Heavenly Book Evolution Chapter 1043

Chapter 1039: Really super life

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Chapter 1039

1039.Chapter 1039

It took less than a quarter of an hour for Taiyi to exist, and Taiyi Butterfly was hanged for a quarter of an hour.

When Taiyi disappeared, Taiyi Butterfly almost didn't cry.

The future He sees is obviously not like this, how could it turn out to be like this?

During the time he was beaten, he wanted to understand that he was pitted by visitors from another world.

That alien visitor is another Taiyi that parallels space-time dimensions, and he was once the parent and child of Taiyi. Therefore, the alien visitor may have seen the relationship between him and Taiyi early, so he was free to fate when he left. Do some tricks.

He didn't kill him directly, but he took advantage of Chen Mo's hand to send him the final journey.

This is purely teasing him. If he survives, he will definitely find the opportunity to avenge the visitors from the other world. Whether it is for the too easy to be eaten by the visitors from the other world or for himself, he will eat Chen Mo at all costs and become the real one. Super-dimensional life.

Because it was too easy to sling, the power he had plundered from Chen Mo through the destiny cocoon technique over the years was exhausted.

Strictly speaking, the state of him and Chen Mo are almost back to the original time.

But his hole card was cold. On the contrary, Chen Mo's hole card that Chen Mo had prepared for tens of thousands of years had not been opened yet.

According to his estimation, his winning percentage has fallen below 40%.

If you want to defeat Chen Mo, you can't find stability anymore, you can only fight back and take a risk.

With greater control over the super-dimensional arena, the moment Taiyi disappeared, Taiyi Butterfly had dragged the wounded body to forcefully disband the super-dimensional arena, and Void Flash had traveled through the dimensions to the front and back nine domains, and the new battlefield was determined by him. Outside the dimensional wormhole.

Seeing Taiyi Butterfly escape, Chen Mo immediately chased him.

At the moment when Taiyi Butterfly arrived first, it had already merged the space-time dimensions through the Pyramid of Destiny, and firstly merged the eighteen space-time dimensions of the nine realms of front and back, and the artificial solar system hidden in the depths of the void suddenly shattered, and three whole black stones appeared one after another. Quality pyramid.

The tower split open, and the three buried coffins were opened one by one.

Chen Mo, who was chasing after him, was momentarily taken aback when he saw the three of himself in the coffin. These three remains exactly like him were clearly from the previous three lives. It turns out that the remains of his previous three lives were not destroyed, but were Taiyi Butterfly is carefully collected.

The fate candle is lit again, and the Taiyi Butterfly is truly resurrecting the three remains this time.

Split one's true spirit and divine soul, use the flame of fate to infuse the three corpses, and use the fire of life and the supreme miracle to resurrect the three corpses most thoroughly. The entire resurrection process is completed in an instant.

However, only after his resurrection, Chen Mo's first three lives were eaten by Taiyi Butterfly.

At the same time, Taiyi Butterfly mobilized all the miraculous powers that the supreme miracle could use.

By using almost all the supreme destiny, the fate of Chen Mo's previous three lives was obscured and modified.

Tai Yi Butterfly resolutely activated the Life Soul Covering Heaven technique, and blatantly swallowed Chen Mo's previous three lives.

The so-called dimensional beings in the dimensional pyramid are actually just pseudo-dimensional beings.

The true dimensional life, only oneself who has swallowed the parallel space-time dimension is qualified to achieve it.

His current method is to cover and modify fate through fate, and cooperate with the power of miracles to forge Chen Mos previous three lives, to fake his true spirit and soul into Chen Mos, and then to fuse these three fakes through the destiny concealment technique. Chen Mo.

In this way, it is enough to make him a false dimensional life in a short time.

The true dimensional life does not need to synthesize the roots of the two time and space dimensions to synthesize the super-dimensional power. The dimensional life can naturally master the super-dimensional power. Only by mastering the super-dimensional power can he smooth the damage caused by Taiyi. There is a chance to kill Chen Mo in one fell swoop.

Ultra-dimensional destiny puppet technique!

Directly using the power of super-dimensional destiny, Tai Yi Butterfly spit out a destiny puppet thread.

With the help of the power of extra-dimensional dimensions, this line of destiny directly penetrated the void and approached Chen Mo. Although Chen Mo did not know what happened to Taiyi Butterfly, his destiny prediction allowed him to perceive if he was entangled in absolutes. Not a good thing.

However, he wanted to avoid the shuttle dimension, but the shuttle failed at this moment.

You must know that in order to ensure that the dimension is not blocked, he uses the power of extra-dimensional dimensions, but as a result, he cannot break the dimension to teleport. There is only one possibility that Taiyi Butterfly uses the power of extra-dimensional like him, and Better than him.

There is no way to hide, the fate puppet thread is directly wrapped around Chen Mo.

At this moment, Chen Mo felt that he lost control of his body like a puppet.

In the next moment, Taiyi Butterfly's lore followed one after another.

Taiyi Butterfly almost drained the power of the supreme destiny, locked Chen Mo through the fate puppet line to control his destiny, thoroughly shaping his fate of being eaten by Taiyi Butterfly and falling, if he could not destroy this fate, he would only be eaten. result.

Miracles can reverse fate, but Chen Mo's use of super-dimensional miracle power still failed.

Tai Yi Butterfly also used the power of super-dimensional miracle, and also suppressed him at this time.

At this time, Tai Yi Butterfly gave him the feeling that he was a bit close to visitors from another world or even surpassed Tai Yi.

Tai Yi Butterfly, who had a lasting fight, immediately drove him to a desperate situation.

If there is no way to survive, there is only a dead end.

To survive, it is too easy butterfly ~www.wuxiaworld~ The method he uses now must have huge side effects.

Otherwise, he was like this at the beginning, and it would not be over if he directly solved him.

The infinite doom accumulated by the nine small pyramids of destiny is all integrated into the destiny book at this moment, the destiny book in Chen Mos soul, locks Taiyi Butterfly and writes Taiyi Butterfly swallows his failed doom,

Although pure doom is not comparable to the supreme destiny, nor the power of super-dimensional destiny.

However, if the number is sufficient, even two levels of misfortune can in turn suppress the power of super-dimensional destiny. The three suppress one by one, and the qualitative advantage can only be manifested when the number of each other is equal.

Tai Yi Butterfly flashed in the void and had already swallowed Chen Mo in one bite.

Fate and Soul Covering the Sky locked Chen Mo and began to forcefully swallow and merge him. However, the fate of success and the misfortune of failure continue to collide, and the result is to cancel each other, and there is no destined success. impossible.

Too Yi Butterfly was completely crazy, burning his life, true spirit, and spirit through the power of extra-dimensional dimensions.

At the same time, through the fate of fate, Chen Mo was forced to burn the equivalent life, true spirit, and spirit. In a short time, the two of them had fallen to the upper dimensional domain master, and soon fell to the middle dimensional domain master, and they fell permanently. It is not a temporary fall.

Taiyi Butterfly traveled again and again, bringing Chen Mo back to the super-dimensional arena.

As long as the Super Dimensional arena believes that he has won, it will help him suppress Chen Mo. Now their strength has both fallen to the mid-dimensional domain master. In this case, the power of the Super Dimensional arena becomes overwhelming that neither of them can resist. The last straw of a camel.

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