Heavenly Book Evolution Chapter 1044

Chapter 1040: I'm the only one

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Chapter 1040

Too Yi Butterfly was already desperately desperate, and after coming to the Chao Dimension Arena, he completely burned everything out of desperation.

Even his body burned a little bit in the fate day candle.

It was just to completely suppress Chen Mo in the Super Dimension Arena, but the Super Dimension Arena did not determine his victory for a long time.

On the contrary, it is the super-dimensional ring itself, unable to withstand the continuous collapse of his power?

"Sun Luo mirage..."

Too Yi Butterfly exclaimed almost desperately.

Obviously, he and Chen Mo are not in the ultra-dimensional arena at all now.

Chen Mo had long realized that he would take him back to the super-dimensional arena for a desperate fight, so he put a layer of illusion of a mirage on the outside of the real super-dimensional arena in advance. He thought he had returned to the super-dimensional arena and desperately desperate As a result, even if Chen Mo was completely suppressed, it would be a waste of effort.

His last chance to eat Chen Mo has been ruined by the fake super-dimensional arena.

In itself, his super-dimensional life relied on fate to conceal fraud, and as a result, Chen Mo used his own way to rule his body.

Taiyi Butterfly's only thought now is to escape. As long as he escapes and survives, even if he lurks for countless years, as long as he is alive, there will still be a chance to make a comeback.

However, at this moment, Chen Mo's counterattack began.

In terms of pure quality, Taiyi Butterfly's current super-dimensional power is even better than him.

However, in terms of quantity, at least in terms of the power of extra-dimensional destiny and the power of extra-dimensional dimensions, he definitely beats the Taiyi Butterfly. After all, his clone has penetrated the dimensional wormhole and sacked the dimensional roots and fate of dozens of space-time dimensions. source.

Now that Taiyi Butterfly becomes weaker and weaker, he is sure to break free from the suppression of Taiyi Butterfly.

Chen Mo grew out of countless branches of the heavenly sacred tree. The branches turned into giant whales to bite the Taiyi butterfly. All the extra-dimensional power was exhausted to suppress the extra-dimensional power of the Taiyi butterfly. Taiyi Butterfly enters the real ultra-dimensional arena within easy reach.

Too Yi Butterfly is crazy, forcibly using the dimensional shuttle to get rid of Chen Mo.

Chen Mo turned into a **** of heaven to bind Too Yi Butterfly firmly, and he did not let go and cast the Life Soul Covering Technique to swallow Too Yi Butterfly.

Several times, he was almost broken free by Taiyi Butterfly, and several times he was forcibly dragged by Chen Mo at the expense of burning his life.

After this time, Taiyi Butterfly's resistance became weaker and weaker.

Finally reaching a critical point, Chen Mo suddenly felt that he was in complete control of the super-dimensional arena. He could fully mobilize all the power of the super-dimensional arena. Obviously, Taiyi Butterfly, who was gradually weakened by the judgment of the super-dimensional arena, had completely lost.

Too Yi Butterfly, who was also aware of this, gave up all resistance in despair.

With his current state of weakness, it is no longer possible to escape the super-dimensional arena, and even self-destructive under the suppression of the super-dimensional arena, can only be swallowed and assimilated by Chen Mo a little bit under the suppression of the super-dimensional arena.

"I didn't lose to you..."

Tai Yi Butterfly said unwillingly.

"I know."

Chen Mo said with emotion.

If it werent for him to get a lot of heterogeneous roots from Blue Star, if its not for a visitor from another world, Too Yi Butterfly caused him to be hit hard by his own cards. Yi Butterfly may not lose to him.

"I curse you, curse you to be swallowed by other parallel dimensions..."

Tai Yi Butterfly stared at Chen Mo, cursing with resentment and unwilling roar.

Chen Mo indifferently performed the destiny covering the sky, devouring everything that was too easy to assimilate a little bit.

For thousands of years, Taiyi Butterfly has been weakly dying.

After another few years, Tai Yi Butterfly swallowed one last breath.

Chen Mo completely integrated everything about Taiyi Butterfly. He acquired all the memories of Taiyi Butterfly, inherited all the power of Taiyi Butterfly, completely controlled the supreme destiny and the supreme miracle, and even the refining of the highest dimension changed. very smooth.

In just tens of thousands of years, he has completely refined and controlled the highest dimensions.

The entire dimensional pyramid has now completely fallen into his control. He can destroy and create any space-time dimension at will through the highest dimension, can create countless worlds and countless lives in these space-time dimensions at will, and can perfectly control the destiny and miracles of all beings in the world.

But these are not the biggest changes. The biggest change is that he has become a real dimensional being.

The true dimensional life does not need to synthesize the three supreme roots of different time and space dimensions, and can directly convert any kind of energy into super-dimensional power, and is completely unencumbered by the three supreme powers, and even has the ability to open up dimensional wormholes. Natural ability.

Life in any one dimension can open up a dimensional wormhole between different parallel space-time dimensions.

These are not those small dimensional wormholes opened by the original bronze pagoda masters with absolute luck. The dimensional wormholes of that scale are not enough to allow the true body of the dimensional life to pass. The only dimensional wormhole that allows the dimensional life to pass through is the nightmare star sea. this one.

Even if it is not good for the nine major domains, the dimensional wormhole is the most common dimensional domain master.

Forcibly opening a dimensional wormhole seems to be powerful, but in fact it requires a huge price.

Even if it is a dimensional life, almost all of its power will be exhausted. If you encounter a strong enemy at this time, it is no different from looking for death.

Therefore, even if dimensional beings master the power to open dimensional wormholes, they will never open dimensional wormholes by themselves unless necessary, but will look for natural dimensional wormholes created by the friction and collision of different parallel space-time dimensions.

Then artificially expand on this basis to increase the upper limit of the power that the dimensional wormhole can shuttle through.

He wanted to leave the Pyramid of Dimensions, and in the end he could only use this way.

However, he is not in a hurry. He is many times younger than Taiyi Butterfly. He is not in a hurry to go to the parallel space-time dimensions to harvest other himself. When he completely loses his pursuit in the Dimensional Pyramid, it is time for him to leave the Dimensional Pyramid. UU reading www. uukanshu.com

Chen Mo's avatars are ineffective, and each avatar is a nine-turned emperor.

All the avatars scattered, and began to travel to the time and space dimensions to reverse the time and space to revive the destroyed time and space.

Prior to destroying these space-time dimensions, it was in order to defeat Taiyi Butterfly and had to kill chickens to get eggs.

Now that the entire dimensional pyramid has completely belonged to him, it is natural to restore the damage it once caused and restore the prosperity and stability of the entire dimensional pyramid. Of course, the premise is that all sentient beings in all worlds in all dimensions of time and space must respect him.

The time when the dimensional domain master ruled the space-time dimension has completely ceased to exist since then.

Because without his permission, the Dimension Pyramid will never even give birth to a new Dimension Domain Master.

He wants to establish the only power that governs all time and space dimensions in the entire dimensional pyramid.

Then, with the help of the power of the entire dimensional pyramid, he can save enough resources for him to leave the dimensional pyramid in the future.

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