Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1765

Chapter 1764 : The Hourglass Of Time And Space

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Cursed Goddess Soul never expected another expert in the restaurant. When the huge palm appeared, she had subconsciously tried to avoid it, and the black orb in her hand had unleashed energy to defend her.

However, the palm easily broke her energy defense and slapped her in the face, then pushed her to the floor! The rude behavior was like a hot-tempered beast!

The restaurants floor was extremely hard, and Soul felt her head reel. She could even feel her nose being crushed. She was a Chaotic Saint. Even the explosion of a star might not hurt her. But at this moment, she was wounded by the floor of a restaurant.

"Whitey! No! No! Lord Whitey!"

Xiao Ai was already despairing. She had thought that she was about to die, for Cursed Goddess Souls aura was too terrifying, and it scared her more than those Soul Demons. However, all the crisis had disappeared now!

Whiteys appearance made Xiao Ai so excited that her heart almost jumped out of her throat. She vowed that from this day on, she was Whiteys biggest fan!

Nethery smiled faintly. She knew that she was safe in Bu Fangs restaurant. Soul was a fool for trying to attack her here. Foxy also put down her guards, and her fur fell back down as she burped.

The little foxs eyes turned from side to side, gleaming goldenly. The next moment, she jumped out of Netherys arms and landed on Shrimpys shoulder. Together, they shot whistling out of the restaurant.

Once outside, the bubble Shrimpy was spitting burst, then its body began to grow larger and larger. Eventually, it turned as huge as the black dragon. Standing on its back, Foxy looked almost like a tiny dot.

The next moment, Foxys body turned blood-red, and her nine tails were wagging, lashing at the void. She fixed her eyes at the army in the distance. Energy gathered in her throat, then she opened her mouth and let out a shrill scream. Shafts of golden light broke out from between her jaws.

"Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da"


Blue light flashed, and golden streamers shot forth at great speed, arcing through the void toward the army in the distance.

A Soul Demon, with his mouth wide open, was closing in on Viscount Ash. However, before he could attack, a golden Soul Demon meatball hit him and exploded, blowing his upper body into pieces.

A strong wind kicked up, causing Viscount Ashs clothes to keep fluttering. Dumbstruck, she turned to look at the colossal mantis shrimp and the little fox standing on its back.

Theyre also strong?! Is that restaurant the home for freaks? thought Viscount Ash. The chef can suppress an army of Soul Demons alone, his metal puppet subdued Cursed Goddess Soul with just one move, and now even the pets are so freakishly fearsome? Who said Her Excellency Soul is weak?! This kind of force is incredibly formidable!


Countess Xia Qiu burst out laughing. She stood on the head of the black dragon, who breathed flames and incinerated the exiles! The situation of the battle seemed to have reversed now. Foxy kept spatting Soul Demon meatballs, and the terrifying firepower managed to suppress and hold up Cursed Goddess Souls army.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in front of the restaurant was somewhat awkward.

"This king has blocked an arrow for you with his body Why did you put an arrow into this kings buttock?" Er Ha said with a bleak look on his face as he stared at Houtu.

Houtu looked a little embarrassed. She did not expect Er Ha to stop the arrow with his flesh. In any case, it was her fault for releasing her arrow after seeing that. But it was not entirely her fault. The guy was too slutty, and it scared her. I wont take the blame for this one Houtu thought to herself.

Er Ha pulled the arrow out of his butt. Then, he turned to the twin brothers in the distance, pointed the black arrow in his chest with a hand, and said, "Why are you two so naughty? You shot my heart with an arrow Are you secretly in love with me?"

Pi Dong and Pi Xi looked at each other and frowned. "Ignore this guy Lets finish her as quickly as possible!" Pi Dong said. Then, the brothers bolted out at the same time. As they charged forward, Pi Dong held the bow, while Pi Xi notched an arrow on the bowstring and pulled.

Er Ha arched his brows.

With a twang, another black arrow was unleashed. It tore through the air, wrapped up in powerful air currents as it shot forward at great speed. The arrowhead seemed to be expanding, the shaft shivering, while there seemed to be a vague sonic boom.

The arrow tried to move around Er Ha and went straight at Houtu. She frowned and notched an arrow. Suddenly, she was stunned again, and then she heard the wet sound of the arrowhead going into the flesh. Looking at Er Ha, who had his back to her, Houtu did not know what to say anymore.

The arrow went into Er Has chest again. "Beauty, Im not mad that you just shot me in the butt But you must not do it again this time!" he said with a serious tone.

Houtu was speechless. She could not help but wonder if this guy was an idiot?

The twin brothers were stunned. This was the first time they had seen such a shameless person. How could he flirt with a girl in this situation? "Shoot him to death!" Pi Dong said, gnashing his teeth.


They shot three arrows in a row, each with the terrifying power of piercing through the star! Wasnt that slutty guy good at blocking their arrows? Wasnt his body very strong? He could keep stopping the arrows! They would like to see how many arrows he could take!

Er Ha stood where he was, his body trembling as he sucked the spicy strip calmly. Occasionally, he twisted his waist to catch the arrows the brother had missed him. Before long, Pi Dong and Pi Xi were panting, and Er Has body was already full of arrows.

"What the f*ck"

Pi Dong was fuming. He could not understand why their arrows could not kill the guy! Meanwhile, the corner of Houtus mouth was twitching. She had never seen such a slutty man before.

"Brothers, you have shot a total of three hundred and twenty-six arrows, and a hundred of them struck my heart Tell me, are you in love with me?" Er Ha said in a deep voice with the spicy strip dangling from between his lips.

"Elder Brother, I cant stand this anymore!" Pi Xi bellowed, his face livid. His curse power erupted as he took a step forward, turned into a stream of light, and rushed toward Er Ha.

They were no match for Er Ha when it came to shamelessness!

Er Ha focused his eyes. The Law of Life flowed through him, and the arrows that were stuck in his body all jumped out and flew away.

Pi Dong and Pi Xi gave up on using arrows and chose to fight Er Ha hand-to-hand. However, this might be the worst decision they had made. Er Ha was the Heavengod of Life, the equivalent of a duke-level expert. They were no match for him.


Holding the spicy strip between his lips, Er Ha kicked Pi Dong and knocked him flying away. Then, he pinned Pi Xi against the wall of the restaurant with his palm.

"Would you be so naughty again?" Er Ha asked in a gloomy voice.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew past Er Has face, slightly lifting his hair. His pupils constricted. The next moment, he found that Pi Xis head was pierced through by an arrow.

Still pinned against the wall by Er Ha, Pi Xis eyes were filled with resentment before dying. A few moments later, his soul floated out of his flesh. At this moment, Houtu notched another arrow, pulled the bowstring, and let loose. The arrow pierced the soul and blew it apart.

A Chaotic Saint had fallen!

Er Ha stood transfixed like a bale of wood. This woman is actually so fierce?!

Houtus face was indifferent as she waved her Bow of Bliss at Er Ha.

In the distance, Pi Dong pushed to his feet. His eyes turned scarlet in an instant. He and his brother could only fight a marquis when they joined their forces. When they were separated, their strength was only at the level of the average Chaotic Saint.

The anger in his eyes was erupting when someone struck him bodily. It was Cursed Goddess Soul, and she was struggling to her feet after landing. Her hair was disheveled, and blood was trickling down from the corners of her mouth.

"Your Excellency Soul" Pi Dongs eyes were bloodshot with grief and fury.

"Weve miscalculated Retreat!" Soul said.

Whiteys purple eyes were flashing as it walked out, striking fear into Souls heart with every step. Her curse power erupted, and she tried to rush out of the restaurant. However, a huge palm suddenly emerged, caught her leg, and lifted her. The next moment, she was smashed onto the restaurant wall. She grunted.

In Whiteys realm where no magic power could be used, she was completely defenseless. "Dammit!" Souls anger surged.

The little girl sat in a chair, dangling her fair legs. Her eyes seemed to gleam as she watched Whitey beat Soul with crushing strength. In another corner, Xiao Ai clapped her hands excitedly, while Nethery watched nonchalantly.

"Release Her Excellency Soul!"

Pi Dong choked back the grief and pain in him and hurled himself at Soul. However, he was swatted by Whitey and smashed onto the wall as well.

In midair, Souls eyes were filled with a savage look as she was being repeatedly smashed at the wall by Whitey. Suddenly, she felt a shock of cold because she saw that in the distance, Houtu had notched an arrow on the Bow of Bliss, aiming at her.

She screamed, struggled, and managed to slip out of Whiteys huge palm, falling to the ground. Meanwhile, a piercing whistle rang out as the arrow left the bow and came at her. Without hesitation, she jumped to her feet and rushed out of the restaurant. Pi Dong followed, and so did the arrow.

"Dammit! This divine artifact of the Primitive Universe is indeed tricky to get rid of!"

Cursed Goddess Soul rolled her eyes, and the black orb emerged in her hand. She could not use it when facing Whitey, but now that she had escaped the puppets realm, she could finally use it again. Black energy poured out of the black orb and wrapped up the arrow, corroding and disintegrating it completely.

Pi Dong and Soul fled the restaurant in panic. Hovering in midair, their faces were livid. They had wanted to sneak attack, but in the end, not only did they fail, but Pi Xi was also killed.

Soul glanced over her shoulder and found that the battle had come to a stalemate. With the support of Foxys suppressing firepower, the army could not break through the line of defense. "Dammit!" Her eyes were icy cold.


The last Soul Demon was engulfed by a scarlet flame. Bu Fang shook his hands, swept his clothes, and breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he turned to look at Cursed Goddess Soul.

"As I said, I can defeat an army by myself. Do you believe it now?"

Souls eyes were cold, her hair disheveled. Bu Fangs words made her face look very ugly. Suddenly, she laughed. "Do you think you have a chance to turn the tide?"

In the distance, the black-robed man knocked Lord Dog flying away with a blow. Holding the Hourglass of Time and Space, he emerged behind Soul in a flash.

Soul glanced at him and said, "Gluttony Great Soul Overlord Do it now!"

The black-robed man nodded.

Lord Dog hovered at Bu Fangs side. The situation reached a stalemate. Everyone was staring at Cursed Goddess Soul in the distance with a grave look.

The next moment, the black-robed man focused his scarlet eyes and lifted the hourglass in his hand. All the golden sand in the upper glass bulb had finally flowed to the lower bulb. When the last grain of sand fell, the hourglass suddenly erupted with radiant light, which tore the spatial barrier of Void City!


A terrifying wave of sinful power erupted from the Hourglass of Space and Time, sweeping out in all directions. Amid the radiant light, a rift was torn open in the void, which was filled with the eerie power of sin. A pair of huge palms grabbed the edges of the rift and ripped it even larger!

The next moment, two Great Soul Overlords jumped out of the rift! Behind them was an army of countless Soul Demons, who were finely armed and armored. Judging from their mighty aura, they were from the Soul Demon Universe!

The detonation of the Hourglass of Time and Space had brought in an army of Soul Demons from the Soul Demon Universe! It was a genuine Soul Demon Army!

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