Hell App Chapter 141

Chapter 141:

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Back to reality, the time in reality is in the early morning, and it is pitch black outside, but Bai Yan is not sleepy at all.

After lying on the bed for about half an hour, there was a vibration from his mobile phone.

Bai Yan turned on the phone and looked at it. A text message popped up on the screen, which was sent by Ye Shangyu.

The text message wrote the time and one thing he needed to do at that time-to open the game at 12 noon on Monday.

Now, the only players in the eleventh level are he and Ye Shangyu.

If you click to match, it is not a single player mode, the two will definitely match together.

Bai Yan could see that Ye Shangyu hadn't given up on killing him.

It is estimated that in the next game, she will definitely do something to him, but this is exactly what he wants, because he thinks so too.


A week passed in a flash.

Ye Shangyu drank the coffee in the cup and looked at the phone screen from time to time.

At this time, the time was approaching twelve noon, and there was still half an hour before the lunch break.

There is a crackling keyboard sound from the ministry, and colleagues are still working attentively. Because of their love for network security, it is common for no one to go fishing and to work overtime voluntarily.

Through the virus inserted in Baiyans mobile phone, seeing that at twelve oclock, Bai Yan clicked on the match, Ye Shangyu knocked on the door of the ministers office and stood at the door and said in a clear voice: "Minister, I want to surrender. I made the two App viruses circulating on the Internet."

"Today is not April Fool's Day. I am not joking. The evidence can be found in my home. I really want to surrender."

Under Ye Shangyu's intentional actions, people in half of the department heard clearly.

Everyone was shocked by the news, but those who didn't hear clearly, soon learned the news from the people next to them.

For a while, people in the entire department were startled by the news. Except those who were too busy to let go, everyone else gave up the code in their hands, and the department was full of whispering voices.

"Leader Ye will not come for real? If it is true, then it will be over. The network security guy turned out to be a notorious hacker, and his reputation has spread abroad. This is far more than guarding and stealing. If this is spread out. , What would others think of our department?"

"Leader Ye must be joking? Isn't she always jealous, how is this possible?" One of Ye Shangyu's team members couldn't believe it.

"...Hey, she said that she surrendered, it must be true. I remember that she hacked into the National Security System when she was in junior high school, and had a history of hackers. Because of this, she was almost imprisoned in the juvenile control office. It seemed that she was a minor. For human sake, it is the first offender to be exempt from prosecution.

She wanted to work in the ministry at the beginning, because her file should be unqualified. It was the minister who had a passion for talents and gave her this opportunity. She did not expect that she could do such a thing. "A man who overuses his brain and becomes bald in middle age shook his head and said: "It's true that dogs can't change eating shit. The Minister shouldn't leave her behind. If this happens, the Minister will also be implicated. "

As he said, the minister's face was really dark.

He knew Ye Shangyu very well, so he was quite sure that Ye Shangyu was not joking.

He took a deep look at Ye Shangyu, and said in a deep voice, "Ye Shangyu, I am very disappointed in you."

"Do you remember what you promised me before entering the department?"

"Skynet is magnificent, careless and not leaking. I promise that I won't be lucky enough to do anything that violates national laws...There are really powerful people who are not arbitrarily acting, let alone criminals who demonstrate their strength by harming national interests. Those workers who make silent dedication for the country and the people are the heroes of the people and are truly admired..."

Ye Shangyu smiled faintly: "Minister, I still remember what I said that day."

When the Dongchuang incident happened, she was criticized and educated by police comrades, and she deeply realized her mistakes.

She is very grateful to the society for giving her a chance to be a new person. In order to make up for her mistakes in the second period of secondary school, she also wanted to do something for the country and be a person who truly contributes to society. After graduation, she worked in the Cyber Security Department. I am also grateful to the minister for tolerating her dark history and giving her the opportunity to give back to society.

Ye Shangyu knew that what she had done disappointed the Minister.

But she can only think of this way, and she can only do this.

She thought about making the App disappear by making a wish, but the existence of the App itself is full of maliciousness to humans. How can a wish to make itself disappear?

Therefore, all she can do is to spread Internet viruses in reality.

In fact, she also understands that even if the virus App spreads to the world, it will not stop the App expansion.

What's more, her virus App will not last long, and one day it will be cracked by peers.

She doesn't know the source of the App, but she is very clear about the horror of the App. It is the most terrifying virus. It has destroyed countless worlds and turned them into deadly ghosts.

One person's power is weak, and the power to fight against this terror cannot be achieved by one person or two people. Only the power of the whole country and even the entire civilization can resist its erosion.

Before the catastrophe, humans were like ants falling into the water. Only by huddling together and drowning the outermost layer can the race continue.

However, she couldn't tell the information about the App in any way, and there was no sufficient evidence. Even if she did, she would be regarded as a delusion and would not attract enough attention.

The only way she can think of is to cause a sensation.

Only when the damage caused is large enough and her method of death is strange enough, will the country take it seriously.

Finally, Ye Shangyu said, "Minister, can you wait for me for a minute?"

The minister ignored Ye Shangyu's words, he was completely disappointed with Ye Shangyu.

He directly called the guards and committed such a criminal act that was frantic and brought huge losses to the country and the people. Any explanation was pale and weak. He no longer wanted to listen to Ye Shangyu's defense.

"Take all the electronic equipment from her, don't let her touch the computer, the mobile phone won't work!"

Ye Shangyu stood still, looking very cooperative.

However, her fingertip touched the phone hidden in her pocket, and the moment her fingertip touched the screen, she successfully matched and entered the game.

At this time, the guards had subdued Ye Shangyu and confiscated the two mobile phones she held in her hands and hidden in her pockets.

Ye Shangyu was holding the mobile phone in his hand, and it was watching a young man holding the mobile phone. The young man lowered his head as if playing with the mobile phone.

What puzzled them was that the phone hidden in Ye Shangyu's pocket was an open game page.

They exited the phone and found that the screen was empty. Except for the app that came with the system, there was only one domestic niche horror escape game called Twelve Doors, which was exactly the one shown on the screen.

Moreover, Ye Shangyu had many fragmentary newspaper clippings in his pocket, all of which were news about sudden death while playing with a mobile phone. She didn't know what she thought.


[Match successfully]

[Number of players: 2]

[Game Difficulty: Hell]

[Level description: This round of the game is a red line. The player has a red chalk in his hand. Use the red chalk to draw a door in the designated area, which is considered a game victory.

[Background import:...]

game rules:

Unlike the previous seriousness, Bai Yan glanced at the screen at random and turned off the phone, too lazy to know what was written afterwards.

However, he only glanced at it, and he probably knew what the App wanted the player to do.

The app wants the player to draw a door on a closed shelter.

Bai Yan glanced at the surrounding environment. A bus drove past a strange street. A girl cried and tapped the glass. She was trapped in a Mercedes-Benz bus, surrounded by ghosts.

But Bai Yan's pupils were red for a moment, and he couldn't help but hehe, because the crying girl was also a ghost, and there was no one living in the whole car.

The bus full of ghosts whizzed past, and the shops on both sides were covered with khaki human fur coats, and the shops were very cold. Occasionally, the shops are full of ghosts. Obviously, as soon as a living person steps in, they don't even want to get out of the shop without being "skinned".

This world has become such a virtue, and the App will not let the remaining survivors be spared. It really does not stop all human beings.

This thought flashed through Bai Yan's heart, eyes suddenly oozing with blood and tears, he took a step back quickly, avoiding Ye Shangyu's attack.

After a week's rest, Ye Shangyu, who had recovered his ghost ability, came up to do it. As soon as he entered the game, he planned to die with him.

Bai Yan opened up the ability to parry for a moment, and turned around without saying a word.

He is a good citizen in the App. Compared to Ye Shangyu, who is on the App blacklist, he enjoys normal game treatment. As long as it drags on without him, the App will create a chance to kill Ye Shangyu.

Therefore, he ran toward a building, quickly ran into the building, and climbed the stairs to the top of the building.

Probably because of the same game as Ye Shangyu, Bai Yan climbed the stairs quite smoothly, without encountering any ghosts along the way, and easily ran to the top floor.

Standing on the edge of the building, Bai Yan felt the wind on the top floor. He was sweaty when he climbed to the twenty-third floor, and he felt very refreshed by the wind.

He waited for about an hour before Ye Shangyu arrived late.

Different from his relaxed and chic appearance, Ye Shangyu had a lot of blood on the palms and backs of his hands, and his shirt was wet with blood and dyed a dazzling red. It seemed that he had gone through a fierce battle.

Seeing that Bai Yan was unscathed, Ye Shangyu stood by the door and did not pass easily, seeming to compare the strength of the two.

Seeing Ye Shangyu's vigilant face and ready to go, Bai Yan took two steps forward, raising his hands to show his kindness, and said sincerely: "Ye Shangyu, don't look at me like this. I know I used to His style is not very good, it makes you prejudiced against me, but I also have a conscience, I am also a person, I know the consequences of clearing the game, I have decided to stay in the game like you here. At the end of life , Shall we stop killing each other?"

"Okay, I won't kill you, then you go back to where you were just now." Ye Shangyu didn't eat his suit. She leaned against the door and said coldly, "I'll be there in a while, I will count three times, and we will go upstairs together. Jump down, no one will regret it."

"Okay, just do as you say."

Bai Yan promised to be unexpectedly refreshed, Ye Shangyu leaned against the door to rest, and walked slowly towards the edge of the building.

When he was only a few steps away from Bai Yan, Ye Shangyu suddenly swooped over, black blood flowing out of his fingertips, trying to push Bai Yan down the tall building.

Bai Yan had been prepared for a long time, and his heart was the same as Ye Shangyu thought, he didn't even plan to fulfill the contract.

Therefore, he also activated his abilities early, and fought Ye Shangyu with him. He was as vicious as her, and he liked to greet her face specially.

Soon, both of them were soaked in blood, embarrassed.

Ye Shangyu mastered his abilities earlier than Bai Yan. Although he spent a lot of time when he went upstairs, he was even close to him, making Bai Yan afraid to let go.

In the end, it was the App that did nothing but help.

When Ye Shangyu turned her back to the tall building, a ferocious balloon floated behind her, and the human face balloon caught her throat and tore her downstairs. Ye Shangyu only had time to grab the edge of the tall building with his hands, and his life was hanging by a thread.

Ye Shangyu clung to the eaves of the wall, her knuckles were blue and her body was shaking against the wall of the building, and her body was shaken by the wind.

Ye Shangyu may fall to the ground at any time, but she is still very restless. Her left hand trembled slightly, and her eyes were staring at Bai Yan, as if she wanted to fight hard and tore him off together before she died.

Bai Yan has been guarding against this trick, and naturally will not let her succeed.

Bai Yan waited patiently for a while, and when Ye Shangyu gradually exhausted, he couldn't hold on, he smiled and took out a knife, walked to the edge of the building, and slowly cut Ye Shangyu's hand with the blade.


The blade made a "chuck" cutting sound on the skin and flesh. Ye Shangyu's pupils were wide open. Her throat was entangled with balloons and she couldn't make a sound, but her mouth closed together, and she read from her lips. Shang Yu keeps repeating "Go down with me", but how is this possible?

Seeing Ye Shangyu's unwilling eyes, Bai Yan smiled happily.

He cut off one of Ye Shangyu's finger and threw it downstairs.

Bai Yan admired Ye Shangyu's painful expression, and while cutting, she said sincerely and sincerely: "Don't worry about walking, I will live with your share. I will live to the last level, and live well to the end. Wait. When clearing the level, I will resurrect my friend. I dont care if it is a ghost or a human being. As long as he can come back to reality with me, I will be satisfied.

Hearing Bai Yan's vision of the future, the expression on Ye Shangyu's face became even more distorted.

With only three fingers left, Ye Shangyu's fingers finally couldn't support the weight of her body. Her bare palms loosened, she fell straight from the twenty-third floor, and shattered on the ground.

Watching Ye Shangyu fall to pieces, Bai Yan sat in the place where Ye Shangyu fell and sighed slightly.

Killing the heart, Ye Shangyu was disgusted before he died, and he felt particularly comfortable.

It feels exceptionally cool.

However, he was not happy for long, a disgusting feeling of nausea swept over, making him feel quick from the pit Ye Shangyu. The sense of smoke disappeared.

Bai Yan lowered his head and looked down. The scenery seen from the edge of the twenty-third floor made people dizzy. There was a sense of danger that he would fall if he was not careful.

However, this was not the most dangerous thing, because he saw that under the twenty-third floor, the fallen female corpses were slowly gathering in the pool of blood in the center.

The fragmented corpses seemed to have long legs, they crawled towards the pool of blood and gradually pieced together a complete female corpse.

The female ghost seemed to hate what he had done just now, dragging the assembled corpses into the building.

Bai Yan blinked, thinking that the female ghost must be holding a grudge and came to him for revenge. It should be too late to go downstairs now.

However, sitting on the edge of the building, he watched the setting sun gradually engulfed by clouds, and did not move.

The reality turned into a ghost, which has no effect on him, but a thing that makes him happy.

However, what makes him disgusting is that he understands this, but still chooses to sit here, as if compromised with those things.

He lost.

He was completely defeated by them.

The annoying mother, the chattering teacher, and the nosy Wang Ze...

They always repeat some sick words, and he never takes it to heart. But until today, he found out that he was brainwashed. Every word of them made him nauseous, but the **** thing is, after listening so many times, the lie will be told the truth, and his brain reflexively tells him He, they are correct.

He is always wrong.

He never felt that his character was wrong, but he was willing to admit that they were the right people.

"...I could have a happy life and harvest an interesting world, I hate you."

He tried to recall Ye Shangyu's face before his death, hoping that it would bring him happiness and dispel the lingering nausea, but it was not as useful as remembering Wang Ze's funeral.

Bai Yan retched for a while, feeling that the nausea that made him physically and mentally uncomfortable before death could not stop.

He gave up resistance, and even had some hope of death that would free him from this state.

Bai Yan watched the sunset for a while, waited for a long time, and finally heard something climbing upstairs.

It opened the door and walked towards the edge of the building step by step.

The female corpse stood behind him.

Bai Yan sat quietly without looking back.

He glanced at the sunset one last time, covered his bleeding eyes with one hand, and slowly closed his eyes.

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