Hell App Chapter 140

Chapter 140:

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Being dragged out of the car by Bai Yan, Ye Shangyu tentatively tilted his neck, and found that his neck had not become longer, and then struggled to get up and ran away with Bai Yan.

Because she consumed a lot of blood in the car, Ye Shangyu's face was pale, and she didn't even run very fast, but she looked at Bai Yan, and Bai Yan was no better than her.

Bai Yan's skin was originally pale and unhealthy. Now that he loses his blood, his face is almost pale, which makes people think of a dead body fished out of formalin.

She was trapped in the car and couldn't escape. To save her, Bai Yan obviously paid a lot of price.

Veteran players know that although the App likes players to help each other, every time a player is killed by a ghost, other players will have a period of safety period to escape.

Hell is difficult and the safety period is almost zero, but a few seconds is enough to get the key from the car and leave calmly.

So... he should really have a lot of things to know.

After running non-stop all night, the two finally reached a safe hotel to rest.

When the sun rose, Bai Yan and Ye Shangyu left the hotel and walked slowly towards the Deep Sea Kindergarten along the empty street.

Now that they have the complete key, they can successfully pass the game and return to a safe reality as long as they open the "gate of hell".

During the day, Li Gui's actions would be restricted to a certain extent, the spirits of the two were slightly relaxed, and Ye Shangyu finally had the opportunity to tell the information she knew.

At this point, it doesn't make any sense to conceal it. The App has started to blatantly target her, and it doesn't make any difference to her if she doesn't tell the truth.

So when there was still some distance from the kindergarten, Ye Shangyu said, "Do you have anything you want to know? Don't ask, there may be no chance."

Looking at the kindergarten ahead, Bai Yan stopped, his eyes red for a moment, and the situation of the kindergarten was in full view

In the deep sea kindergarten, there is a terrifying layer of blood, even more dense than the ghost building.

What is even more frightening is that the area of the kindergarten is much smaller than that of the neighborhood where the ghost building is located. This obviously means that the kindergarten accommodates more ghosts in a cramped environment.

In the previous two days, the two had almost consumed the ghost power. They shed an astonishing amount of blood, and now the blood vessels are empty. The blood vessels that have lost blood almost stick together. There are no more drops of blood for them to continue to use.

If ordinary people shed so much blood, they will definitely die soon. It is the mutated body that supports them to live until now.

There was no blood to squander, so Bai Yan knew that once he entered this time, he might never get out again.

Bai Yan does have a lot to know, so he asked without hesitation: "I entered the game at the last second in the morning, why can I still match you?"

"Because there are only two of us players left in the same level, and everyone else is dead." Ye Shangyu leaned against the stone wall, looking a little tired: "I matched at midnight, and I waited for the whole day until the evening. At the last second, he successfully entered the game."

"The matching mechanism of the **** difficulty is different from the previous one. Only players of the same level can be matched together. I entered the game after a day of matching, which shows that the only players who survive to level ten are the two of us."

The words were clear, and the second question was immediately raised: "You moved faster than me last night, why did I run out smoothly, but you didn't? Although you are the driver, you killed the ghosts, But those ghosts completely ignored me and targeted you alone, which is very wrong."

"Because I killed a lot of people in the last game." Ye Shangyu was in a daze, and then returned to normal: "App allows ghosts to kill, but not people. In the last game, I eliminated all players except me, so App wants to kill me, that's why I was targeted."

Speaking of the game, Ye Shangyu's mood was very complicated.

She didn't have extra time to be sad before, but now that she has free time, she can't help but think of every bit of the last game.

The ninth level was the longest level she spent in the game. She and other players spent half a year in the game.

In that game, they were arranged to be teachers in a peaceful and simple village.

The conditions in that village are difficult, but the people in the village value knowledge, so they have great respect for those who pretend to be teachers.

The proprietress in the only restaurant in the village would secretly hide a poached egg at the bottom of their bowl every time they visited the restaurant. This is almost a loss for a restaurant that only costs one dollar for a bowl of noodles.

However, in the cold winter, eating a bowl of hot noodles and drinking the hot noodle soup is a very comfortable thing. Therefore, although the players are embarrassed to take advantage of the boss, they still frequent her restaurant. They discussed leaving more money for the boss's wife before leaving, but in the end, they didn't have this chance.

Not only the aboriginals in the game, the players have also got along well for nearly half a year.

She still remembers the girl who was very able to eat and didnt eat other dishes. Just after the steamed buns were out of the pot, she could eat half of the buns steamed by the chef in the cafeteria; in the game, she was worried about the college entrance examination and often stayed up all night to make papers. I have asked several math problems; there are also a couple who like to watch the moon in the middle of the night, and a few foreigners with different skin colors. Although they have different temperaments, a foreigner with yellow hair likes to invite her to watch the moon in the middle of the night, but most of them are Nice person...

These bits and pieces of details made her feel warm.

In the end, except for her, all these people died in that village.

That classroom, even the entire village, eventually became a ghost, including the noodle boss who also died in the noodle pot she was most familiar with.


It is not difficult to answer the questions in plain language. The answers to these questions have been held in her heart for a long time. She could not tell anyone before, but she was also familiar with them.

Therefore, while answering the questions, Ye Shangyu dreamtly recalled the people in the last game.

Her heart was aching faintly, but she still tried her best to smile, recalling the memories that made her feel warm over and over again, although she understood that the warmer they were, the more shameless and ugly and cruel what she did.

Ye Shangyu remembered the **** classroom again, and began to remember the sincere welcome they had just received when they first entered the village.

Finally, Bai Yans question interrupted her memory. Faced with this question, she came back to her senses, and without thinking, said the answer she had sketched countless times in her heart

"What will happen to the game? Anyone who clears the game will eventually become a ghost. Our bodies have been tampered with at the beginning. Whether it is an ordinary player or a player who has already awakened, it will be forced to the last level. Cooked.

The App will allow the player to play until the soul mutates. When the player becomes a matrix that can spread the source of pollution, he can clear the game and return to reality from the twelfth level. "

This answer is very similar to what Bai Yan thought, which made him satisfied.

The whole world has become exactly the same as the game world. Thinking about it makes him feel excited. There is a kind of dead house that knows that the second dimension is real, and your paper man wife will go to the third dimension to spend a lifetime with you.

However, what immediately swept through was dullness mixed with frustration, and he even had a desire to vomit. hope.


Bai Yan covered her mouth and said nothing, Ye Shangyu leaned against the wall for a while, and suddenly said, "Can you lend me a lighter? I want to smoke a cigarette."

Bai Yan took out the lighter from his pocket and threw it at her.

Ye Shangyu was a little surprised, feeling that Bai Yan was surprisingly easy to talk today. She took the lighter and lit the lady's cigarette, her brows filled with fatigue, even a little haggard and pathetic in the smoke.

Ye Shangyu finished a cigarette quietly, took out another cigarette from the cigarette case, and continued lighting.

Probably in order to repay the kindness of borrowing a lighter, Ye Shangyu casually said: "Would you like to have one? I didn't like smoking before. I thought it was too annoying, but there are things I don't want to think about, but I can do it when I smoke. Think about it. It wont last long anyway. It doesnt matter if you are addicted."

Bai Yan did not answer, and the smell of cigarettes could not be used overnight.

After resting for a while, he relieved his nausea before putting down his hands and said nonchalantly: "Stay up late, stress, you still write code, no wonder you have symptoms of baldness at a young age."

Ye Shangyu took out the phone subconsciously and illuminated his forehead with the reflection of the phone.

Seeing that her hairline is still safe, stronger than the average internet addiction girl. Quite, she put the phone away, she was talking nonsense.

After smoking two cigarettes, watching the sun just in the most dazzling state, the two knew that this was the best opportunity to enter the venue, so they adjusted their state and prepared to enter the deep sea kindergarten.

Before stepping into the gate, Bai Yan suddenly said: "I probably know what you want to do, do you want to count me?"

"Do you want to help? Why? You don't seem to be such a person." Ye Shangyu asked.

"There is no special reason, probably because it feels very uncomfortable to be shaved." Bai Yan casually said a reason: "The cookie-cutter game world is tired of seeing it, and another similar world is boring. Thinking of the app behind the scenes. Having succeeded so many times, it is inevitable that I want it to taste like failure once."

Ye Shangyu nodded, indicating that he knew it, and didn't know whether he believed it or not.

The two stopped talking and entered the Deep Sea Kindergarten side by side.

The kindergarten is full of murals that are deeply uncomfortable.

The deep sea kindergarten takes the ocean as the theme, so the walls are covered with dense sea creatures.

These cute marine creatures are stacked together, so that anyone with a intensive phobia can numb the scalp.

To their surprise, although the kindergarten was full of all kinds of weirdness, almost every step they took, they felt more discomfort.

However, there was no accident along the way, and they managed to get to the gate of the flounder class without being attacked by a ghost.

The walls of the flounder class are also covered with densely packed fish.

One flounder was next to the other, and each fish was covered with only eyes. This makes the entire wall full of stacked fisheyes, and the classroom is full of dead fish's rotten eyeballs. It seems that there are countless eyes watching the people in the classroom, making it impossible to escape.

The weird murals in the classroom impose a lot of pressure on people invisibly. It is also possible that each fish represents a ghost, otherwise the kindergarten will not be red and black.

Both of them are experienced players, but they are still fidgeted by the dense murals, and they have the urge to escape.

They tried their best to ignore this feeling and stared at the painting in the middle of the classroom.

In the center of the classroom, there is only one painting, which is very eye-catching.

On the drawing paper, someone painted a simple door with stick figures. The door was locked firmly, as if waiting for someone to open it.

Bai Yan and Ye Shangyu looked at each other, Ye Shangyu took out the key and reached out to the paper door in the painting

The moment the key touched the paper door, the key was slowly inserted into the drawing paper, and a stick figure key with the same style as the door appeared in the painting.

When the key entered the painting completely, the door suddenly opened, and the flounder that filled the wall suddenly moved. They swam into the door at an alarming speed and disappeared into the darkness behind the door.

Soon, all the "fish" in the kindergarten swam into the painting, and the surrounding walls suddenly became empty, revealing their white and miserable qualities, and they looked very shabby and crude.

The moment the door opened, Ye Shangyu's fingertips clicked to return.

Bai Yan was not as anxious as her, but he looked overhead, and there was a fish hanging above their heads, heading straight in the direction where Ye Shangyu disappeared.

After Ye Shangyu disappeared, it turned around and turned to aim at Bai Yan.

Bai Yan immediately clicked to return, and disappeared in the kindergarten instantly like Ye Shangyu.

After Bai Yan left, the flounder swam around where they disappeared, and then quickly swam into the paper gate and disappeared into the kindergarten.

At the same time, all the ghosts in the city were swept away. They disappeared in the streets, shops, houses, pillows, and even under the bed.

At the same time, the game world outside the city suddenly has many more doors...

The special topography of this city, coupled with extremely rare mineral deposits only found underground in this city, formed a kind of strange magnetic field, making the ghosts in the city trapped in the city and unable to go out.

But with the door, they can finally go out...


In a residential building, a housewife is busy with housework.

When she was cleaning the back pain, her four-year-old son suddenly pointed to the TV and said, "Mom, there are ghosts on the TV! They are eating children!"

Hearing this, the housewife was shocked, she ran over to pick up her son and said: "Tengteng, don't be afraid, there is a mother here!"

She coaxed her son gently and turned her head to look at the TV. As a result, the TV was playing the scene of Superman eating ice cream, and there was no plot as the son said.

The housewife watched the cartoon patiently for a while, and felt that there was nothing wrong with the cartoon. In addition, her son had lied to her several times, and she felt that her son was cheating again. She couldn't help but be a little angry and said: "Tengteng, mother told you many times, no Quasi-liar, if you lie, mother won't like you anymore, remember?"

"No... Mom, I didn't lie..."

Teng Teng cried and protested. After finally waiting for the little ancestor to calm down, the housewife continued to let her son watch cartoons and went to another room to clean.

When the housewife left, Teng Teng stared at the TV in a daze.

He looked at the pig man in the cartoon with a grinning smile, and he walked a few steps to the corner of the TV, revealing a door hidden behind him.

It opened the door, which was full of terrible monsters.

Teng Teng's chubby face was full of horror, but this time, he didn't wait for him to call his mother. The picture of the TV suddenly flicked, and only an open door remained on the screen. A ghost walked out of the screen. It tore the child in half and stuffed the body into the TV.

Then, it sits on the sofa where the child is watching TV casually, and says with a child-like voice: "Mom, I'm sleepy!"

The housewife put down the work she was doing and hugged Teng Teng onto the bed.

The housewife patiently coaxed the child to sleep. Today, the child was very coaxing. She didn't take much effort, so she closed her eyes and heard the sound of even breathing.

After a day of housework, she was a little tired. The housewife lay beside the child, closing her eyes and rolling over.

When the housewife closed her eyes, the child behind her opened her eyes, it got up and stood behind the housewife...


A group rented a room, and an office worker returned to the room. She lay directly on the bed in exhaustion. She did not notice that there was an extra door on her sheets...

At the school, a sports student finished training and found a door suddenly added in the corner of the equipment room. He opened the door curiously and found that the door was a similarly arranged equipment room.

However, in the equipment room in the door, the basketball hoop is filled with human heads...

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