Heaven Defying Upgrade System Chapter 709

Chapter 709: Forward

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Liu Fei patted Yan Luo on the shoulder and couldn't help but nodded: "Yes, brother, you are speaking sharply now, but your body is stronger. After you have the person you like, your whole person will be different. I hope we will meet next time. At that time, you shouldnt surpass me." Yan Luo said with a smile: "Haha, brother, dont forget that I used to be a great demon god. You must be inferior to me in terms of cultivation. When the time comes, we brothers will meet again and compare the drinks. how is it?"

Liu Fei laughed and said, "Haha, okay, this is what you said, I remember it!" After speaking, Liu Fei and Yan Luo gave a hug. The two big men looked a little squeamish, but the friendship between the brothers , But no one can fully understand. The Nine Profound Holy Land is too big, Liu Fei can only arrange the people separately. Yan Luo and Lu Feng were in Lujiapu, Yucheng had Chen Yuan's help, and the ghost city Liu Fei went there. As a result, both big cities had Liu Fei's infiltration, making it easier to survive in the Nine Profound Holy Land. Although Yu Qingxin hadn't recovered yet, she still said, "Ms. Chen Yuan's safety is up to you." At the same time, a letter has been sent back to Yucheng, reporting the matter here.

It is also urgent to discuss with the King of Spirit and Ghosts about Ling Fengshan's unauthorized intrusion. This kind of pre-cutting and aftermath, as long as Chen Yuan's is okay, Yu Qingxin will not only have no success but will have merit. What's more, the Yucheng messenger itself has the power to make temporary decisions. Feng Xing said, "With my help in the ghost city, there must be no problem. Besides, the second brother is now our friend. Isn't that the second brother?" Turning his head to look at Ling Fengshan, this guy really looked ugly, but Reluctantly squeezed a smile: "Hehe, the seventh brother is right, but Young Master Liu is my friend."

The most embarrassed one is Ling Fengshan. Fortunately, now that Liu Fei is gone, everyone is focusing on Liu Fei. No one pays attention to this once impoverished but now embarrassed Lingfeng Mountain, otherwise this second son, I'm afraid I'm looking for a seam to drill in. Liu Fei said: "Lu Feng, you must take good care of yourself. These days, you are by Liu Fei's side and I have a lot of happiness. I never thought that I would come here and meet you such a cute girl to stay with me. Live a life that was cold-blooded and merciless."

Liu Fei touched Lu Feng's face, very upset, Feng Xing's expression changed slightly, but he still didn't say anything. Lu Feng cried out reluctantly: "Brother Liu Fei...I can't bear you to leave." Liu Fei said, "It's just going to the ghost city. Believe me, there are so many opportunities for us to meet in the future. Wait for me to deal with the ghost city. About the city." Lu Feng said, "Brother Liu Fei, if you really can't bear my words, it's better to take me there."

In an instant, everyone was stunned, staring at Lu Feng and Liu Fei incredible. What is the relationship between the two of them... If it is a normal friendship, a fool would not believe it, but if it is a relationship between a man and a woman, it seems even more impossible. In this way, the relationship between Liu Fei and Lu Feng is even more bizarre, but one thing is very obvious. Lu Feng's dependence on Liu Fei is not hidden. Liu Fei is depressed, how can his heart take you to the ghost town? .

Not to mention anything else, Liu Fei was not sure about the dangers alone. He said: "Lu Feng, I can understand your feelings, but this time, there is really no way to take you there, but I can assure you that one day you can completely go." Lu Feng shouted: "This Is it true?" Although I didn't understand the deep meaning of Liu Fei's words, he still asked excitedly. Liu Fei said: "Of course, when I say nothing!" After that, Liu Fei comforted Lu Feng for a while, and at the same time Yu Qingxin came over to thank Lu Jiabao for taking care of Chen Yuan, and dragged Lu. Feng took the words back. As for what Liu Fei said, it was inconvenient to hear, but he could guess that it must explain the situation.

The ghost town must go, but Lu Feng finally had to accept this fact. She said, "Brother Liu Fei, this is your thing." Lu Feng handed a box to Liu Fei, which looked very delicate. Fei asked with interest: "Is it a gift from Lu Feng to Brother Liu Fei?" Lu Feng said, "Brother Liu Fei is your own thing." Liu Fei was slightly taken aback, "My own thing?" He looked up and down. With a glance at the box, there is really no way to tell what it is.

And Liu Fei didn't remember what he had put in Lu Feng's place. Lu Feng said, "Brother Liu Fei, when you get to the ghost town, you can just open it and see it. It must be a useful thing. Don't you still trust Lu Feng." Liu Fei smiled and said, "Of course I can trust you, little girl, no matter what it is, Liu Fei is very happy as long as it is your heart." After that, Liu Fei actually leaned his head, very slightly on Lu Feng's little face. I clicked on it, and for a short while, Lu Feng's face looked like a red persimmon.

"Hehe, Lu Feng is shy." Yu Qingxin said with a bit of gloat, having recovered her essence as a woman at this moment. Everyone roared with laughter. After all, it was the city lord of Lujiapu, but it was really a bit surprising to be so shy. Only Feng Xing had a very ugly face but looked very unhappy. Liu Fei waved his hand lightly. : "Lu Feng, I will be back soon, don't worry about me."

"Yes! Brother Liu Fei, you must take care!" Lu Feng waved his hand. Liu Fei and the others smiled slightly, then turned into a stream of light, like a meteor, and flew away in a swift manner. Lu Feng's watery eyes widened and looked reluctantly at Liu Fei's leaving back. Finally, , Lu Feng sighed deeply and slightly lonely.

Ling Fengshan's eyes were listless. He glanced at Liu Fei and then at Feng Xing's expression. He suddenly understood that the two of them were rivals in love. He thought: "Hehe, it's easier now. I was worried that Liu Fei would Helping the old seven to deal with me, but because that girl seems impossible, men have two things that cannot be shared. The first is power, and the second is women. If you really want to be true, there is only one thing you cant share. That is definitely his most beloved woman. Feng Xing and Lu Feng have known each other since they were young, but now Liu Fei is here to win the beloved, fearing that the old Qi will never die with him."

Thinking of this, Ling Fengshan's heart was finally put in his stomach. Although he was embarrassed and the task was not completed this time, it would not make him completely fail. At least he still has a chance to compete for the king of spirits and ghosts. Ling Fengshan thought of this place and asked: "Haha, where are you from Young Master Liu? Have you never been to my ghost city?" Liu Fei said lightly: "The place where the ghost clan is, I also came into contact with it. Not many. I have come into contact with some spirit ghost cultivators in the past, but they are like monsters, and they dont even speak so sharply, so they really dont know much about spirit ghosts."

Ling Fengshan was secretly surprised. It seems that Liu Fei really did not regard himself as a life and death enemy, otherwise he would not speak so easily. On the contrary, Feng Xing's face was gloomy, as if angry, and did not speak with Liu Fei at all. This strengthened Ling Fengshans thoughts. Ling Fengshan thought in his heart: "Even though Dragon Tortoise and Liu Fei are a bit close, but I didnt hurt them, not to mention that I was beaten badly. Now President Liu Fei It's not so defensive against me, but between him and Feng Xing, it is almost impossible to solve Lu Feng's problem perfectly. I might as well take this opportunity..."

Thinking of this, Ling Fengshan had a vicious plan in his heart.

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