He Has A Sickness That Needs To Be Cured Chapter 106

Chapter 106:

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The dry and soft touch was pressed against the lips, and after rubbing it several times, Xi Ning realized that Song Zhou was kissing him. +++ Popular Tanmei Novels: wuxiaworld.online

The mental power was still entangled, Xi Ning couldn't use it all over, and Song Zhou kissed him again as soon as he dodges a little bit.

Xi Ning was annoyed and opened his mouth to bite him, and also had no strength, Song Zhou did what he did, licking and biting his lips gently, deepening the kiss by instinct.

When the two men's mental powers slowly and incomparably blended together, the combination was completely completed, Song Zhou stretched out his hand and pressed Xi Ning's red lips, and the concern in his mind was accurately conveyed to Xi Ning.

After the spirit is combined, the two can communicate and convey information in their minds just like their own mental body.

Although sometimes the thoughts or thoughts received are too messy, they are far more direct than verbal expressions.

For example, now, Xi Ning not only heard Song Zhou asking him if he was uncomfortable, but also felt the satisfaction and joy that he was about to overflow, the desire to kiss again, and the admiration for him.

It turned out that he really thought too much before. Song Zhou just liked him and wanted to combine with him. He came to him in such anxious manner. As he said, he missed Xi Ning, fearing that he would With others, you can't wait for a moment.

Xi Ning thought to herself, if he knew this, he should agree to Song Zhou that day...

Song Zhou heard his thoughts uncontrollably. Song Zhou was touching his side face, with doubts in his eyes: "Huh?"

Xi Ning quickly put aside his thoughts and gently pushed Song Zhou: "Get up first."

They were still sitting on the ground, combined with the consumption of most of Xi Ning's mental energy, Song Zhou looked better than him, and directly hugged him to get up by the bed and leaned against the bed with him.

The two of them were very quiet for a while, and occasionally could sense the odd thoughts of each other.

Xi Ning slowly hugged Song Zhou and put his chin in front of him: "When are you leaving?"

Song Zhou didn't want to go back yet, he raised Xi Ning a little higher, lowered his head and kept kissing his cheek and lips.

-you are mine.

It wasn't enough to think in his mind, Song Zhou said again: "You are mine."

After the combination, Xi Ning was his guide, who belonged to him alone. Any sentry who approached Xi Ning would be able to detect his "marked" state.

With this recognition, Song Zhou's worries and worries over the past few days have completely disappeared.

Xi Ning deliberately said, "This is temporary."

The spiritual union can only last for a month at most. During this period, if the two are often separated and not staying together, they will dissipate faster.

If Song Zhou had been deceived by Xi Ning before, it was different now. He could feel that Xi Ning didn't mean it.

Even if it is temporary, he will reunite once in a while, and besides the spiritual bond, there is a more stable...

Xi Ning blushed and struggled in his arms: "No!"

-What's not working?

Song Zhou relaxedly held down Xi Ning, turned over to hold him down, he was the only one in his dark eyes.

He is not stupid, he knows how to do some things, but he has no experience.

Xi Ning turned her head and coughed lightly: "Your mind can't think about it now."

They only confirmed their relationship today, so how can they just start to fall in love...

"In love?" Song Zhou repeated in a low voice, vaguely understanding one thing. He liked Xi Ning, and Xi Ning also liked him, he was willing to be his guide.

He sat up with Xi Ning and whispered, "I don't want to go back."

"Then where do you want to go?" Xi Ning pinched both sides of his cheeks, "And I have too many lessons tomorrow, so I don't have time to accompany you."

-I want to stay by your side, not going anywhere.

Xi Ning was a little shy, and at the same time sweet in his heart. He had never been in a relationship before. Because of his special status, he had never had a good impression since he was a child in Dalian. Song Zhou was the first one.

He hugged Song Zhou's neck and kissed his lips as a reward: "Then...you can only sleep on the ground, and I will make your bed for you."

Song Zhou didn't hesitate: "Okay."

The extra cotton pads and bed sheets are in the cabinet. How could Song Zhou let Xi Ning do it, and he laid them neatly, not far from Xi Ning's bed.

When Xi Ning first moved in, he used all the toiletries he brought with him. The original set happened to be suitable for Song Zhou. As for the pajamas, Xi Ning found out his loosest set of clothes and barely wore them.

There was no second pillow, so Xi Ning took the pillow on the small sofa to him.

He went to wash and sleep first, and left a lamp for Song Zhou. After he was cleaned up, Xi Ning was still asleep. He opened his eyes when he heard the movement, and saw that Song Zhou was not wearing the clothes he gave him.

Xi Ning's clothes were too small for him, his shirt was uncomfortable, only his pants were slightly better, so Song Zhou came out of the bathroom.

"are not you cold?"

The scar on Song Zhou's body was still obvious, and Xi Ning couldn't help taking a few more glances.

Perceiving Xi Ning's thoughts, Song Zhou approached and sat on the side of the bed, holding his palm.

-It doesn't hurt.

How could it not hurt? Song Zhou's pain sensation was different from that of ordinary people. He hadn't had the help of a guide before, and when his five senses reached the peak, the pain would only intensify.

Xi Ning stretched out his hand to touch the deepest scar on his ribs, Song Zhou lowered his head and recalled the situation at that time, even Xi Ning could "hear".

Not long after he came to the college, he showed strong resistance to everyone. Several teachers wanted to assign him a suitable guide to see if his condition could be alleviated.

The result was of course not. No guide could successfully approach Song Zhou, let alone help him sort out his mental power.

But no one in the academy had encountered such a situation at the time, and it was not clear that Song Zhou suffered from analgesia, so he wanted to find more guides to try.

Song Zhou was overwhelmed and plunged into mania on the spot. When he was sober, his ribs were already wrapped in gauze.

For a long time, he has often been on the verge of mania, and the intense pain feels like the culprit that wears off his sanity, and is another way to keep him awake.

No one can really understand this feeling. Song Zhou almost got used to it. Until he met Xi Ning, everything that was unbearable seemed to have never happened before, and he finally became like a normal person.

Xi Ning felt Song Zhou's complex emotions, and suddenly withdrew his hand like being burned, staring at him in a daze.

Song Zhou squeezed his palm: "It doesn't hurt."

Xi Ning pursed her lips, rushed over to embrace him, and said distressedly: "With me here, I won't hurt you in the future."

He didn't know that Song Zhou could relieve the pain because of him, only because it was because of his mental strength.

Song Zhou hugged him back and responded in a low voice.

-Want to kiss.

He had the idea of wanting to be intimate with Xi Ning again, and Xi Ning took the initiative to sit in his arms and leaned over to kiss him.

The temperature inside the house gradually increased, and Xi Ning moved restlessly.

-I want to do it.

Song Zhou let go of him, his breath was a little unstable, and he rubbed Xi Ning's neck: "Uncomfortable."

The author has something to say: A chapter where there is no spiritual body~

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