Heaven Devouring Dragon Emperor Chapter 5455

Chapter 5454: Double old shot

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"Huakong Great Array!"

Om rumbling!

Jiang Tian waved his hand, and a series of purple array patterns lay across the void, forming dozens of spatial barriers.

But the next scene shocked him!

The barrier formed by these spatial formations could not stop the advance of the five black-blooded alien dragons. These alien dragons flashed several times before breaking through the barrier.

The spatial pattern is in vain in front of them!

Jiang Tian's heart sank, and he decisively unfolded the purple-red "Sword Domain!"


As soon as the Qianzhang "Sword Domain" was unfolded, it shrank and rewinded crazily, trying to trap these five different dragons to death.

For a moment, Jiang Tian seemed to see a miraculous effect, as if the five different dragons would stop before him!

But this seemed to be just an illusion. In a blink of an eye, the five superstar dragons broke free from the "Sword Realm" blockade and came to Jiang Tian.

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!

The five different dragons roared frantically, and the black and red blood patterns all over the body squirmed like a living thing, bursting out a wave of evil spiritual power!

Jiang Tian even smelled the breath of death!

"Blood anomaly, open!"

Roar... rumbling!

The sky-shaking roar suddenly rose, Jiang Tian turned on the blood anomaly with all his strength in front of the intense crisis, the purple light all over his body skyrocketed, and the vast void was dyed purple!

A purple golden "great dragon" transformed by countless purple scale phantoms roared into the sky, and rivers of golden light flowed in the huge dragon body. This was Jiang Tian's fusion after taking the suspected "Dragon Race Inheritance" at Tianyao Mountain." The changes caused by the word "Hua".

But even so far, this blood anomaly seems to be only a part of the dragon's body, without dragon head, dragon claws, and real dragon tail.

Jiang Tian fiercely urged the word "transformation". The originally headless and tailless purple "great dragon" instantly transformed into a dragon head, dragon claws, dragon fins and dragon tails. A pair of dragon eyes were shining with golden light, and the dragon claws and dragon fins were also dazzling. The shape of the golden light is obviously different from the past, as if there is a golden and purple two dragons merging with each other, and the sky-shaking dragon roars and carries the terrifying blood pressure to fill the void!

Ho Ho Ho!

The bodies of the five different dragons on the opposite side shook violently, as if shocked by the pressure of this bloodline.


"How can it be?"

"Is he really... the evildoer of the upper three veins?"

The five dragon elders who were swiftly approaching were all stunned, and there was a look of horror in their eyes!

Although they don't know what kind of bloodline Jiang Tian is, this vision is far beyond their imagination, and it can be clearly seen that his bloodline ranks higher than them.

In the entire Yunyuan Mountain Range Dragon Clan, there is no such high-level blood inheritance!

Jiang Tian, who is it?

Seeing that the five alien dragons were about to be suppressed, the two white-haired elders who were in the line were the first to react.

"Five elders, hurry up!"

A touch of determination flashed in the eyes of the five elders, and he slammed his right hand and uttered the word "explosive"!

Roar roar, click... rumbling!

Five black and blood-colored alien dragons that are about to fall into the passive, burst open in a frantic roar!

"not good!"

Jiang Tian's face changed drastically!

He originally thought that even if the blood pulse vision cannot be completely resolved, he should be able to control the situation, but he didn't expect the other party to be more eager and more decisive than he thought.

A terrible roar resounded through the void, and a series of black-red, purple-gold ripples rippling sharply across the void in an instant.


Jiang Tian was overwhelmed by this fluctuation, as if he was hit hard and flew out, bruising his mouth.

But he was most worried about his three companions!

They were protected by the "Huntian Tower", and they did not completely escape the impact of this spiritual power. The entire Huntian Tower was overturned by this huge force and directly flew thousands of feet away!

"do you died?"

"It should be... dead, right?"

The elders and twelve elders stared at the frantic void, with a look of expectation on their faces.

"Fortunately, you are fully prepared and act decisively, otherwise it is really possible for him to escape this disaster!"

The fifth elder took a deep breath, as if there was a trace of worry and happiness in his eyes.

"The power of'Departed Dragon Ball' is really powerful, but it can't be careless. It must be ensured that he has fallen!"

The two elders waved their hands, and before they had exhausted their spiritual power, they had to step forward to check the situation.

At this moment, a violent dragon roar suddenly came out in the collapsed void, and the faces of the five people suddenly changed!



"How can it be?"

In their exclamation, a purple-gold dragon shadow flew out through the air, and in a blink of an eye it turned into a purple-gold divine light and sank somewhere in the void.

And where this divine light disappeared, there was a person standing impressively!

His chest had been stained red with blood, his breath was turbulent, and he was obviously injured, but he did not fall!

It is Jiang Tian!

"Damn it!"

"He is still alive?"

"How can it be?"

The five elders, the eleventh elders, and the twelfth elders were shocked!

The expressions of the two pressing elders sank completely, as if they had encountered the enemy of a lifetime!

"Unexpectedly, even'Death Dragon Ball' can't kill him!"

"There are people outside of the world, there is a heaven outside of the world, it is not in vain for the old man to witness such a miracle in his twilight years!"

Boom, boom!

Before the words fell, the two elders stepped out.

At this moment, they did not expect the five elders to solve the problem. In order to complete the Patriarch's mission and solve this opponent, they had already spared all the costs, including their own lives!

Roar, roar!

Two ancient dragon-like roars resounded through the void, and at the same time the two white-haired elders flew out, they raised their pointers to the center of their eyebrows, and without hesitation, they stimulated the blood potential!

Two phantoms of dragons, one green and one white, turned out, engulfing them and roaring towards Jiang Tian frantically.

At the same time, they each held a weird magic weapon in their hands.

The person on the left was holding a long white bone dragon claw, the bone handle was pure white, exuding a faint strange light, the four claws seemed to be stained with blood, and the surface was covered with a layer of scarlet blood!

He swayed frantically at Jiang Tian from a long distance away, the terrifying power tore through the void in an instant, and burst out a harsh whistle!

The person on the right held a piece of white dragon scale, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. After the dragon scale had absorbed the blood, it flashed away and instantly appeared in front of Jiang Tian.

There was a loud bang!

The white dragon scales exploded into a white mask covering Jiang Tian, and the force of imprisonment surged crazily, trying to trap Jiang Tian to death.

However, this mask did not affect the attack of the Scarlet Dragon Claw. The terrifying **** sharp glow directly ignored this mask and blasted towards Jiang Tian without any reduction in speed.

"You are overconfident!"

Jiang Tian shouted violently, and unfolded the purple-red "Sword Domain".


The violent roar suddenly sounded, and the billowing sword intent surged out, trying to block the blow of the dragon claw.

Although the white mask has a very strong imprisoning power, it will not have an effect on Jiang Tian's "Tyrannosaurus" for the time being, and the offensive of that blood-colored dragon's claw will bring him a substantial threat.

Therefore, he must block these dragon claws first before he can find a way to get out of trouble.

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