Heaven Law Supreme System Chapter 2428

Chapter 2437: The Finale On.

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"Today is a decisive battle, you are waiting for your life!" Jian Yuanzi shouted out with strong sword vigor, and took the lead.

The other detached people followed closely, and the twelve demon gods also roared, and amidst the earth-shaking roar, they slaughtered towards the ancient city.

Where the two powerhouses passed, countless monks were crushed by coercion.

A puff of blood mist, thick as a mountain.

Up to now, there is nothing to say, only the death fight, either you die or I die.

With a bang, the twelve transcendents and the twelve demon gods bombarded one place.

Jian Yuanzi turned into a sword and slashed directly at his old opponent. Bing Yuanzi turned into a snowstorm and bombarded his old opponent. The others did the same, looking for his old opponent to fight.

Just listen to the clanging sounds between heaven and earth, violently shaking, like the opening of the universe, and the scene is terrifying.

The twenty-four powerhouses fought, shaking the earth, and Yu Bo injured countless ordinary troops, and the force of destruction swept countless troops.

Both sides suffered heavy losses, and the ten strong clashes fiercely, they didn't care about the army, just wanted to kill their opponents.

Chu Xuan and the Demon Emperor fought fiercely in the Nine Heavens, and the fighting strength between the two was inextricably difficult to distinguish between them.

Seeing the twenty-four powerhouses fighting against each other, Yu Bo affected their respective armies. They all hurriedly shot, separated a trace of breath, turned into a shield, and blocked Yu Bo, who was fighting against the twenty-four powerhouses. The army was affected.

The army can die under an opponent with the same cultivation base, but it must not die under the wave.


Fang Tian painted the halberd towards the devil emperor. The devil emperor surrounded nine dragons, flew out with a scream and turned into a shield, blocking Fang Tian's halberd, and there was the sound of gold and iron collision between heaven and earth.

With a click, Fang Tian's painted halberd and the shield formed by the magic dragon shattered at the same time, turning into powder, and blooming with the most brilliant brilliance.

There was a slight fluctuation in the eyes of Chu Xuan and the Devil Emperor, and then he roared and shot again.

Om long!

This time, Chu Xuan sacrificed Dao Yin and pressed against the Devil Emperor.

The Devil Emperor grabbed it with his big hand, the magic light flashed, and a magic knife appeared in his hand.

This is his original artifact, which is refined from the chain of the Great Dao, which is equivalent to Chu Xuan's Dao Seal.


The magic knife shone with monstrous magic light and fell on the Dao Yin. The two collided, the sky broke and the earth broke, sparks shot in all directions.

A trace of knife marks appeared in Dao Yin, and the magic knife was broken into a gap.

Both the Devil Emperor and Chu Xuan were shocked. Their opponents were too strong. If this continues, it will be difficult to tell the winner!

With a buzzing sound, the Devil Emperor no longer hesitated, his spirit went directly out of the battle, bombarding Chu Xuan.

I saw a big hand tearing through the sky, covering the sky, and grabbing the top of Chu Xuan's head.

This blow was twice as powerful as the Demon Emperor's combat power. If it really fell on Chu Xuan's body, Chu Xuan would be crushed to pieces and couldn't bear it.


Seeing this, Chu Xuan dared to hesitate, and immediately launched the catastrophe.

Above the void, between the electric light and flint, the wind and clouds gathered, the sky was formed in an instant, and the plasma thunder sea fell directly on the big hand of the sky.

The demon emperor's surpassing blow, and Chu Xuan's celestial calamity that annihilated everything and surpassed all the detached in the world appeared.

Chu Xuan was like a rock, not moving like a mountain, as if he didn't care about covering the sky with his hands. In fact, under the mighty pressure of the covering with his hands, he could hardly move anything.

Looking up at the sky, I saw the plasma thunder sea hanging on the big hand covering the sky.

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