Heaven Defying Upgrade System Chapter 710

Chapter 710: Yi Tian Devil

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Liu Fei never imagined that his departure would be a farewell to life. When I came to the ghost city, there was a sense of horror everywhere. It was a feeling I had never felt before, and even felt very depressing. Liu Fei glanced at the people around him, except for Yu Qingxin and himself, everyone here is a ghost. If you want to come here, you should be alone. Liu Fei frowned slightly, Fengxing didn't feel very good for him, and for some reason an ominous premonition hung over him.

"Be careful when you get there." Liu Fei whispered to Yu Qingxin. She hasn't recovered from her injuries, and she is still very weak, but this matter cannot be known to the people in Ghost City, so Liu Fei asked her specially. Yu Qingxin leaned against Liu Fei's shoulder slightly. The affectionate gesture made Liu Fei's heart move slightly, a feeling that he hadn't experienced in a long time. She has always been a woman and always needs someone to rely on. Liu Fei thought in her heart that the relationship between the two has changed since the last few days.

Coming to Lingfeng Mountain, the ghost city, was naturally a good man to entertain Liu Fei. He did not arrange the most comfortable environment, and no one would disturb them here. After several days passed, I suddenly received a request from Ling Fengshan for an invitation, saying that he wanted to invite Liu Fei to his dinner party. It was his master's guardian of the ghost city who had returned. Liu Fei had no reason not to go, but before leaving, Feng Xing frowned and said to him: "Be careful." Liu Fei understood. It seemed that this banquet was not that simple.

When stepping into the hall, Liu Fei and Yu Qing were shocked in their hearts. The people standing opposite of them besides Ling Fengshan, there was a tall old man. The breath that came out of him was clear to Liu Fei. I feel that that is the master of Huayuan Realm! Seeing this man, Liu Fei immediately realized that the situation was not good, and took Yu Qingxin to turn around and leave, but at this moment a force suddenly restrained the two of them, and only heard Ling Fengshans cold voice saying: "Two If you have come, you will be safe. What do you want to do?" He said and came behind the two.

Suddenly laughed: "Haha, Liu Fei, since you have the courage to enter our ghost city, don't you have the courage to stay here?" Liu Fei reluctantly turned around, smiled and said, "Naturally have courage." He glanced at the old man in black, that is to say, the master of Ling Fengshan, the power against the sky in his body was madly running, trying to get rid of the power of this restraint, but who knew that he didn't even move. "Since the two are here, why don't you come here to sit down!" The old man smiled coldly.

"That's right, please sit down!" Ling Fengshan said while hugging Yu Qingxin, laughing: "Beauty, are you unable to walk when you see me! Let my brother hold you? Take a seat!" Liu Fei was instantly angry when she saw this scene. Yu Qingxin's body was still very weak and naturally could not resist this pressure, but she could not resist it. When an anger hit, Liu Fei felt When his strength suddenly climbed, he shouted, "Let her go!"

Speaking and kicking towards Ling Fengshan's body, Ling Fengshan didn't expect Liu Fei to be able to act. He couldn't help but screamed, and Yu Qingxin who was in his arms immediately returned to Liu Fei's hands. The black-clothed old man in the Huayuan Realm was taken aback for a moment, and said, "Good boy, I can break free from my shackles. It seems that I will meet you well, old man!" With a loud shout, he teleported directly to Liu Fei's. In front of him, he grabbed Liu Fei's head, and for a short while, Liu Fei felt that his body was about to explode, and that feeling was simply not something he could bear now. Feng Xing shouted at the side: "Great Protector! My father has suppressed you in Jiuyou Purgatory, let you reflect on your mistakes, you dare to hurt my guests here!"

"Haha." The old man in black sneered. Ling Fengshan, who had already rolled over, said coldly: "Seventh brother, you are still so stupid. Father is in retreat. It will take at least five hundred years to come out. Except for Father, the highest cultivation level in this ghost city is my master. , You cant escape any of you today, hum, get rid of you, and when the father comes out, I will be the only one left. Sooner or later the master of this ghost city will be mine!" Feng Xing said: "So you are Pretending to obey Young Master Liu and trick him into coming here, in fact, you have been trying to open the Jiuyou Purgatory for this period of time. No wonder there are so many less ghosts in our ghost city these days. You use them all to attack the big formation. right?"

Ling Fengshan stepped forward and sneered: "You know a lot, but it's no longer useful. No one can stop me today! Master, this beautiful disciple has been coveting for a long time. If you get a hand-to-play game today, this kid will have sex. I'll take care of it for your old man!" Saying that Ling Fengshan went forward and took Yu Qingxin away from Liu Fei. Liu Fei's heart broke out, but he did not break through the shackles. This time he understood that the black-clothed old man was trying to force himself. Suppressed, he couldn't break through no matter what, he could only watch Ling Fengshan brazenly holding Yu Qingxin and walked towards the back of the hall with a big smile.

"Boy, you use a bit of strength to show me how strong you are, how dare you to compete with the old man!" The black-clothed old man stared at Liu Fei coldly. Liu Feis gaze stayed on Yu Qingxins body at this time. When he saw Ling Fengshan picking her up and throwing her into the room behind the hall, Ling Fengshan gave him a cold smile, "Liu Fei, if you are Really capable, come to rescue your woman, if not, hum, sorry, he has already returned to the uncle!" After that, a short while later, there was a rough roar from Ling Fengshan and a strip of clothing in the room. The sound of being torn apart, as well as Yu Qingxin's weak resistance, could only hear Liu Fei's veins bursting and blood surging.

Despite the seven holes bleeding that he had resisted under tremendous pressure, Liu Fei still did not break free. Amidst the beast-like roar of Ling Fengshan, Yu Qingxin's miserable cry sounded, and then suddenly he heard Ling Ling. Fengshan exclaimed: "What do you want to do, bitch...ah, no!" "Bang!" With a loud noise, the whole hall collapsed in an instant, and a burst of violent energy was released. Liu Fei's eyes were scarlet. She squeezed her fists, and Yu Qingxin actually blew herself up under humiliation!

"Liu Fei, I'm sorry..." A white shadow appeared in front of Liu Fei, wondering if it was Yu Qingxin's soul, came with tears at this time, and suddenly merged into Liu Fei's body, "This is what I have left. All spiritual power, you must live..."


A strange force merged in, and Liu Fei instantly felt the strength in his body soar. With a bang, he instantly broke free from the shackles of the old man in black. Liu Feifei came into the air, opened the prestige mall, stared at the millions of prestige points, and shouted: "Redeem the spirit pills for me!" Countless spirit pills flew into Liu Fei's hands, but in an instant After being swallowed by Liu Fei bit by bit, he actually swallowed hundreds of the best spirit pills!

"I want strength!" Liu Fei braved a red light, his body was like a stove, as if to explode. He desperately urged Yi Tianlu, just as the sky cloud changed color, and a dark cloud above his head swirled like a ferocious beast swallowing, and Liu Fei's breath underneath continued to rise, making a sound like a firecracker. The same voice sounded, Liu Fei's cultivation base broke through frantically, breaking through from the Profound Realm of Transformation to the peak of the Realm of Nirvana, approaching the Far Realm of Transforming. In the black-clothed old mans consternation, Liu Fei suddenly teleported to him and said with a grin: "You forced me. Starting today, I, Liu Fei, are willing to step into the magical way, and let this world be in mine. The hands are completely wiped out! Die!"

With a loud shout, the power against the sky that had condensed in an instant turned into a **** black long sword like a substance, and it stabbed into the body of the old man in black. The old man in black wanted Rebelled, but it was too late. At this time, Liu Fei's power against the sky directly swallowed his spiritual power and instantly sucked him dry. At this moment, Liu Fei's cultivation base directly broke through to Huayuan Realm with the aid of powerful spiritual power. In the horrified eyes of everyone, Liu Fei coldly waved the long sword in his hand, with a cold voice like a **** of death, facing everyone: "You are only my experience, ha ha, ha ha ha! Give it to me. Go to die!" The sword swept away, and there was no life left.

Feng Xing had long seen that the situation was wrong, and had already escaped to Lujiapu.

When he contacted Lu Feng, Yan Luo, Mo Nan, Zu Hongming and others, he returned to the Ghost City, where there was no more aura, like a dead city with corpses everywhere.

Earth-shaking changes have taken place in the Nine Profound Holy Land. The three saints were slaughtered in less than a hundred years. The whole process was shocking, and what surprised them was that the slaughter of the saints turned out to be only a human monk. No one knows where he came from, and no one knows why he did this.

When he reappeared, he had already appeared in the Hall of the God of War, opening the way to the slaughter of the realm of the God of War.

And in the demon world ushered in a new Lord.

People don't know what his name is, but they all respect him as the Yitian Demon King.

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