Hellbound With You Chapter 455

454 Necklace

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Alex creased his brows and Abi just looked very confused. What could she possibly know? She didn't even know about the existence of vampires and witches until she bumped into Alex!

In the next second, Alicia brought out the necklace she had been keeping safely with her. Now was as good a time as any to hand this necklace to its rightful owner.

"The late queen gave me this, Abigail. She ordered me to give this to you at all cost."

Alicia placed the necklace in Abigail's palm.

Abi looked at the necklace which held a small bottle and stared at the yellow liquid inside it.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Abi asked Alicia, unsure of what it was she was holding.

"Unfortunately, the memories about this necklace are quite protected so even I couldn't see anything about it yet. The former queen had sealed it so I need to perform a ritual to dissolve the protective spell first. I believe the memories could only be seen by you through your dreams." Alicia explained.

Abi looked down and stared at the necklace again before she lifted her face to Alicia. "Are you going to perform the ritual now?"

Alicia glanced at Alex. She knew just by seeing Alexander's expression that he was not happy with all these things involving Abigail. Alicia somehow felt that something huge will happen after this, especially to Abigail. In fact, she felt great unease about what was waiting for Abigail or what would happen to her after this. That was why she understood the displeasure that Alex was exuding. But they didn't have a choice. They had to know the truth and there was no time for them to delay.

"I will need to perform the ritual once the full moon rises tonight." Alicia finally said and as expected, Alex's face turned even darker.

Clasping the bottle in her hand, Abi took a deep breath. There were so many things going on and she could barely keep up. She was having a hard time digesting all this but she had to let everyone know about the fact that that woman also looked like her mother. She had to tell them now.

"I I still have something to say," she said weakly. Alex noticed her hesitation and he took her hand and held it in his.

"Say it, my wife. Don't hide anything from us," Alex encouraged her.

Abi nodded at him and she looked at everyone in the room.

"That that woman," she paused. "She looked exactly like my mother," she confessed. Everyone was shocked. "But I don't believe it is her. It can't be. My mother is dead."

Alex glanced at Zeke and the lines on his forehead deepened.

"She's just an imposter, right?" Abi asked no one in particular.

Everyone was surprised. They didn't know that the immortal woman actually looked like Abigail's mother. Even Alex's expression changed upon hearing her.

"I was still very young when she died but I know what she looked like from the photos we had of her. But... that woman was calling my name like she knew who I was," Abi continued, almost in a trance, but then she shook her head again as she stared at Zeke, as if the answer was somehow written on his face. "Please tell me she's just an imposter, right? Did she somehow make herself look like my mother so that she could fool me? That was just part of their plans, right?"

Abigail was almost begging Zeke for the answers. A part of her didn't want to hear Zeke's answer. What if he said that the woman was her mother? She was so afraid that the woman might really be her mother because how could there be two people who looked exactly the same down to the scar on her hairline from her brain surgery?

Zeke was silent for a while. "I am not certain if she is using a different appearance. It could be that a witch has cast a spell on her to make her look like that but I am not sure. She has looked like that ever since the first time I met her. But rest assured, I will investigate that. For now, don't let her trick you. Whether she's an imposter or not, don't forget that she tried to kill you and wanted you dead," Zeke answered, as blunt as ever.

Alex held Abi's hand and intertwined their fingers together. Abi's heart felt heavy but she nodded.

"I understand. Even if even if she" Abi stopped. She just couldn't bear the thought of that woman being her mother. "No, my mother is long dead," she said with a bit more certainty as she clenched the necklace in her hand.

The necklace suddenly emitted a golden yellow light, blinding Abi and the others.

The next moment, Abi's eyes turned blank and she passed out.

Alex caught her in time but his heart started to race. He placed Abigail on his lap and he looked at her unconscious face. Alex instantly took the necklace from Abi's hand because it was obviously this thing that made her pass out! One second she was fine and then this thing lit up and suddenly Abigail was unconscious!

"Abigail!" he called out her name but there was no response. His hand went straight to her forehead and to his dismay, she was starting to burn up. Alex started to panic and his golden eyes blazed at Alicia.

"What is going on?!" Alex burst out, frustrated and angry and afraid. He didn't know what this necklace did to his wife to make her like this!

Alicia was just as shocked as everyone else but was still calm. She didn't know this would happen, however, she knew that her witch queen wouldn't have given that necklace to Abigail if it was dangerous!

She moved closer to Abigail to check her temperature and heart rate.

Before anyone could say or do anything more, a strange mist began to appear inside the room! Alex's eyes widened in shock because he remembered this; this was the same white mist that had covered the forest floor that night he found her in the forest.

"Give her the necklace back, Alex," Alicia told him. When Alex remained hesitant, Alicia quickly took advantage of his shock and snatched the necklace from Alex's hand and put it in Abigail's hand.

Just like that, the mist began to disappear.

Alex's gaze sharpened as he looked at Alicia.

"What the hell is going on?"


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