Healing Quick Transmigration: Blackened Male God Come For A Hug Chapter 1447

Chapter 1447: :season Finale

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Staying in the pool for a long time.

When the spring flowers bloomed, the clouds swept back to the original world.

Xiaobaicai was with her, Yunfu had already returned, and she didn't know where she went.

He went to the cave where he had lived for many years. The cave was still the same, with flowers blooming and butterflies flying.

The clouds were soaking in the water for a while, and decided to remodel this place and move the things from the lake.

She will live here from now on.

Well, when Su Chi wakes up, take him with him, he should also like it very much.

Yun Fan has been decorating here for several days. When passing by the river, the little flower demon told her: "Fan, I seem to have seen a monster catcher!"

Demon catcher?

After many years, she still remembers this person.

But isn't the demon catcher dead?

The little flower demon was terrified, and her voice was shaking.

It made Yunfan think that the other party was resurrected again, thinking that he killed the little bunny spirit, Yunfan felt that killing him again was not enough.

Dive into the water quietly, waiting for the appearance of the so-called monster catcher.

After waiting for a long time, there was finally movement on the shore.

The clouds are hidden in the water, and the people on the shore can't be seen clearly, but they only know that they are wearing red clothes, red clothes are like fire, and they are very passionate colors.

Wait, red dress?

The demon catcher doesn't wear red clothes.

The one in red is...

Clouds surfaced excitedly and looked up at the people standing on the shore.

Hearing the movement in the water, the other party squatted down, spreading his ink hair, and landed on the grass, so dark to the extreme, with a little coquettish beauty.

His eyes are raised, his nose is high, and his thin lips are flushed. When he sees the clouds, his eyes bend. He asked, "Do you know someone called Yunfan?"

These words are too familiar to you anymore.

This person is too.

Yunfan's nose was sour, and pointed to himself.


The wrist was held by someone, and the cloud was brought to the shore from the water by the opponent.

The clothes on his body instantly dried up, the sky turned around, and the whole person was crushed on the grass.

In the dark eyes of the other party was her dull reflection, those familiar eyes, with a light smile, and a strong attachment.

He repeatedly asked: "Are you sure you are? I'm here to catch her."

"Why catch her?"

Yun Fan asked.

"Why... because I want to catch her, keep her by my side, so that she can't escape again."

Yun Fanfan tilted his head and blinked his eyes: "Then you should catch me. I'm just Fanfan, don't harm others."

Su Chi glanced at her seriously, stretched out his hand, and stroked her cheek.

The soft touch is too real to be real.

Su Chi didn't expect to meet her again.

When implementing the plan, he was able to do 80% of the possibility of failure.

With so many worlds, as long as one of them, Yun Fan gave up on him, or fell in love with others, then everything fell short.

Even he can't guarantee that she will do it.

After all, it was a cloud that didn't remember anything, and I didn't remember the cloud of Su Chi.

Unfortunately, the space industry did not expect that he still won the bet.

Su Chi leaned over, rubbing her cheek.

The tone was somewhat wronged: "I can finally see you."


"I won't be separated anymore."


"I want to kiss you hard."


The voice was all caught in the mouth.

Yun Fan felt that what was lost is all back.

She will take the little rabbit spirit with her and live happily.

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