Hellbound With You Chapter 454

453 Theory

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Abigail looked at Alicia and then Zeke to see if they had also noticed the difference in Alex but they didn't show any signs. Maybe they were all still too caught up with the conversation to even notice? When Alex started talking again, she directed her attention back to him. While she had questions of her own surrounding her husband, those questions would have to wait until this conversation was over.

"Just another pawn, huh" Alex's lips twitched as he echoed Zeke's words because he had thought the same thing as Zeke. He thought that this was a possibility because to Alex, that immortal woman wasn't a big threat to him. He was still stronger than her in terms of power and without Zeke's help, she wouldn't have been able to amass that army. And an even more important fact was that the woman could be killed by Abigail.

Peering at Zeke, Alex's expression became challenging. "Mind telling me your theory about this big mastermind who is just using that woman as a pawn?" he asked.

Everyone was curious so they all looked at Zeke with great interest, eagerly anticipating his next words of wisdom.

Realizing that Alex would press for him to speak more, Zeke could only sigh. "That woman isn't as powerful as you are, Alex," he started. "She might be an immortal, but she is only a human immortal. The only thing she had going for her is the fact that she can't be killed. However, because she is immortal, others have started to follow her and she was able to gather a huge following of strong and loyal vampires and witches. She was able to command these creatures and become the queen of the rogue vampires and witches because she promised them their freedom from your restrictive rules, rules that would go on forever as long as you lived. Even the current king and queen of vampires have to listen to you. So they listened to her, followed her because she gave them hope. She is very good at manipulating others to get what she wants. I suppose that could also be considered as her kind of power.

But mostly, to her followers, her existence is proof that the existence of other immortals is no longer impossible. There are endless possibilities now. Maybe she talked about a more powerful leader for these rogue vampires and witches, a new leader that could bring about a new kind of world.

This person could be immortal and they could be a pure blooded vampire or a very powerful witch! They could be someone as powerful as you or possibly even stronger. I know that seems like it is an impossible thing but nothing is impossible anymore and even more possibilities have opened up. We just don't know. All we know is that they are using that woman as a pawn to find out everything about you while they sit back and watch the show. Meanwhile, we know nothing about them." Zeke explained, still as emotionless as ever.

Silence followed Zeke's words. Indeed, the existence of other immortals was no longer impossible at this point.

Abi looked at Alex and the golden shades in his eyes glimmered dangerously.

"But if someone as strong as Alex existed all this time, why did they hide themselves, especially if they are immortal, too?" Kai finally spoke. His question was something that ran through everyone's minds.

"That is something I have yet to figure out. Why would they wait so many centuries to make a move? If someone like that really exists then they should have made a move by now. I have a couple of theories. One is that perhaps they are not quite sure if they are more powerful than Alex. After all, I don't think even you really know the extent of your own power even now, Alex," Zeke paused, gazing at Alex so seriously. Zeke had closely watched Alex yesterday, for many reasons, and it didn't escape his notice the way Alex looked like he was about to transform into a different creature. His eyes, his talons, his aura were so different to the immortal vampire that was Alexander.

"Another theory is that he did not come out because even if he was able to defeat Alexander, the world would become a place of constant chaos and destruction from a never ending war because, well, immortals are immortal. They cannot be killed. It would become an endless vicious cycle of one of them trying to gain the upper hand.

"So my last theory is this: that they waited for the woman from the prophecy to be born to kill Alex. That theory makes the most sense especially since they only came out of the shadows the same night that Abigail stabbed Alex," Zeke finally finished.

Another silence followed as everyone contemplated Zeke's words. It was Raven who broke the silence with a frown on his face.

"But if they wanted Alex dead, then why did the woman order to kill Abigail and not Alex?" Raven couldn't help but ask.

"Well, my best guess is that she saw that Alex was already dying so she had no more need for Abigail. Maybe she wanted Alex to watch Abigail di-"

"Shut up, Zeke," Alex cut Zeke off sharply, not wanting to relive that moment. Alex's eyes blazed like the golden sun. He would never let anything like that happen again. Now that he had his full power back, he would protect Abigail himself.

Zeke could only sigh at being interrupted and then he looked up at Alicia.

"Now it's time for you to speak, witch queen," Zeke said.

Everyone looked at Alicia and she nodded.

"Like all of us, my queen didn't have any more information about the existence of other immortals other than that woman so I know as much as you in this case. But," Alicia looked at Abi. "My queen told me that the answer to all our questions about the immortals might lie with Abigail."

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