Healing Quick Transmigration: Blackened Male God Come For A Hug Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448: : Extra 1

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Xiaobaicai feels that he has become a superfluous one.

Although it was the seed given by Su Chi, and it was planted so widely, and both of them had a share, and it was considered half a son by any means, but recently it felt that its life was threatened.

All of this starts with the matter of sleeping.

After discovering that he was really a cabbage, Xiao Bai Cai habitually buried himself in the soil to sleep.

Probably one night I drank fake wine, buried it in the wrong soil, and buried it inside the cave.

When the host was deceived by a certain big bad wolf, it got out of the soil.

Later, it was thrown out.

After that, it heard Su Chi discussing with the host to throw it away.

The cabbage is dry, and the cabbage wants to run away from home.

This ran away from home to the Time and Space Administration.

After a long time crying with Fu Mian who made it into a system, Fu Mian barely took it in.

But the good times didn't last long. After two days, Fu Mian didn't seem to want it to stay here.

The expression on Fu Mian's face was very similar to that of Su Chi at that time.

He took Jun Li and said to it: "You can play wherever you like. If it's really boring, I can send you to the scrap factory."

Xiao Bai Cai shook her head suddenly: "It's not boring, it's not boring anymore."

It was really terrifying to leave here as soon as he finished speaking.


Yun Fanfan didn't know why Su Chi had to take her out to play.

Although the so-called going out is on this hill.

This mountain is so big that when the clouds are too heavy to walk, I don't use any tricks, so I let Su Chi carry it on his back.

Although Su Chi would always take advantage of the opportunity, but most of the time, he was still very good.

For example, when she was extremely sleepy, Su Chi would not move her, and walked forward silently carrying her.

When Yunfan woke up from the back of Su Chi, there was already a sea of pure white flowers in front of him.

It is really strange that she hadn't noticed such a place after being here for so long, but Su Chi found it.

The cloud suddenly became energetic, and he got down from Su Chi's back and drilled into the sea of flowers.

When she came out, her body was full of petals and she was holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

Su Chi helped her to remove the petals on her head, only to feel something stuck in her hair.

Then I heard the cloud saying: "Su Chi, you are so beautiful."

She must have been attracted by Su Chi's beauty at first, so she treated him so close.

She stretched out her hand, squeezed Su Chi's face, and touched his neck.

There was no change in Su Chi's expression at all.

Su Chi grabbed her frantic hand and asked her: "Do you still remember that there is a world..."

This is a topic of general interest, and she likes to recall those with Su Chi recently.

Waiting for Su Chi to finish speaking, Su Chi led her into the sea of flowers, his tone slowed down: "There is a world, what did I do in the sea of flowers?"

What have you done?

Did not think of it for a while.

However, Su Chi used actions to forcibly awaken his memory.

Yun Fanfan finally fell asleep crying.

When she woke up, Su Chi had already walked back with her on her back. When she came to the cave, she saw the cabbage.

Xiaobaicai was dejected, so he called out: "Xiaocai, why haven't I seen you recently?"

She still doesn't know about Xiao Bai Cai ran away from home.

Su Chi didn't want her to know, so he took her out to relax.

His gaze fell on Xiao Bai Cai, who felt that she was really clever this time.

It seems to know what it means to stay in a pond.

Answered very cooperatively: "I went out to play."


It can stay again, but I don't know if it will be forced to run away from home next time. Life is really dark.

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