Hellbound With You Book 1 Chapter 509

Volume 1 Chapter 509 Slow

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In that alien and desolate landscape, the rain finally came as the group continued moving forward.

Alex turned to check on Abigail, who was standing behind the front line. When he saw that she was already wearing the silver cloak Alicia had given her and that the rain didn't seem to bother her, his dark eyes glimmered before he returned his gaze ahead of him.

They knew that Dinah's lair was situated somewhere under one of these plateaus. But because of a strong barrier protecting the whole place, Alicia couldn't pinpoint the exact spot. She could tell what kind of spell the witches on Dinah's side had used to create this powerful barrier. This was another forbidden spell because this spell requires a few stages of bloody rituals. And in each of those rituals, the caster would need the fresh blood of v.i.r.g.i.n human girls. The practice was brutal, and the number of sacrificed lives was simply too cruel. This made Alicia finally understood just what kind of a monster Dinah was. She was simply the definition of pure evil.

She had already seen how she tortured Zeres, and now, this. Alicia could only gnash her teeth silently in anger. She glanced at Abigail and clenched her fists. Abigail needed to be protected because she was the only one who could kill that evil woman. If they lose Abigail, that woman might destroy the peaceful world all their ancestors tried so hard to protect. Dinah must die now before she could spread her darkness in the whole world.

Inside a seemingly ancient underground temple, a loud and low groan echoed. The sound came from the man kneeling in the middle of the main chamber. His hands were tugging his hair as if he was in so much pain.

A woman in a red dress stood before him while numbers of men in black cloak circled the chamber that was lit up by torches hanging around the massive pillars.

The woman bent and pinched the man's chin, forcing him to look at her. "It's okay, Zeres," she uttered. Her voice was sweet like honey, but her gaze at him filled with nothing but coldness. "Didn't I tell you not to fight it? Come on. You can do it. A little bit more. If you want the pain to stop, don't fight it, and just let the darkness consumes you."

When Zeres didn't move and just continued groaning in pain, Dinah straightened. Her blank eyes deepened, and a dangerous and evil glare flashed across them.

She faced her minions and the two witches stepped forward. "He's supposed to be fully transformed by now. I already gave him the blood he needed," she narrowed her eyes. "Something is fighting the transformation. Are you certain that that witch queen did nothing to Zeres while he's with her? Answer."

The two witches looked at each other before one of them immediately spoke. "My queen, we didn't see nor sense anything strange, but we only caught up with them when they were already near the vampire's castle. We are not certain, but maybe, that queen did something to him before we arrived."

Dinah's eyes turned even sharper, like the eyes of a venomous snake. "Kiel," she called out, her voice became smooth as honey again.

A man in a black cloak stepped forward, and Dinah sauntered, circling the man for a long while. She stopped before him and stepped closer to him until they were only inches apart. Her hand moved, and her long nails painted fiery red gently poked his chest as she looked up at him.

"You know that I am still suspicious of you, right? Kiel?" she uttered. "That woman in Zeres room was the witch queen in disguise, and you claim you didn't recognize her? You know I will never believe that you, the mighty Kiel, will be fooled by a mere witch queen."

"You are underestimating the witch's queen's power, Dinah. She's a queen while I'm a mere prince."

A sarcastic laugh echoed. "Oh, Kiel. Do you expect me to believe that? You are the most powerful non-immortal creature in existence, Kiel."

Dinah started circling him again. Her movement was silent, akin to a serpent moving around him and waiting for the right moment to attack and bite him. She halted before him again, but after staring at Kiel's face for a while, she continued circling him. She looked like she was plotting something evil in her head.

The chamber was filled with both malevolence and venomous darkness. No one dared make a noise aside from Zeres. Zeres skin was already cloaked with black scales. Something that seemed to be wings was growing very slowly from his back, and horn-like spikes were also growing in his head. He looked like the unbearable pain had already numbed him, and he doesn't seem to own his mind anymore. But none of the creatures inside the temple cared about his scream of pain. All their eyes were focused on Dinah.

When Dinah finally halted, a malicious smirk momentarily flashed on her face before she stepped towards Kiel again. She moved close enough and made the man bent over to hear her whisper.

"Kiel" Dinah traced his perfect jawline with her forefinger. "Do you want to erase my doubt in you?" she asked, and Kiel met her gaze. She smiled at him. "Then go capture that witch and bring her to me."

Kiel slightly narrowed his eyes. "Why? Are you sure you want me to go? You know they're already here."

"I don't care if they're here. They won't find us without that witch."

"I don't understand. We planned not to wait for them here."

"I changed my mind, Kiel. I need that witch to remove whatever spell she cast on my pet that is slowing down his transformation."

A silent sigh escaped Kiel's lips.

"Zeres is already transforming, Dinah. I don't think "

"I can't wait anymore, Kiel." She cut him off and her gaze at him sharpened. "And didn't I tell you that I still doubt you? Bring that witch to me now... and I'll trust you again, Ezekiel."

Kiel stared at her. "Are you expecting me to go against Alexander?"

"Of course not." Her eyes darkened and then an evil smirk formed on her face as if she had another hidden agenda. "Alexander will be busy protecting that woman. So, capturing that witch is easy for you to do, Kiel. That is... If you want to."

As soon as those words left Dinah's lips, Kiel turned his back from her. A strange glint flashed across his eyes as he replied without glancing back at her.

"I will bring her to you."

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