Hellbound With You Book 1 Chapter 510

Volume 1 Chapter 510 The Right Time

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Alex finally halted. They didn't find anything in the last three plateaus they had searched, so Alex's pause made everyone think they finally found the right place.

"Is this the right place?" Kai, who was right behind Abigail, asked Alicia, but Alicia shook her head.

"I don't think so," she said, causing Kai's brows to knot as his gaze flew towards Alex. 'Then, why did he stop?'

"Someone's coming."

As Alicia spoke, a man in a black cloak appeared ahead of them. The falling raindrops seemingly turned heavier as everyone prepared to battle. The air turned exceptionally intense.

More and more silhouettes appeared behind the cloaked man, and just like him, everyone behind him wore the same black cloak. Raven and the others who were present during the battle in the Ziggurat days before had their eyes widen. Because they could tell that the man leading the group of the rogue vampires was no other than their master, Ezekiel.

Alex, Kai, Alicia, Abi, and Raven were the only ones who knew that Ezekiel had been acting like a mole on the enemy's side. The rest of the soldiers didn't know about this, so they were a little shaken when they felt the familiar aura of their master. It was faint, but there was no way the elite vampires will not recognize the man who trained them for almost a hundred years. Confusion immediately painted their faces, but they didn't lose focus. All of them immediately thought that the man who had the same aura as their master must be an illusion someone powerful was using so they would drop their guards down.

And with that, the soldiers retained their utmost focus and intensity, completely ignoring the confusion and doubts caused by that man's presence. But to the ones who knew that the man before them was indeed Ezekiel, couldn't help but narrow their eyes at him.

Alicia tried to spot the witches or that woman, Dinah, if she was close but failed. She couldn't see anyone else but Ezekiel and the strong rogue vampires behind him. Why did that woman send out Ezekiel this early? Alicia knew that this plateau wasn't Dinah's hiding place. She thought that, like what happened in Frost Town, Dinah will keep Ezekiel beside her again and will only send her weaker minions in the front line to serve as her sacrificial pawns. So she changed her plan? Why? Was that woman planning to use Ezekiel to exhaust Alexander? Or did Zeke convinced Dinah to let him lead the front lines?

The same questions were playing in Abi, Kai, and Raven's head except for Alex. They were wondering if Ezekiel was planning something else that could benefit them. Maybe, Zeke was planning to let some of them to easily advance purposely?

While Alicia and the others were trying to figure out the real purpose of Zeke's early appearance, a roaring thunder echoed.

And then, as fast as lightning, everyone moved, except Abigail.

The rogue vampires led by Zeke had attacked without warning, but the elite vampires were also quick to react. They already formed a formation around Abigail. They circled her. It was the same formation they did back in the battle in Frost Town, but this time, their circle was so much larger because the elite vampires gave enough space for each other's so their movement won't be restricted.

Alex had already crushed two rogue vampires on the rocky ground with his bare hands. His hands were still on their crushed heads as he lifted his face. His dark eyes peered through his dripping wet hair. His eyes zeroed onto the man still standing far ahead of him.

As if time slowed, the raindrops fell in a slow motion. And in a blink of an eye, a powerful clash of two blades echoed. The attack was too strong that their locked swords almost created tiny lightning. Their eyes gleamed, and then a burning red color swallowed their pupils as they stared at each other.

No word came out of their lips. They retracted their swords and attacked each other again, with every swing becoming more and more powerful.

The fight between the rogue and the elite vampires were as fierce as Alex and Ezekiel's. They were completely wrong when they thought that the first wave of the enemy they will be fighting would be easy. These rogue vampires were incredibly strong, but that wasn't why they were a formidable opponent. They were dangerous because they all seemed like they were possessed. They were fighting with all they've got like madmen who do not fear death.

"Shit, this is bad." Kai cursed. No one could break inside their formation yet, but he was worried because this was just the first battle. They didn't even reach the place where that woman was hiding yet! At this rate, the soldiers will use most of their strengths before they could even reach Dinah.

Shifting his gaze at the two men having an insane clash away from them, Kai couldn't help but frown. Doubts were flashing across his eyes. He didn't understand. Wasn't this the time for Ezekiel to join them now? Now that they were here, this was now the right time for Zeke to reveal his true self and turn his back from that woman. Why was he still fighting against them? Did he still need to go back to that woman? For what?

As the sky roared once again, Kai saw Ezekiel being pushed back by Alex's powerful attack. However, before Alex could charge again, many vampires arrived, adding to the group attacking the circle that was protecting Abigail.

"Alicia!" Abigail called out. Her eyes wide as she looked at the witch queen. Abigail looked like she was itching to do something and was now impatiently asking for the queen's permission If it was finally the right time.

Alicia looked around. The number of rogue vampires had drastically increased. They never planned to reveal Abi's power this early because they knew they were being watched. But they had to deal with these vampires as early as they could or in one strike so they won't waste any more time and strength.

"Alicia!" Abigail called out again. Alicia met her gaze, and she saw something shocking. Abigail's eyes were blazing and a golden hue faintly danced in them. Was that her imagination? Alicia was so shocked and she didn't know why but she felt like she was momentarily hypnotized, and before she knew it, she nodded.

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