He Has A Sickness That Needs To Be Cured Chapter 105

Chapter 105:

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Song Zhou thanked Tong Xin and left. Tong Xin hadn't had time to ask if he let his mind go out to scare his classmates. +++The latest Danmei novel ranking: wuxiaworld.online

She still sent a message to Xi Ning, and handed it over to him for inquiries.

As for Song Zhou's question to her today, she didn't tell Xi Ning, after all, it was a matter between two young people, and she was inconvenient to intervene too much.

After Song Zhou returned to his residence, he went straight to the study and looked for a few books about the combination of sentinels and guides.

He knew that the combination requires mutual agreement, and he didn't know what Xi Ning thought, so he planned to see if there was any content in this area in the book.

He watched it carefully all afternoon and reluctantly reached two conclusions.

If you want the guide to agree to the sentinel's invitation to combine, one is to use all your best to pursue each other, like most males, to show their charm and uniqueness.

The second is that you need to be strong enough. Level suppression is equally effective between the sentry and the guide. The sentry can use mental power to make the guide surrender to him, but this method is very risky.

Song Zhou knew nothing about these two points. He put down the book and realized that his original purpose had gone wrong. He originally wanted to know why Xi Ning was angry, but now he has become how to combine with Xi Ning.

His mind was messed up, and his temples ached faintly, and suddenly he sensed that someone was approaching.

It's Xi Ning.

Song Zhou hurriedly went downstairs to open the door, his eyes lit up: "You come to see me?"

Xi Ning had no expression, did not enter the room, and glanced behind him: "Where is your mental body?"

Song Zhou didn't know why, but he also honestly released the black panther: "Here."

"What about the morning? Did you let it out?" Xi Ning sullenly, "I went to check it out. At about 6 o'clock this morning, the surveillance video was disconnected for a few seconds. It may be man-made. Caused."

He looked so serious the first time, Song Zhou is not good at lying, let alone in front of Xi Ning, he honestly said: "Yes."

It was really him. Xi Ning lowered his head to type on the phone, then raised his head after a while: "You let it to intimidate other students?"

Song Zhou was silent, like a student being taught by a teacher. A cold wind blew from the door. He took Xi Ning's wrist and pulled him into the room: "Sit."

He turned to pour hot water again, and forced the cup into Xi Ning's hand.

"I'll leave in a while..." Xi Ning couldn't, so she sat down on the sofa. "Teacher Tong asked me to ask you. I just said yesterday that I won't run around, and today I let my spirits harass my classmates?"

Song Zhou could not defend himself, but could only admit: "Yeah."

"..." The seriousness on Xi Ning's face was almost stretched, and she coughed lightly, her tone softened, "Why?"

Seeing his softening attitude, Song Zhou stretched out his hand to hug him.

Xi Ning kicked him lightly: "Be honest! Ask you, why let the mental body harass the classmates?"

He didn't meet the other sentinels today.

Song Zhou whispered: "Let them stay away from you."

Xi Ning came in a hurry and didn't think about Song Zhou's motives on the way. At this moment, he was taken aback when he heard him say this.

He was angry yesterday because Song Zhou didn't seem to understand anything. He reacted and did everything he did when facing him, whether it was because he liked him or simply because he was not so uncomfortable by his side.

Xi Ning picked up the cup and drank: "The mental body can't speak. If you do this, they will understand?"

Song Zhou thought, whether it's useful or not, you have to give it a try.

"They don't know me at all, why are you doing this?" Xi Ning paused and added: "Since Teacher Tong asked me to come over, I have to ask clearly."

Song Zhou was silent for a long while, and answered the wrong question: "I want to hug you."

Xi Ning said blankly: "Speak well."

Song Zhou retreated and asked for a second time, carefully holding his hand.

Xi Ning did not refuse. He looked down at the water in the cup, and even had the urge to directly ask Song Zhou if he liked him, but would Song Zhou know the true meaning of liking him?

Maybe he can ask the little rabbit? Little Rabbit's special ability is insight, I don't know if he can perceive Song Zhou's emotions towards him.

But Xi Ning always feels that this is a bit awkward, and he has to ask his mental body for such things...

Song Zhou was thinking about another important thing. He gently squeezed Xi Ning's fingers and couldn't help but said: "We are united, okay?"

Xi Ning was drinking water and was almost choked: "You...what did you say?"

Although there are two types of combination: spiritual combination and physical combination, the former does not require physical contact and has a shorter time limit, but Song Zhou said this as if he was directly asking him if he wanted to go to bed.

His reaction to this sentence was a little big. Song Zhou was at a loss, but he repeated firmly: "We are united."

Xi Ning Ergen gradually became hot: "Do you know what this means?"

"I know," Tong Xin said a lot today, and Song Zhou actually remembered it seriously, but he has his own way of thinking, "After the combination, you will be my guide alone."

Xi Ning just thought that he might not be able to get rid of it, so he wanted to spend more time with him. Now Song Zhou said this. He squeezed the cup tightly: "Knot and bond can only be done with the person you like. Do you know the meaning of liking... "


Song Zhou suddenly leaned over and hugged him, almost spilling the water in the cup. He sniffed the breath of Xi Ning's body while talking about his own feelings.

"I like you, I don't want you to go," he buried his head in Xi Ning's neck, "Don't be with others, I can't stand it."

What he said today is probably more than what he said in the previous year combined. Once he vents his thoughts, he can no longer hide it.

Song Zhou repeated it again: "Shall we unite, okay?"

Xi Ning blushed and pushed him away, hurriedly got up: "I... I will think about it."

"How long is it?" Song Zhou sat on the sofa and looked at him seriously, as if he really wanted him to give an exact answer.

"Don't ask!" Xi Ning glared at him, fearing that he would say something bold again, "I have something else, let's talk about it another day."

He turned around and left in a hurry, Song Zhou caught up and stood at the door watching him go away.

Song Zhou was depressed, and he felt that Xi Ning might be angry with him again.

The little rabbit didn't come out today, he was not sure, worried and hopeful, until after Xi Ning disappeared on the edge of the woods, Song Zhou continued to go upstairs to turn over the books he hadn't finished reading.


Afterwards, Xi Ning never came again for a few days.

Song Zhou kept listening to what he said, and didn't let Black Panther out again, but he waited very anxiously.

The forest outside was like a natural barrier between him and Xi Ning. Song Zhou once again had the idea of going out, and he wanted to see Xi Ning.

After hesitating, he chose the previous method and let the Panther go to see where Xi Ning was.

The Panthers obeyed his arrangement, used the same method to get out of the forest, and quietly searched in the academy.

After the evening class, the students returned to the dormitory one after another, but the Panther did not see Xi Ning in the crowd, so it quietly followed the breath of a few students and found the guide's dormitory building, wanting to see if Xi Ning is not there today Go to class.

The Black Panther didn't know where Xi Ning lived, and he crouched in the corner for a while. When he was about to look for each floor one by one, he happened to see Xi Ning who came back at this moment.

After class was over, Xi Ning took some time to pack his things, so he told Yuelin to go first. He was busy choosing classes these days and didn't have time to see Song Zhou.

And what Song Zhou said to him last time, Xi Ning still doesn't know how to answer.

How can someone directly ask if they want to combine... Shouldn't they ask if they like it or not?

A black shadow rushed to Xi Ning. Xi Ning was taken aback. He saw that it was the black panther and quickly looked around, lowering his voice: "Why are you out again, Song Zhou?"

Black Panther leaned over and rubbed his palm, as if he had something to say.

Xi Ning couldn't communicate with it, and worried that it would be seen by other people here, so he quietly took it back to his dormitory and asked the little rabbit to come out and talk to it.

After some inquiries, the little rabbit told Xi Ning that Song Zhou had called the Black Panther, and he wanted to see Xi Ning.

"I know," Xi Ning rubbed the black panther's ears, "I will go to see him the day after tomorrow."

Tomorrow he will have a full day of classes, so there is no time at all.

The little rabbit conveyed the words to Black Panther. It was late, and Xi Ning looked out the window on the side: "There should be no one at this time. I will send you downstairs?"

For some reason, the panther was silent suddenly, lying quietly on the ground.

"You can't stop leaving, do you?" Xi Ning said helplessly, "The mental body cannot be away from the master for too long. When did you come out?"

The Panther was still silent, even the little rabbit couldn't ask.

Until the little rabbit suddenly said, he is looking for you.

Xi Ning didn't respond for a while: "Who?"

At the same time, there was a knock on the door outside, Xi Ning was dumbfounded and got up to open the door.

It really was Song Zhou.

He put on the school uniform again, he should be walking in a hurry when he came, panting slightly now.

"You..." There are other students in the corridor. Xi Ning is worried that someone will notice Song Zhou's identity and will pull him in first, with a complex expression: "I said I will see you the day after tomorrow."

The spirit body can communicate with the master even if it is not with the master, Xi Ning is sure that the Black Panther must have told Song Zhou what he said just now.

The neckline of this suit was still uncomfortable, and Song Zhou tugged uncomfortably: "I want to see you."

He can't wait for the day after tomorrow, and since Xi Ning left last time, he has been thinking about the union.

He always felt that he had done something wrong, but he couldn't find the reason.

What Tong Xin said that day had another meaning. As long as Xi Ning did not agree to join him, he could come into contact with any sentry. This was his freedom.

In the few days when Xi Ning was away, Song Zhou became more and more unacceptable as he thought about it. He even felt that Xi Ning had abandoned him.

Mobile phones and some electronic products can interfere with mental power. Song Zhou has never used these things. He cannot contact Xi Ning when he is alone, so he can only come out to find him.

"Okay, I've seen it now," Xi Ning said mercilessly, "You go back soon."

"Do not."

Song Zhou took Xi Ning's hand, slowly pulled him over, carefully observed his expression, and finally hugged him tightly and let out a sigh of relief: "I won't go..."

"What's wrong with you?" Xi Ning couldn't help kicking him. Because of his posture, he couldn't get any strength. "Could it be that you still want to sleep with me?"

Song Zhou rubbed his face: "We are united, and I will leave."

As long as he leaves a mark on Xi Ning's body, he can be completely relieved.

Xi Ning's body was stiff for a moment, angry and annoyed: "Combine and combine, you think about combining all day long..."

After he finished speaking, he realized that there was something wrong with this, and his face was flushed.

Song Zhou was a bit wronged, the anxiety in his heart could not be said, so he could only hold Xi Ning and not let go: "I have read the book, and it won't hurt you."

Xi Ning was even more energetic, turning his head and pushing Song Zhou, but in the next second he sensed a surge of spiritual power to envelop himself.

In fact, Xi Ning has taken the time to check the information these days, and there are only a few descriptions about spiritual union. He didn't feel anything when he saw it, but at this time he could immediately know that Song Zhou was inviting to join him in spirit.

Song Zhou begged: "Well?"

He gently rubbed the end of Xi Ning's eyes with his fingertips, pressed his forehead against him, and muttered like he was talking to himself: "I can't stand it...You can't be with others."

He waited anxiously and patiently, holding Xi Ning's arm tighter and tighter, until Xi Ning had a response.

Belonging to the guide, the gentle mental power touched, entangled and snuggled with him, Xi Ning hummed softly, and fell into Song Zhou's arms.

Song Zhou was also a little unstable. He stepped back and leaned against the wall and slowly slid down and sat on the ground, holding Xi Ning carefully in his arms.

It doesn't take long for the spirit to combine, and the two sides will not feel any abnormality, but there is one thing that may produce some unspeakable impulses.

Xi Ning was still in a trance, one hand pinched his chin to make him raise his face, his fingertips gently pressed his lips, and at the same time, there was another person's voice in his mind.

-Want to kiss.

This is Song Zhou's only thought at the moment, simple and straightforward.

In contrast, Xi Ning had a lot of confusion in his mind, but Song Zhou was not in a hurry. He carefully looked for and distinguished, and came to Xi Ning's answer.


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