Heaven Defying Upgrade System Chapter 708

Chapter 708: Before Parting

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If Feng Xing and Lu Feng could inherit the Ghost City and Lu Jiabao respectively, Liu Fei would not have to worry about Yu Qingxin in the future, and he would have a foundation in the Nine Profound Holy Land! The Nine Profound Sacred Land is not such a small place. During the Dawei Dynasty, Liu Fei could completely rely on his hole cards and luck to pass the level smoothly. After all, the strongest of the Dawei Dynasty was only in the Transcendent Realm. But here is different, Liu Fei must have his own base camp!

When Lu Fenghe dealt with Lujiapu's affairs, he had to say that Lu Feng usually didn't show her abilities, but in fact, her management ability was definitely not worse than that of her two brothers. What's more, the Lu Jiabao who was involved in this matter is simply one heart, no one will oppose Lu Feng. Feng Xing in the ghost city, although it is not leaking, but after all is the seventh son of the ghost city, even if he is young, he is in charge of a much larger area than Lu Jiapu, so the processing power is higher than Lu Feng.

Soon, the matter was resolved, as if it had never happened before. After the two were busy, they couldn't help but miss the year a little. At that time, the two of them had no power, they were just two children who didn't change anything, but they had dreamed that they could protect their country on their own, and they could have the ability to do what they wanted to do! But at that time, it was simply out of reach, but now, all this has been achieved.

It seemed like a lifetime, but it was obviously only ten years, but ten years, for the monks in the Nine Profound Holy Land, it was just a moment of time. "It's really unexpected." Fengxing said with a smile. Lu Feng said, "Yeah, in a blink of an eye, all this has changed, and the things we have been dreaming of are all done." He opened his arms and closed his eyes to enjoy the wind. With joy, he said slowly: "But my wish has not yet been realized."

Feng Xing is also facing the wind, feeling the wonderful breath of nature, but his voice has unspeakable helplessness and sorrow. Lu Feng said: "I forgot, your wish has not been fulfilled. After all, the ghost city is In Dacheng, the ten Lujiapus are completely incomparable. Naturally, you cant worry. What's more, we didnt work hard for power in the first place. All we want is to protect the important people around us and we have the ability. Now we can say that They all have that ability." She was comforting Fengxing. She understood that Fengxing had worked harder than her since she was a child, and she had much stronger expectations for fulfilling her wishes than Lu Feng.

At this moment, Lu Feng was already the city lord of Lujiapu, and Fengxing Ghost City, apart from the title of the Seventh Lord of Ghosts, had nothing to say, it was a bit ironic. Feng Xing said, "Lu Feng, you didn't understand what I meant." His voice was still so calm, with a bit of helplessness. Lu Feng said: "Huh? Isn't this this thing." Feng Xing said: "Of course it is not. There are two things that are most important to me. One thing is naturally known to you, and another thing, I think You can think of it."

Speaking of looking at Lu Fengs eyes, as if he could give her an answer through his own gaze, Lu Feng said quickly: "I understand what you mean, popular, but I think there is something missing between us. In the beginning, we seemed to be the best partners, the kind of very good friends, but there was absolutely nothing about the other." Fengxing said: "That's enough, as long as I am in your heart, I will always be the best. friend!"

Lu Feng's eyes moved slightly, and he said, "Fengxing, I am sorry for the affection you expressed to me." Feng Xing said, "Except for you, in this world, there is really no one worthy of it." Feng Xing gently He touched Lu Feng's hair and wiped it lightly. Suddenly one of them was snapped off like a branch, and he said, "Leave it for me as a souvenir." The two stood there, staring at each other deeply. After a while, Fengxing actually took the initiative to say: "Liu Fei is going to my ghost town this time. It seems that he is ready to help me." Lu Feng was slightly surprised: "What? Brother Liu Fei wants to support you, how do you know? Brother Liu Fei told you?"

Lu Feng's eyes widened and he looked at Feng Xing unbelievably. Lu Feng probably already knew Liu Fei's identity. Although Liu Fei was not an ordinary businessman, he was definitely not such a person who seized power. Without Liu Fei's passive involvement, he wouldn't take the initiative to intervene. After all, Liu Fei's mind was focused on cultivation, not fighting for power. Feng Xing said: "Liu Fei did not say, how could a monk like Liu Fei say such things, but I can feel it, and Liu Fei seems to have no intention of concealing it. It seems that he wants to let me know that he can be with me. Go to fight the ghost town."

When Feng Xing said this, he looked at Lu Feng deeply, and said, "I have my own plan. Originally, it was absolutely impossible for me to join forces with Liu Fei. Even if we really joined forces, I couldnt really believe him. But all this has changed because of you."

Lu Fengxiu frowned and said, "Fengxing, you don't need to do so much for me, I..." Fengxing said, "You are wrong Lu Feng, because of your existence, I will fully support Liu Fei, because he will never want In the ghost city, he will try his best to push me to be the king of ghosts, because of your existence, he cannot choose others, even if I am not the most suitable candidate, he will still choose me, you are one The bond connects the two of us so that we have no doubts about each other and can be completely honest with each other." Lu Feng finally breathed a deep sigh of relief. If so, it would be really good.

"Fengxing, Brother Liu Fei is very capable. He seems to be an unpredictable prophet. With his help, you can definitely realize your ideals." Lu Feng raised his small fist, cheering for Fengxing, and said Liu Fei's At that time, single lights flashed in his eyes. Feng Xing stared deeply into Lu Feng's eyes, thinking silently in his heart, what I really plan for myself is you, my first ideal is not like this, the city of ghosts, but you, Lu Feng. The relationship between Yan Luo and Girl Rouzhi has been very stable. Since the care of Girl Rouzhi, Yan Luo has greatly improved regardless of clothing or appearance.

The parting was within Lu Feng's expectation. Lu Feng has not returned to Lujiapu these days and left everything to Lu Ming to take care of, but he dared not meet Liu Fei here because he was afraid that he would not be able to stand it. Separate from Liu Fei. But it wasn't until that day that Lu Feng realized that he was reluctant to see Liu Fei whether he saw him or not. It didn't seem to be such a good sign, but Liu Fei was already ready to act.

Liu Fei said, "Yan Luo, the ancestors and their connections in the Wizard God organization will be handed over to you and Girl Rouzhi. With Yucheng's suppression, the Wizard God organization dare not act rashly. It will be stabilized for the time being." Yan Luo said: "Dont worry, big brother, there are ancestors and senior aunts. The Witch God organization is not a problem at all. What's more, Yucheng is very face-saving because of the girl Chen Yuan. The pressure they put on the Witch God organization is not less than ours. The pressure is much more useful."

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