goddess Soul and the twin brothers cried out in unison.

With a twang, the brothers arrow was unleashed. Suddenly, Er Ha appeared in front of them, and the arrow pierced him, forcing him to take two steps backward.

"Beauty Im here. Dont be afraid," Er Ha said in a deep voice as he glanced over his shoulder at Houtu with a spicy strip dangling from his lips.

Houtu tried to hold back her fingers, but it was too late. Her arrow flew out in the next moment, piercing Er Ha.



Xiao Ai came in front of Nethery with a resolute look in her eyes, while Foxy, who pretended to be dead in Netherys arms, also jumped up.

"Your Excellency, you should leave now!"

"Leave? You cant leave now All of you will stay," Soul said indifferently. Suddenly, she focused her eyes and looked into the back of the restaurant.

"Troublemaker, you will be stripped as an example to others." A mechanical voice rang out from the kitchen, followed by a purple energy beam.


Soul gasped. The next moment, a huge palm appeared in front of her, grabbed her head, and pushed her hard to the floor!

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