Healing Quick Transmigration: Blackened Male God Come For A Hug Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449: : Extra 2

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Although Su Chi was careful and careful, Yun Fan was pregnant.

Suchi doesn't like children.

Originally, he didn't reject it. After experiencing certain things in those small worlds, as well as things about Xiaobaicai, he felt that the child was a burden.

Even if the time between the two people is very long, he still doesn't want to separate them.

He knows what kind of person Yun Fan is like, and if he has a child, there is no place for him.

Sure enough, after knowing that he was pregnant, Yun Fanfan often began to touch his belly.

When the two chat, the topic will always come to the child involuntarily.

Even certain things cannot be done successfully.

The pool is very unhappy.

Paradoxically, she was very happy.

Su Chi's worries are not wrong, this child is here to torture him.

Yun Fanfan succeeded in giving birth to a boy with no other characteristics, just love to stick to her.

As long as Su Chi gets closer, he can definitely hear the earth-shaking cry of the other person, as long as he is farther away, his voice will be quieter.

Yun can't see it, but Su Chi can see it clearly.

The child was obviously pretending, and he pretended to be a bit like.

Had it not been for that he looked too much like Yun Fanpan, he might have quietly abducted him and threw him away.

Yun is soft-hearted, but he is not soft-hearted.

After the child is a little older, he will go out in general.

Suchi became a daddy, responsible for bringing the children at home.

Xiaobaicai is very gloating. She used to bully Suchi, but now someone can bully Suchi.

It hides in the corner, watching the child look at his father with provocative eyes.

Su Chi sat not far away, squinting to watch him toss.

In the end he couldn't hold back, and said to the child: "Do you believe it or not I lost you?"

The child's teeth are not full, and the child is still milky and intermittent in front of Yun Fanfan, but in front of Su Chi, he said very coherently: "Fanfan will be sad, you dare not!"


Su Chi's blushing lips curled up, and his eyes darkened, which was obviously a sign of anger: "You're also called by you? She is my wife."

The child is not afraid to fight back: "She is my mother!"

The two looked at each other, neither would let anyone else.

Suchi hasn't been so naive for a long time.

The child staggered to stand up, still preparing to further provoke Su Chi.

However, he was too small, he couldn't stand firmly, and fell forward.

Xiao Bai Cai was so scared that he flew here, but Su Chi was faster, and the figure was already close to that little bit, supporting his body.

Although he had a high IQ, he was a child after all. This was shocked and stunned. After that, his mouth collapsed and he started crying directly.

When he cried and stayed in the pool, he panicked, afraid that the cloud would come back to see it.

He hugged him and quickly coaxed, he was not good at coaxing people.

To be precise, he is only good at coaxing clouds.

So this time coaxing, coaxing him to be exhausted.

When Yun Fan came back, the child was already asleep.

Looking at Su Chi, lying next to the child, with his hands still subconsciously protecting him, the green head of the cabbage on the ground is exposed from the soil.

Su Chi woke up as soon as the clouds approached.

He blinked, a little aggrieved unexpectedly.

"Don't just like him, do you like me the most?"

His grievances were all over the place.

I then reflect on whether I have spoiled the child too much and ignored him recently.

Nodding slightly, before even speaking, he took the opportunity to further gain the opportunity: "Shall we go out and play for two days?"

"......it is good."

Su Chi was satisfied, he stretched out his hand and motioned for Yun to lie down.

When Yun Fanfan lay down, he held her firmly in his arms.

He closed his eyes, his lips raised, and his appearance looked quiet.

However, only he knew what he was thinking.

Little guy, I want to tease him, so I feel tender.

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