Heaven Law Supreme System Chapter 2429

Chapter 2438: Finale In?

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The bright light bursting out of Plasma Thunder Sea enveloped the world, bursting out extremely dazzling light, even Chu Xuan and the Devil Emperor had to use sleeve robes to cover their eyes.

The big hand covering the sky collided with the plasma thunder sea, and the space of time collapsed directly, the sun and moon on the top of the sky fell directly, and the entire space was destroyed.

After Chu Xuan and the Demon Emperor used secret techniques, the space was frozen, and a wall of chains condensed by the avenue rose in the void, resisting the spill of the collision with the waves.

The Demon Emperor Divine Souls big hand and the plasma thunder sea have been wiped out a lot, the big hand of the big sky shattered directly, the plasma thunder sea is still there, but the light has dimmed a lot, and the momentum is much smaller.

"Destroy the world!"

The Devil Emperor's Soul roared, grabbing the magic knife in the Devil's hand, and directly slashed towards Chu Xuan.

"The sky is covered with thunderstorms!"

Chu Xuan held the Dao Yin up to the sky and howled, and the Dao Yin raised above his head, leading the plasma thunder sea in the void, and gathered into a group of thunder seals compressed to the extreme.


Chu Xuan was bathed in a sea of plasma thunder, and his whole body was black and black, and the bottleneck of his realm was directly shattered.

The aura on his body rose suddenly, and the calamity of the sky could not hurt him at all, and his whole body instantly glowed.

Lei Yin took shape, he roared, went up against the sky, and threw Lei Yin directly at the knife that pierced the sky.

With a bang, the thunder mark exploded, and the thunderstorm directly submerged the knife, and the two kept colliding.

Chu Xuan's eyes were full of anger and murderous aura, and he rushed towards the Devil Emperor's Soul, his figure like the sky, shaking the universe.

Where he traveled, time and space collapsed, against the chaos of the past and the present, and even the long river of years was falling apart.

The Devil Emperor Divine Soul was directly integrated into the body of the Devil Emperor, and he also screamed up to the sky and charged towards Chu Xuan.


The two fought once again, and their bodies collided, and the chains of the road were intertwined, bombarding each other.

Above the nine layers of heaven, there is blood splashing from time to time, and you come and go between the two people, both are injured, and each has added numerous scars.

Above the void, there is a collision of monstrous divine power and magical power, and a great collision of unparalleled power.

Qi and blood are banging in the void, you are in me and you, entangled endlessly.

The blood was boundless and directly shattered everything. The light wall covered by the two of them also collapsed, and the army below was directly destroyed.

The super gods are also inanimate, only the transcended ones are barely alive, but their bodies are broken, only the broken spirits remain immortal.


Chu Xuan punched the Demon Emperor's shoulder, the Demon Emperor slapped Chu Xuan's chest, and both of them flew out.

Chu Xuan's chest collapsed, coughing up blood, the Devil Emperor's shoulders exploded, and bones flew away.

Above the two bodies, there were cracks and no calculations, extremely broken and extremely miserable.

They all got red eyes, completely ignoring their injuries, they only had one idea in their hearts, killing each other, and there was no living beings in their eyes, only opponents.


The flames of Chu Xuan's battle robe covered the sky, the yin and yang roads revolved, and the world bloomed with black and white lotus stands.

With cold eyes like a knife, he has evolved a ten thousand law into one formula, using the strongest combat power, vowing to cut the Devil Emperor under his own avenue.

Twenty-four strong men have stopped their actions, taking the opportunity to resurrect their army, and at the same time withdraw and retreat, watching the battle from afar, not wanting to die under the waves.

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