He Has A Sickness That Needs To Be Cured Chapter 107

Chapter 107:

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The heat scalded her skin, Xi Ning turned her head and avoided: "I can't say it..."

After the spirit of the sentinel and the guide were combined, they would all want to get closer to their partner. Xi Ning could understand Song Zhou, but it was indeed not the time now.

Song Zhou's eyes were focused, carefully reading Xi Ning's current thoughts, and holding him honestly: "Okay."

The bed on the ground was already made, but he didn't leave and insisted on sticking to Xi Ning. The temperature on the two of them couldn't go down at all. Xi Ning urged, "Go to bed, it's late."

But Xi Ning didn't think so completely. Song Zhou first responded and asked, "Are you uncomfortable?"

"I..." Xi Ning blushed, and he also reacted. He was connected with Song Zhou's mental strength, as if some thoughts were also affected, he pretended to be calm, "I'm fine, you are too close to me."

Song Zhou didn't speak, and kissed him closely, slowly dropping one hand.

He also wanted to get closer to Xi Ning, and wanted to help him out. Xi Ning half-pushed and half-placed and agreed, and wanted to stop halfway because of his shyness.

Song Zhou turned a deaf ear, with a few shallow tooth marks on his shoulders, Xi Ning was short of breath, and stared at him with red eyes at the end: "I can't tell you, why are you like this?"

Song Zhou was very innocent. He realized that Xi Ning hadn't really refused before continuing, but now Xi Ning is very shy, he shuts his mouth wittily.

Xi Ning hurriedly got up to clean up in the bathroom, walked back halfway, and pulled Song Zhou up with her blushing face.

Finally, the two of them stayed in the bathroom for a while before they came out. Xi Ning changed into new pants, her lips and palms were a little red, and her lips were kissed.

Song Zhou stepped out and rubbed Xi Ning's hand distressedly: "Sleep?"

Xi Ning nodded, Song Zhou helped him lay the quilt, watched him lie down, pressed the corner of the quilt before turning off the light, and slept on his own floor.

The next day Xi Ning got up early and went out quietly with Song Zhou, sending him back first, and then going to class alone.

The classmates had little experience, only Tong Xin saw that Xi Ning's breath was different from the past, so he hurriedly called him to the office.

"You made a bond with the sentinel?" Tong Xin was nervous. She didn't know whether Xi Ning was in a spiritual bond or a physical bond. She could only sense that the "mark" on Xi Ning's body was very tough, and it should be very mental Strong sentry, she worried that Xi Ning was being forced.

However, she had instructed Xi Ning to bring the attack weapon of mental power, and the only person who had been close to Xi Ning was Song Zhou. Although he was in a special situation, he should not do such things as coercion.

Xi Ning was a little embarrassed, and responded in a low voice: "Yeah."

A few days ago, when he heard Yuelin say that a sentinel was pursuing a guide in the class, he still felt that the speed was really fast. He didn't expect that he was the fastest one. Not long after he enrolled in school, he not only confirmed the relationship, but also made a spiritual union.

Seeing that his expression was normal, Tong Xin relaxed his mind: "Is it with...Song Zhou?"

Every pair of sentinels and guides must be registered with the academy. The academy originally planned to assign another sentinel to Xi Ning, but now it doesn't seem to be necessary.

Xi Ning did not tell Tong Xin that Song Zhou had been to his dormitory last night, but went to see him in the woods by himself, and made a spiritual union after confirming the relationship with him.

Tong Xin said in surprise: "Spiritual union?"

Although the time limit of spiritual union is short, the sentry is no less possessive of their own guide than the other method. Registration is also required. However, spiritual union requires both parties to open their hearts thoroughly. After the union, they will always hear what the other party is thinking. Sometimes everyone His thoughts are not so simple, and he doesnt like to be spied on, even the closest people.

So now most of the sentries and guides don't use the spirit combination, but Xi Ning and Song Zhou did.

Tong Xin sighed secretly and said, "Okay, I see, go to class, and I will take time to come to me with Song Zhou these two days, and I will take you to register."

Xi Ning thanked Tong Xin and left the office.

The two words registration sounds very formal. In fact, you only need to do a simple registration at the school office, and write down the basic information of the two, the specific time and type of combination.

Knowing that the two were spiritually united, the teacher in charge of the recording gave them an unexpected look.

Song Zhou's face was calm, and he couldn't see that he used to be a manic sentinel who couldn't accept the guide. He was wearing a school uniform specially modified by Xi Ning today, and all the rough parts of the clothes were sewn with a layer of soft cloth.

Xi Ning did it very carefully. It was almost invisible from the outside. Song Zhou was very moved when he received the clothes.

After completing the registration, Song Zhou confirmed to the teacher twice that he would not assign another sentry to Xi Ning before leaving with confidence.


For a while later, Xi Ning took Song Zhou to the academy and wandered around almost every day.

After the combination, Song Zhou's state became more stable. Except for occasional slight discomfort, of course people were still silent.

Tong Xin also said to let Xi Ning accompany Song Zhou more, and if he wanted to, he would arrange for him to go to the branch to attend classes with other students.

Xi Ning took Song Zhou to the playground and pavilion for a walk, sitting on the edge of the corridor to blow a hair.

"I'll take you to other places when I have time," Xi Ning quietly leaned on Song Zhou with no people around, "I haven't been to the sentry, just to visit."

As long as there is a notification in the daytime, the students of the two branches can move around each other without much restriction.

"Don't go," Song Zhou refused immediately, "you don't go either."

He didn't want Xi Ning to go to a place full of sentries, even with him.

Xi Ning heard what was in his heart and touched the tip of his nose: "...Well, then I won't go."

Seeing that it was almost time, Xi Ning was ready to send Song Zhou back to the woods.

A guide sent the sentry back, and Xi Ning didn't think anything was wrong. Song Zhou hadn't applied for the key to enter and leave the woods. He wanted to go through the gate, so he could only follow Xi Ning.

After arriving at the destination, Song Zhou stood outside the door and refused to enter.

-I'm fine, I don't need to live here.

"Mr. Tong said that you can move out if you pass the test next month," Xi Ning soothed, "I will come to accompany you if I am not busy these days."

-I don't want you to go.

"It's late, go back and rest early." Xi Ning said on the face, and his heart was already shaking. The little rabbit on his shoulders even jumped directly into Song Zhou's arms and turned over and lay down.

Xi Ning stared at her mental body, Song Zhou's lips curled up with a slight smile, and he led him into the woods.

On the way, Xi Ning was still struggling: "I didn't bring anything..."

"Use mine."

After going to Song Zhous residence, Xi Ning found out that he had prepared a new set of slippers, towels, toothbrushes, and the like. Upon asking, he knew that it was the day after their spirits were combined. After Song Zhou came back, he sneaked out and bought them. These, just waiting to find a chance to bring Xi Ning over to live.

Probably because they were farther away that day, Xi Ning was seriously attending class, and did not notice Song Zhou's psychological activities.

Xi Ning awkwardly put on slippers: "I knew you were uneasy and kind..."

Song Zhou knew that he was actually very willing, so he smiled silently, and led Xi Ning to the room upstairs.

After packing up at night, Xi Ning took a mobile phone to find a movie and lay on the bedside to watch it with Song Zhou.

This is a modern romance film, Xi Ning silently complained while watching it.

-The protagonist's hairstyle is really ugly.

-Why do you have to make such a big circle if you can talk about it on the spot?

-Want sleep.

Song Zhou watched it very seriously. When the film was about to end, Xi Ning vaguely heard him say that this was his first time watching a movie.

Xi Ning felt sore in her heart and dropped her phone to hug him.

-I heard that the schools cinema is about to be repaired. I will take you to see a real movie in the future.

Song Zhou hugged him back: "Okay."

Xi Ning had no class the next day, and didn't want to go to bed too early. When the phone was turned off, the atmosphere in the quiet room began to become ambiguous.

Xi Ning was wearing Song Zhou's clothes, which were a bit large in size, crumpled by Song Zhou.

Song Zhou was still sensible, but Xi Ning's body temperature gradually increased, and an abnormal flush appeared on his face.

"Where does it hurt?"

Song Zhou reached out to his forehead, wanted to get a thermometer, Xi Ning grabbed him: "I seem to be...combined with heat."

Combination heat is present when the guide first combines with the sentinel's body. Generally speaking, there is no spiritual combination, but special circumstances are not ruled out. The day when Xi Ning and Song Zhou were combined, there was no combining heat, but it was born today.

"Blame you..." Xi Ning bit Song Zhou's collarbone and spoke vaguely. The little rabbit and the black panther had left the room witty.

Song Zhou was at a loss: "What should I do?"

At the same time, Xi Ning's guiding factors were also affecting him. He calmed down and wanted to ask Tong Xin for help.

Xi Ning noticed his thoughts and shook his head, "You don't need to find Teacher Tong."

Only the guide will have the fusion fever. He naturally knows more than Song Zhou. If he wants to relieve the fusion fever, he must have close contact with his sentinel, or he must wait for the fusion fever to recede on its own.

It is very rare for Xi Ning to do only mental union without physical union. He endured a little uncomfortable, and his brain burned into a drowsy: "Or...Shall we combine?"

Of course he was talking about physical union, but Song Zhou quickly felt his timidity.

After the body is combined, the bond between the sentinel and the guide is more stable, and it is almost a lifetime thing without accident, unless the "mark" is erased by abnormal means.

Xi Ning was frightened, so Song Zhou didn't stop at him, hugged people and coaxed, "Yi Ren?"

"I'm not feeling well..." Xi Ning took Song Zhou's hand and wanted him to touch herself.

He couldn't control himself, he kept pestering Song Zhou, and the most intuitive thought came to his mind. Song Zhou's throat moved, recalling the book he had read, and thought of a way: "I won't get it in?"

Xi Ning said blankly: "What?"

Then he understood.

The combined heat made Xi Ning hardly feel much pain. He opened his mind and body to his sentinel. The first combined heat quickly dissipated for most of the time. Xi Ning was a little more awake, but he didn't want to stop.

In the end, Song Zhou forced his patience and turned Xi Ning over and turned his back to him, did not go in, and left him outside.

Xi Ning came back to his senses and understood what he said earlier, so that they would not have a physical bond, but his bond fever had subsided.

Song Zhou went to get a tissue to wipe him, and suddenly realized that Xi Ning's mood was not right.

He gently hugged Xi Ning and found that his eyes were red and he looked like he was about to cry.

Song Zhou nervously said, "It hurts?"

He slowly followed Xi Ning's thoughts and realized that it was not because of his pain, but because of his behavior just now.

Originally, Xi Ning was afraid of combining with him so early, but now Song Zhou really didn't do this, Xi Ning felt an unspeakable grievance in his heart.

They are all like this, how could Song Zhou bear it?

Xi Ning clung to Song Zhou and whispered, "I want to unite with you."

He took the initiative to sit between Song Zhou's legs and did it a second time.

Song Zhou breathed heavily, Xi Ning felt that she was about to be tossed and fell apart. When the body finally united, Song Zhou coaxed him to have another spiritual unity.

Under the double stimulation, Xi Ning's brain was almost blank, and she could not return to her senses for a long time.

The two had to take a bath and change the sheets until midnight. It was already very late in the morning after they were cleaned up. Xi Ning fell asleep as soon as he touched the pillow, and got up the next morning with sore waist and abdomen.

Song Zhou poured him a glass of warm water, helped him get up and massaged him, Xi Ning sipped the water, Song Zhou kissed his ears: "We are combined."

Xi Ning let out an "um" and recalled last night, although it was a little sudden, it felt pretty good.

Song Zhou kissed him again: "You will always be mine. You can't leave me behind."

Xi Ning hummed twice, put down the water glass and turned over: "I should say this."

The guide is weaker than the sentinel in some aspects, and his mind is more delicate. After the combination, it is the more insecure party.

Song Zhou didn't care about this, he hugged Xi Ning tightly: "I can't live without you."

Either way, he admitted that he was selfish last night, and if he really didn't plan to combine with Xi Ning, he would just leave this room.

Xi Ning kissed his face and leaned on his shoulder: "Um...I want to sleep a little longer."

Song Zhou lay down cautiously, let Xi Ning just lie on top of him, and slept for another night before getting up for breakfast.

Since then, Xi Ning has often lived here. Although Song Zhou can move out after passing the test, he does not want to live in a dormitory with other sentinels. This forest has no other purpose for the time being, and the college has not urged him.

In the second year, Song Zhou started to attend classes normally with other students, and there was still very little communication with other people. Only when he was with Xi Ning, would there be a noticeable difference.


On the day of graduation, Xi Ning and Song Zhou went to get a marriage certificate together, and it just so happened that the time that the system randomly arrived at ended at this time.

The two quit the small world together and ended this trip.

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