Growing Fond Of You Mr Nian Chapter 1540

Chapter 1640 Was Still Blushing Easily In Front Of Her

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"Nian Xi, what are you doing? Youre breathing really fast," Lei Yichen said curiously.

Jiang Yuning, who was lying inside, secretly curled up. He had lost control just now, so Nian Xi must be very tired now.

Nian Xi stole a glance at him and also blushed a little, but she still lied without any hesitation. "I just fought with someone, so I am a little tired."

"You fought with someone?"

Lei Yichen, who was lying on the tree outside, became nervous when he heard that. "Why didnt I see anything outside? Are you okay?"

"I was upstairs, but it was settled quietly. There was no noise." Nian Xi took a deep breath again. She held her phone between her ears and put on her clothes with both hands.

"How is the other partys skill?" Lei Yichen asked seriously.

"Er Hes quite good. No, hes pretty good." As soon as Nian Xi finished speaking, she saw Jiang Yunings face turn red again. He had a stubble now and his skin was dark. He looked quite manly, but he still blushed easily in front of her, she could not help but laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" Lei Yichen was puzzled.

"Nothing, I think Im better. I knocked him down directly," Nian Xi said with a chuckle.

"Be careful. I just received a message from Captain Feng. Manda and the others have already arrived in Malucca, "Lei Yichen said, "After they make their move, well make our move as well. Later, bring Professor Jiang and break out of the encirclement. Ill meet you guys outside. Its not easy to fight them head-on, but well outsmart them. We dont have enough manpower."

"Okay, I got it." Nian Xi hung up the phone. She turned around and saw Jiang Yuning huddling there quietly putting on his clothes.

She put away her phone and hugged him from behind. "Big Jiang-jiang, well go home later."

Jiang Yunings body stiffened and he turned around after a while. His eyes were filled with disbelief. "Xixi, is little Jiang-jiang okay?"

"Hes fine. It just misses your kiss a little." Nian Xi smiled secretly.

Jiang Yuning also smiled. He also remembered that when he went to her house in the past, he was accidentally kissed by little Jiang-jiang. "Has it found a wife?"

"I didnt even get married. Why would it get a wife?" Nian Xi snorted. "Its single just like me. Alright, stop chatting in the bathtub. Youre injured. Lets go outside."

Jiang Yuning stood up with her, but because he had lost too much blood and he had gone through a lot just now, his legs could not help but go soft when they landed.

"Be careful." Fortunately, Nian Xi reacted quickly and helped him to the bed.

However, Jiang Yuning was unwilling to go to the bed. "Thats where Manda slept. Its dirty. I dont want to go. Help me to the sofa."

Nian Xi also found it dirty. It must have smelled like a fox, so she put Jiang Yuning on the sofa and touched his forehead. Fortunately, he did not have a fever for the time being, but if the wound was not treated, he would definitely have fainted.

She looked at the time. It was only ten oclock.

She was still not sure when Feng Jichuan would take action.

Just as she was thinking about it, she suddenly heard footsteps from outside.

Then, she heard someone twisting the door handle. A mans voice came from outside. "Why is the door locked? He hasnt eaten, and he left it here."

"I dont know. There was no movement when I knocked on the door," the helper said.

"Bring the key over. Miss said he was injured. I dont know if he passed out."

Jiang Yuning panicked when he heard that. He quickly said to Nian Xi, "Quickly hide in the locker room."

Nian X nodded and quickly went into the locker room.

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