Heaven Law Supreme System Chapter 2430

Chapter 2439: Finale Part 2

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The Devil Emperor gathered all the energy between heaven and earth in one place, and poured all of it into his magic sword.

At the same time, he did not forget to attack Chu Xuan.


The void behind Chu Xuan was torn apart, and a dark clutch slapped him on the back.

With a bang, Chu Xuan looked back with a punch, and the whole body was flowing, directly shattering the clutch.

With a hum long, Chu Xuan's ten thousand tactics condensed into one tactic, and ten thousand ways were condensed into one Dao Sword. The Dao Yin Om Long was embedded on the hilt of Dao Jin.

Show all your cultivation skills, without any reservations, success or failure in one fell swoop.

Chu Xuan's body skyrocketed and transformed into the world. Above his body, three phantoms oscillated. He couldn't see his true face, and couldn't distinguish between the real body and the phantom.

That was the phantom that his future body, past body, and present body transformed into, shaking, and directly transformed into three clones.

Between the heaven and the earth, four figures appeared, three false and one true, all holding Taoist swords, and their aura cultivation bases were similar, making it difficult to distinguish.

With a scream, Chu Xuan turned into a divine light and rushed towards the Devil Emperor.

The devil's eyes were solemn, holding a magic knife, and distinguishing the four figures that rushed towards him.


Chu Xuan cut off the arm of the Devil Emperor with a single sword, and directly exploded, and the Devil Emperor shattered the three clones of Chu Xuan together.

Then, the two swords fought each other, and the shadows of the swords and swords filled the whole world.


A sword smashed from the Chu Xuan Tianling cover, slicing Chu Xuan into two, and a sword cut off the head of the Devil Emperor, separating his body and head.

Void blood raining, the world is sad, pain is endless, all kinds of abnormal noises appear...


Chu Xuan's body closed again, and the ten thousand chains condensed on the wound, and he was instantly repaired. Chu Xuan held the Dao sword and slashed towards the body of the Devil Emperor again. He couldn't let the body and head of the Devil Emperor overlap.

The head of the Devil Emperor looked at all of this, horrified, and the devil body quickly raised his sword to block it.

With a click, Dao Sword shook the magic knife directly, and then ten thousand dao converged and directly shattered the magic knife.


Chu Xuan's eyes were full of indifference, and the sword fell ruthlessly, splitting the body of the Devil Emperor into two.

The Devil Divine Soul had no time to dodge, and was split in half.

In the blood rain, Chu Xuan reappeared again, Dao Sword imprisoned the head of the Devil Emperor, and directly smashed the body of the Devil Emperor with a fist, and the chains of the Dao held it to prevent it from reorganizing.

Grasping the Devil Emperor Divine Soul with two hands at will, the Devil Emperor Divine Soul is unparalleled, and its combat power is twice that of the Devil Emperor.

However, the Devil Emperor Divine Soul and the Devil Emperor's body were combined to explode three times the combat power, none of them were Chu Xuan's opponents. At this moment, Chu Xuan, who was caught in his hands by the full strength of the battle, was an opponent?


Chu Xuan tore the Demon Emperor's Divine Soul with his bare hands, and the black hole in his palm reappeared, directly swallowing the broken soul power of the Demon Emperor's Divine Soul, without giving him any chance to reshape the Divine Soul.

The devil emperor's soul power is vast, and if the devil emperor aura contained in it is not wiped out, he really dare not directly melt into his own soul.

Chu Xuan could only temporarily imprison it in the dantian transformed by the universe flower and the heavenly cauldrons, and slowly wipe out the aura of the devil emperor before he could swallow these spirit powers.

The head of the Devil Emperor was still there, and he looked terrifying and cursed at Chu Xuan: "You kill me, you can't die. Everyone in our world is like a dragon, and the strong are like rain. One day someone will rise up for me. revenge."

"Do you think I won't kill them first? The evil I won't stay in the world." Chu Xuan said, the world was shocked, and he immediately took the head of the Devil Emperor into his hands. The emperor's head burst apart.

Om long!

The black hole in Chu Xuan's palm swallowed everything from the heavens and the earth to the devil emperor's qi and blood, Daoist principles, and breath, and then grabbed the chains of his Great Dao in his hand and melted it into his own ten thousand ways.

Chu Xuan suddenly turned around and slapped the twelve demons to the town to kill.

The heaven and the earth returned to tranquility, all in dilapidated condition, only the **** aura left behind.

Chu Xuan sighed and waved his big hand, the power of reincarnation wafted through the void, and the power of vitality wafted like a spring rain.

The army of monks who died and the army of super gods he brought were all resurrected.

Om long!

A Hongda breath came from the alien passage, and Chu Xuan frowned, before he had time to explain, he flew towards there.

As he escaped, a few rays of light flew into the hands of detached people such as Jian Yuanzi and Bing Yuanzi. It was the holy medicine Chu Xuan left for them to heal.

Chu Xuan wanted to ban the alien passages, but there was a Hongda force that prevented all of this. In desperation, he walked into it and blocked the exit with ten thousand chains to prevent the power from spilling to his own. world.

Then, he looked back and took a deep look, pierced through the void, saw Jiang Muyan and Li Rui, and finally sent two rays of light in the air, the body of the two women was shaken, and the cultivation base broke through to the middle stage of the detachment.

The second daughter also knew that Chu Xuan was going to the foreign land. There was a great energy in the same way, even he could not suppress it. They also knew that there might be a big enemy in the foreign land to solve...

The second girl burst into tears and murmured: "Xuan, we are pregnant, and I hope you can come back when our child is born..."

A smile appeared at the corner of Chu Xuan's mouth, and his fists clenched: "For you, for our children, I want to protect all of this. No matter how strong the enemy is in the foreign land, I will not back down. Even if I die, my body It will also be suppressed at the entrance of the passage..."

In the universe, Chu Xuan finally heard a deep sigh...

All beings looked at the sky and prayed silently...

(The finale, the end of the book!)

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