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  • He Has A Sickness That Needs To Be Cured

  • Genres : Fantasy -  Romance -  Xuanhuan -  Supernatural -  Drama -  Demons -  Cultivation -  Transmigration -  handsome male lead -  Devoted Love Interests -  Magic -  Fantasy World -  System Administrator -  dragons -  Bloodlines -  Vampires -  Shounen Ai -  World Hopping -  elves -  Comedic Undertone -  Enemies Become Lovers -  Kidnappings -  Omegaverse -  Clingy Lover -  Depression
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He Has A Sickness That Needs To Be Cured summary:

Xi Ning was punished for something he did. As his punishment, he had to go into different worlds to complete missions, which includes fixing bugs that would cause the plot to shift.His mission targets include [a person that never existed in the original plot], [a supporting character who had suddenly had a breakdown], [the villain who suddenly killed the protagonist], etc. As a punishment for his wrongdoing, he was reborn into…An omega young master who is suffering from [anorexia].The emperor’s son who has [skin hunger].A beautiful young vampire with [mania].A little mermaid with [aphasia]A forest elf suffering from [depression]…System: Host, good luck! You can do it!Xi Ning: …Fortunately for him, there is a way to alleviate his illness. There is an “antidote” for him in each world. Xi Ning had always adhered to his principle of [a tool would be useless if it’s not used], but the direction of the plot suddenly took a twist…——A delicate and graceful omega from a noble family tugged on his silent classmate who is from a poor family. He refused to let go and said, “I want to eat the meal you brought. You have to feed me.”——The crown prince of the world of immortals descended from the Azure Dragon. One day, he suddenly brought back a low-level demon. With his eyes filled with glistening tears, he said to the low-level demon, “Can you hug me and stroke my dragon horns again?”——A beautiful but dangerous vampire caught a sickly young man. He sniffed the beautiful pale neck of the young man in front of him and licked his fangs. He threatened the man, “If you don’t let me take a bite, I’ll kill you.”——The little mermaid who disliked talking was abducted by a group of interstellar pirates. When he met the cruel and vicious pirate leader, he whined coquettishly, “Give me a bite of the cake and I’ll sing for you.”——The beautiful elf, who symbolized peace and life, was depressed. He tightly embraced the infamous and wicked dark magician. The beautiful elf sobbed, “Please don’t go. I need you.”- Description from Novelupdates

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He Has A Sickness That Needs To Be Cured Chapters

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Chapter 107:2 days ago
Chapter 106:2 days ago
Chapter 105:2 days ago
Chapter 104:2 days ago
Chapter 103:2 days ago
Chapter 102:2 days ago
Chapter 101:2 days ago
Chapter 100:2 days ago
Chapter 99:2 days ago
Chapter 98:2 days ago
Chapter 97:2 days ago
Chapter 96:2 days ago
Chapter 95:2 days ago
Chapter 94:2 days ago
Chapter 93:2 days ago
Chapter 92:2 days ago
Chapter 91:2 days ago
Chapter 90:2 days ago
Chapter 89:2 days ago
Chapter 88:2 days ago
Chapter 87:2 days ago
Chapter 86:2 days ago
Chapter 85:2 days ago
Chapter 84:2 days ago
Chapter 83:2 days ago
Chapter 82:2 days ago
Chapter 81:2 days ago
Chapter 80:2 days ago
Chapter 79:2 days ago
Chapter 78:2 days ago
Chapter 77:2 days ago
Chapter 76:2 days ago
Chapter 75:2 days ago
Chapter 74:2 days ago
Chapter 73:2 days ago
Chapter 72:2 days ago
Chapter 71:2 days ago
Chapter 70:2 days ago
Chapter 69:2 days ago
Chapter 68:2 days ago
Chapter 67:2 days ago
Chapter 66:2 days ago
Chapter 65:2 days ago
Chapter 64:2 days ago
Chapter 63:2 days ago
Chapter 62:2 days ago
Chapter 61:2 days ago
Chapter 60:2 days ago
Chapter 59:2 days ago
Chapter 58:2 days ago
Chapter 57:2 days ago
Chapter 56:2 days ago
Chapter 9: 9th2 days ago
Chapter 7: 7th2 days ago
Chapter 2: 2nd2 days ago
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