Heavenly Book Evolution Chapter 1045

Chapter 1041: season finale

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Reference 1041

Time flies, tens of thousands of years have passed since the Taiyi butterfly fell in a blink of an eye.

For the Dimension Pyramid, a short ten thousand years is like the same instant, but in the 129,600 space-time dimensions in it, earth-shaking changes have taken place in this short ten thousand years. The biggest change is that there is no longer only the dimensional domain. The Lord can travel through the dimensions of time and space.

In any space-time dimension, there is a super-dimensional door left by Chen Mo.

He searched the entire dimensional pyramid almost all the resources that contained the roots of dimensionality, and successfully refined 129,600 extra-dimensional gates, which were scattered in all time and space dimensions to provide all life with the ability to freely travel through time and space dimensions.

While facilitating the connection of sentient beings in the endless world, he is also using the power of sentient beings to temper the gate of super-dimensionality.

These super-dimensional gates, combined into one, is the first super-dimensional treasure he refined.

His intention is to reduce the cost of opening a dimensional wormhole with the help of the extra-dimensional gate. Only in this way can he dare to open a dimensional wormhole. Although he does not know how many years he will have to wait to leave the dimensional pyramid, it is better to prepare in advance for the future.

In addition to the Super-Dimensional Gate, he is also preparing to refine the Destiny Book and the Pyramid of Destiny into Super-Dimensional Treasures.

When the three super-dimensional treasures are completely born, it is almost when he leaves the dimensional pyramid. Before that, he must prepare for the dimensional pyramid to be under his control after he leaves, and he must accompany his family well.

Traveling through parallel time and space dimensions, it is absolutely impossible to carry any living entities.

Otherwise, even if you shuttle past, the result will be a dead end.

At the beginning, the entire Blue Star universe shuttled over. It is reasonable to say that everyone in the Blue Star universe has another self in the Pyramid of Dimensions, but in fact only he and Taiyo Butterfly correspond to each other. The other life of the Blue Star seems to originate from the Blue Star, but actually Like Zhao Mu from the Pyramid of Dimensionality, they are all the native life of the Pyramid of Dimensionality sent by Taiyi Butterfly.

Therefore, if he wants to go to the parallel space-time dimension, it is impossible to take his family with him.

So before leaving, he should accompany his family and discuss how many children he should have. Although he does not like children very much, he needs to continue to rule the dimensional pyramid after he leaves. What is more suitable than his own son Maintain his rule?


Nine domains of positive and negative, Bluestar Suzhou Gardens.

"Chen Mo, my son is peeing again..."

Christina shouted hurriedly.


Chen Mo reluctantly put down the fishing rod in his hand and waved his hand to create a diaper.

Even after killing him, he would do such a thing one day?

Its also to blame for him. When you have children, you have to have children. They have to grow up like ordinary children. If they dont seal them before they are born, they can run and jump directly on the ground. The troubles now are purely his own. Found.

The next batch of children will definitely stop asking for trouble.

Here, I made diapers for my son, and on the other side, Mu Ruan and the phoenix fetus that Muyao gave him began to cry.

The two who cried for the bill, Emily and Aimilu, Lu Muyuan and Xiao Meiyan both gave him the baby of the dragon and the phoenix, also cried. The only one who did not cry was the daughter of Mu Lan Yuting, one Time was crying everywhere. The fish in the lake were scared away.

It seemed that he couldn't catch a fish, and he couldn't use his extraordinary power to keep the child from crying.

Can only coax left and right, no one can see that this is the supreme ruler of the entire dimensional pyramid.

Chen Mo now understands that the biggest enemy of a man is his child.

Generally speaking, the stronger the strength, the harder it is to have offspring.

The dimensional domain master wants to have children unless there is a miracle, but for him, there are as many miracles as there are, so there are as many children as he wants. If you want a son, you need a son, and if you want a daughter, you need a daughter.

Although children are ugly when they are just born, the longer they are, the more cute and the longer they are, the more fun.

It's just a pity, it's no fun to be bigger.

But it doesnt matter, its fine to have a new batch at that time. Anyway, there is a life fire that does not need to be pregnant in October, and it can offset the birth in October in an instant. There are so many time and space dimensions in the Dimension Pyramid~www.wuxiaworld~ There are fewer children but Can't inherit.


Ten trillion years later, there will be a wormhole in the nine dimensions of pros and cons.

Chen Mo is standing in front of the dimensional wormhole, behind him are his wife and children who came to see him off. He already has too much concern, but he still has to take this last step, but even for the family behind him, he will definitely come back alive. .

The door of super-dimensionality broke out, and merged with the dimensional wormhole to continuously expand the dimensional wormhole.

Its not that he hasnt sent a clone to sneak there over the years. Like him, Zhao Mu has already embarked on a journey of conquering different parallel dimensions of time and space, so there is no threat to him. Follow the dimension bugs that Zhao Mu created along the way. Behind the hole, just being careful can undoubtedly save energy.

The dimensional wormhole was completely integrated with the door of the super-dimensional, Chen Mo finally looked back at his family and turned and walked into the door of the super-dimensional.

What awaits him is a new journey, a new world, a new unknown and a new journey.

(End of book)

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