Growing Fond Of You Mr Nian Chapter 1542

Chapter 1642 How Dare You To Disobey Me

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Chris frowned at him but still wet a towel. However, when he entered the bathroom, his bloodshot eyes froze for a few seconds when he saw the bathtub.

It appears to be nothing suspicious in the bathroom at the moment.

He took the towel and went out, throwing it directly at Jiang Yuning. Then, he turned around and walked towards the closet.

Jiang Yuning was a little anxious, but he still pretended to ask in a deep voice, "Chris, why are you looking around? Are you looking for something when Manda is not at home?"

"Dont talk nonsense." Chris instantly turned around and glared at him. "Its my responsibility to check the villa to prevent suspicious people from entering."

"What do you mean? Im lying here alive. Who else can come inside?" Jiang Yuning was displeased. "Your behavior is quite strange."

"I think youre the strange one." Chris pushed open the closet door with force. Just as he walked in, a fist came directly from behind the door.

He instinctively blocked it. He felt as if his arm had been stabbed by something. However, before he had time to think, a young oriental woman flashed out from behind the door. She looked like in her twenties.

Chris quickly reacted. He knew that Jiang Yuning must have betrayed the miss. Otherwise, no one would have snuck in.

Just as he was about to take out his walkie-talkie, Nian Xi raised her leg and swept it at him. She kicked the walkie-talkie away.

However, Chris quickly grabbed one of her legs and threw her into the wardrobe.

The force of the throw was very strong. Nian Xi suddenly felt her internal organs churning. She endured the pain and tried to get up. She saw Chris pick up the walkie-talkie, but not long after, his body shook, and he fell to the ground and fainted.

"Xixi." At this moment, Jiang Yuning came in with a knife. He was stunned when he saw this scene. "What What happened to him?"

Nian Xi struggled to raise the ring on her hand and smiled bitterly. "The ring you gave me had anesthetic in it. This damn pervert. I thought he would faint immediately, but I didnt expect him to hold on for so long."

Jiang Yuning immediately let out a sigh of relief and quickly held up Nian Xi. Seeing a girl fall so heavily, his heart ached. "You shouldnt have come in. Even if Manda has left, its still very dangerous inside.".

Nian Xi frowned. She also felt that she had been a little rash today. Fortunately, she had acted decisively in the end. However, on second thought, wasnt it the same every time she went on a mission? There were always risks and dangers. She had experienced all kinds of difficult situations, and had been through thick and thin. "Since Im here, I am prepared. Dont worry."

"Im worried about you." Jiang Yunings frown was so deep that it could kill a fly. "Did you know that someone ambushed Chris in the past? Chris wasnt injured. Instead, the attacker injured himself. His body is as strong as a wild beast."

"All wild beasts are paper tigers in front of me." Nian Xi snorted. She endured the pain on her back and glared at him. "By the way, what did you mean a moment ago? How dare you to disobey me?"

"I didnt" Jiang Yuning had just finished speaking when he heard a knock on the door again. "It must be the servant. Dont go out."

After he said that, he walked out. The servant came in with a medical kit. When she saw the situation in the room, she was a little puzzled. "Wheres Mr. Chris?"

"Hes gone."Jiang Yuning untied the towel in his hand. The servant helped him with his wound, turned around and bent down to pack his things. When he was done, Jiang Yuning grabbed a vase and knocked out the servant.

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