Hell App Chapter 142

Chapter 142:

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My name is Gu Xiaoyue and I am an ordinary clerk.

At noon that day, like many people, I unconsciously took out my mobile phone during lunch, wanting to watch something to kill time.

However, when the phone was turned on, I found that there was an unrecognized app on the screen. This app was written in red on a black background with the four blood words "Hell Frontier". It looked like a horror game app. An ominous feeling.

"...A new strain of virus?"

I am timid and never play horror games. Therefore, my first reaction was that those boring hackers started to launch new viruses to deceive people.

Recently, various App viruses have emerged in an endless stream, and publicity in the media has also been overwhelming, calling on citizens not to open apps they dont know at will in order to protect their property.

Many old Tie brothers scrapped several mobile phones, and finally learned to behave and no longer compete with these virus apps. And I am a person who doesn't like to die, so naturally it is impossible to open this app from unknown source.

Use your fingertips to avoid the App icon. I have no plan to delete it, so as not to accidentally trigger the virus.

After lunch, I opened a report page on the Internet and described this new virus App in detail.

Hackers have been rampant recently, but the country has not failed to contain their actions.

Take this reporting website. Whenever you find a thing that is suspected of being a virus App, you can report it on this website. After verification, there will be a certain bonus.

Of course, as a civil servant, even if there is no bonus, you must report an unknown App. This is also one of the obligations.

Recently, the above leaders have paid a lot of attention to the virus app. It seems that these apps have caused a lot of losses to the country. Hackers are really doing evil.

After submitting it, I left the matter behind, because with the staff's review speed, it is estimated that it will be at night before the results come down.

But I never expected that the review speed this time was so fast, my report passed in less than an hour.

What I didn't expect was that before the reward was down, a uniformed brother broke into the office and told me with a serious face that my mobile phone had been levied.

It is said that this mobile phone virus is very complicated, so it needs to be studied together with the mobile phone. It is the kind that will not be returned after the study.

I dont know much about this, but Im all people in the system. Of course I have to cooperate when encountering this kind of thing. Although I cant bear my mobile phone, under the directors scorching eyes, I obediently gave it to the uniform brother

Im sad when my phone is gone.

But the good news is that the expropriated mobile phones can be reimbursed.

With the reimbursement and bonus, I can buy a new, more expensive mobile phone. Once the new mobile phone arrives, I forget the happiness that the old mobile phone once brought me.


Originally, I could enjoy the smooth experience of the new mobile phone to the fullest, but within two days of owning the new mobile phone, I saw the familiar APP again.

I thought it was the culprit that caused the last phone to leave me, so I was still impressed by it.

However, as a curiosity person, I still don't plan to open it.

I silently opened the report website and reported the app.

Faster than last time, I saw the uniform brother again.

This time, Brother Uniform not only levied my mobile phone, but also collected me casually.

Sitting in the heavily guarded research institute, looking at a group of white coats staring at me, I was a little panicked.

I seem to have a big deal.


The white coats studied for a few days and determined that I didn't have anything special, except that I was very unlucky, so I met the Hell App again in just a few days.

And coincidentally, during this time, they tried to plug in a new phone for me, and it turned out

The third mobile phone cannot escape bad luck. The rogue app was added on the afternoon of the day I got it, which surprised the white coats.

Fortunately, they stuffed me again

The fourth mobile phone, the fourth mobile phone has always been very good, there is nothing more than it should be.

At least so far...

It may be that I am particularly fond of rogue apps, and I am an official ape (little white mouse) with a good root and a good outlook. The director felt that I was a man of work, so he transferred me to the organization and transferred me to the research institute.

After working in the institute for a period of time, my worldview was severely hit. Before that, I had always believed in science and never thought that there would be such a thing in the world

Because I'm all the people who study apps, I also know the truth about some things.

The beginning of the matter was the death of a team leader of the cyber security department.

The team leader who first spread the virus app on the Internet suddenly died suddenly after surrendering. He also specifically mentioned "one minute" before his death. He seemed to have foresaid his own death a long time ago and predicted his own death accurately. time.

What's more weird is that on a mobile phone seized from her, the young man at the other end of the screen kept staring at the phone, and the screen quickly went black, making the task force personnel think it was her accomplice.

However, when the police broke in, they found that the young man had already lost his breath and was still holding the phone before his death. After the autopsy, he found that the cause of death was also sudden death, and the time of death was the same as that of the group leader.

Both died at the same time, and the cause of death was abnormal. In addition, when the team leader died, he carried a newspaper clipping about sudden death while playing with a mobile phone. The symptoms were surprisingly consistent with the two deaths. Elementary school students could find that there must be hidden secrets.

In the home of the dead team leader, the task force searched the team leaders tool for making the virus app. At the same time, it obtained a lot of information from the team leaders personal belongings. It was discovered that the team leader suddenly became supernatural in the two months before his death. The incident is extremely concerned. The frequency of browsing horror novels, supernatural games, and horror videos on the Internet is abnormally high. Before that, she obviously had no hobbies in this area.

At the same time, members of the task force also investigated the young people being monitored by the team leader.

At the home of the deceased young man, they investigated his notebook and mobile phone. Through browsing records, they found that the young man suddenly started to pay a lot of attention to information such as spirituality and horror in more than two months, and they had also browsed related to "sudden cell phone death". News.

In addition, the youth did not participate in the spread of the virus App. According to the collected evidence, the production of the virus App should be the personal behavior of Team Leader Ye.

At this time, the task force had already realized that this was a huge case.

They followed the vine and found that the dead young man was paying attention to a female anchor surnamed Chu, who also died abnormally.

The female anchor had a strange appetite, and the cause of her death was sudden death, and she was strangely interested in spiritual information before she died.

The similarities in common, the death of deliberately transmitting information, plus the frequent sudden death news not long ago...

The personnel of the task force are keenly aware of the similarities, and also realize that there may be more than these victims.

After screening through big data, the task force found that after the emergence of the two virus apps, the number of people who died suddenly from playing mobile phones in China dropped sharply. It seems that the cause of death of the sudden death is deeply related to the app.

After investigation and analysis, they came to a terrible conclusion, which still makes me feel incredible.

An app related to ghosts and ghosts is trying to invade our world. This App game seems to have 12 levels. Clicking on the App will force you to join the game. Failure of the game will cause sudden death of the player, and the success of the game seems to threaten To the safety of our world.

For some reason, Team Leader Ye couldn't tell the truth clearly, so he had to make a virus as a cryptic hint, hoping to let others discover it.

This conclusion is quite absurd, but excluding all impossible, the remaining explanation, no matter how incredible, is the truth of the matter.

Anyway, after reading the analysis of those experts, I was fooled.


After staying in the institute for a long time, I will inevitably come into contact with some cruel things.

I know for the first time that the director and they will use executed prisoners to do experiments.

Of the three mobile phones I was expropriated, none of them was wasted. They were all used by those on death row.

Some researchers who like SCPs called these subjects D-class personnel. I searched the Internet for what SCP is, and I felt that it was in a similar situation to ours, and I also secretly called them behind.

Because of the sacrifice of these D-class personnel, the weirdness of that App has been verified.

The first time you click on the App, D-class personnel will disappear in reality, some will disappear forever, and some will return in a minute.

After returning to reality again, D-class personnel are under the control of the App and cannot speak or write information related to the App in any way. And at this time, the App will suddenly "disappear" on the mobile phone when someone witnesses it. Only when the witness moves away, the D-class personnel can see the App again. Moreover, videos involving APP will disappear, and all electronic products will be unreliable.

In addition, since the first contact with the App, they must click on the App again every seven days to enter that weird world. If they do not touch the App for seven days, they will die...


With the unremitting efforts of many staff, the research has made some progress.

Researchers discovered that as the game progresses, the bodies of some D-class personnel will mutate. Compared with other D-class personnel, they eat very little, sleep greatly reduced, and at the same time can maintain energy, becoming less and less human-like.

Reminiscent of the mutant creatures in horror games, I feel a little scared and disgusted with these D-class personnel.

I always feel that if I don't care about anything and just let it go, they will become quite scary creatures.

However, including the director, we still don't know what an App is.

App is something that today's technology cannot understand. The only thing we can be sure of is that no one can pass the level.

Unfortunately, this is beyond human control.

In any corner of the world, anyone with a mobile phone is likely to become a player of this game. We cannot ensure that everyone can control their own hands, nor can we find everyone who becomes a player. Delay the time for customs clearance.

And...Does the app really only appear on mobile phones? No one knows this.

What we can do now is to race against time and find the means to fight it as far as possible before the fall of terror.

My name is Gu Xiaoyue and I am an ordinary researcher.

After studying for so long, I still haven't found a way to fight against the App. I am a little pessimistic.

But... I want to live, and I don't want Leader Ye and the others to sacrifice in vain.

Today, I am also doing my best.

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