Heaven Devouring Dragon Emperor Chapter 5456

Chapter 5455: Demon bone reappearance

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In fact, if they fight alone, the two dragon elders will not be much stronger than him. If they fight with hard power, he will kill each other with confidence.

But the current situation is that the other party has no plans to fight alone. Their purpose is clear, that is, to kill Jiang Tian in the shortest time at any cost and by any means!

However, the power of this dragon's blood and Li Mang surprised him!

Bang bang...crack...boom!

The blood-colored lightning struck wildly, and the purple-red "sword domain" was torn apart in an instant, bursting with a terrifying loud noise!

Jiang Tian's face sank, but he didn't panic!

This situation was actually as early as his expectation. Although the power of the "Sword Domain" has been constantly improving recently, it has even become a big hole card in the one-on-one encounters with the Galaxy Realm powerhouses, but in the final analysis, This is not his strongest method.

The two powerful enemies came prepared, and naturally it was impossible to expect a mere "sword region" to block them.

At the same time as the purple "Sword Domain" collapsed, Jiang Tian pointed his right hand violently, calling out the Chixue Sword Marrow!

"Boom Sword!"


The violent roar suddenly sounded, and the purple, red, and white sword intents directly blasted the void. The blood-colored dragon claws slammed into this area before speeding down sharply, and was consumed by the violent sword intent.

This scene surprised Jiang Tian and the two old men opposite, but the next scene made Jiang Tian frowned!

Although the "Boom Sword" was powerful, under the attack of this blanket of blood-colored dragon claws, it still fell slightly into a disadvantage.

No way, although the bone-handled blood claw in the opponent's hand is not a fairy-level magic weapon, it is obviously a treasure made from the bone of a monster of dragon blood.

Even if it only contains the will of a little dragon blood descendant, it is enough to make its power exceed the treasure of the same level.

And such an offensive is only the first wave!

Next, the dragon elder held the dragon claw in his hand and swung wildly, and several waves of offensive roared out, wanting to forcefully crush.

"Zaotianzhi, cut it for me!"

Jiang Tian didn't have time to hesitate, and decisively called out the giant demon hand bones!

Boom boom boom boom boom!

In an instant golden light flashed wildly, and a series of explosions resounded through the void!

The moment the two giant demon hand bones flashed, they twisted like two giant golden divine scissors, cutting off a series of **** claws. The power of the dragon clan elder was shocked and his face changed suddenly!

"Damn it!"

"what is that?"

The corners of their eyes twitched, shocked!

The old man on the left even subconsciously looked at the blood-colored bone claws in his hand, and he found that the treasure Jiang Tian sacrificed had the same feeling as the one in his hand.

The two groups of golden light shrouded in the same two-handled bone claws, but the breath was violent, and for a while, it was impossible to see what the source was.

"Break it open for me!"

The appearance of the giant demon's hand bones quickly stabilized the situation, and Jiang Tian urged them to attack the white mask.

"not good!"

The dragon elder on the right exclaimed loudly, but before he had time to react, that layer of white dragon scales turned into a mask was broken under the bombardment of two dazzling golden lights!

Boom... Click... Boom!

The sky-shaking roar resounded through the void, and two golden lights broke through the barrier of the white mask, and they were going to be cut off at the next moment.

The two dragon elders trembled, as if smelling the breath of death at this moment!

But the next moment, an unexpected scene appeared!

The two groups of golden light suddenly stopped in the air, and the hand bones of the giant monsters trembled violently, and circles of dazzling golden light rose into the sky, turning into layers of golden turbulence and spreading in all directions.

Boom... Boom!

The violent golden waves were mixed with terrifying coercion. The moment the first golden ripples passed, the two dragon elders trembled and couldn't stand.

The second ripple swept across, and the two screamed, and the blood spurted and flew back hundreds of feet!

Even the five elders, the eleven elders and the twelfth elders who were farther behind them were all lifted out, their auras violently turbulent.

"Damn it! What is this?"

"The situation is not right, let's take a moment...huh?"

The two white-haired elders felt bad and prepared to retreat first, and then look for good opportunities later.

It's just that they didn't finish their words, but they stared at the front from a distance!

The moment the golden turmoil rolled over, the "Huntian Pagoda" trembled and shrank from the thousand-zhang giant tower in an instant.

The three Su Wan who had been protected in it were also staggered and thrown out of the tower.


"what happens?"

"It's a giant demon hand bone!"

Wei Feng and Wei Yu were all shocked, but Su Wan immediately understood.

Although she separated from Jiang Tian for a while after crossing the boundary, she actually knew more about the giant demon's hand bones than the two sisters.

Because as early as in the Lower Realm, she had witnessed Jiang Tian using this powerful pair of treasures more than once. At this moment, facing the dazzling golden light, she immediately understood the reason for this change.

"Even Huntian Tower can't withstand their impact. What is the mystery of this giant demon hand bone?"

Su Wan furrowed her brows tightly, and she had countless questions in her heart.

The origins of the hand bones of the giant monsters are mysterious, and they were accidentally obtained by Jiang Tian during a certain experience in the lower realm, and they still don't know their true origins.

But obviously, the treasure that can force the "Huntian Tower" this fairy-level residual treasure back to the prototype must not be an ordinary existence!

"not good!"

Jiang Tian also noticed the abnormal changes in the "Huntian Tower".

After the three companions were thrown out, they were undoubtedly exposed to the sight of the dragon elders. Even if one of the five dragon elders attacked them, the situation would become extremely critical.

Once he is dragged by several other people, the situation of the three companions will be unimaginable!

He had actually anticipated the abnormal movement of the giant demon's hand bones.

Because of this situation, it is not the first time since coming to the upper bound.

This time, unless the situation was urgent, he would not use these two treasures.


Jiang Tian waved his hand and forcibly recovered these two treasures.

The golden light in the sky suddenly converged, and the chaos of the void disappeared, and calm quickly returned.

The fifth elder of the Dragon Clan changed his expression and sternly said: "This treasure is hard for him to control. The two elders will quickly take action. Let's join forces to besieged him!"


The five gave up the idea of retreat, and once again became murderous, preparing to forcibly kill Jiang Tian.


Jiang Tian waved his right hand, offering the "Five Spirits Destroying Immortal Formation"!


The six-blade broken sky halberd rose into the air in the black light, suspended above the five dragon elders, and the seven array disks flashed and formed a formation, enclosing them in the middle.

The majestic coercion shrouded madly, and the horrible breath enveloped the void, making their minds tremble, and their faces changed suddenly!

"No, this is a killing formation!"

"Get out!"

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