Hellbound With You Chapter 467

466 The Long Lost Tale Part Xii

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His words surprised the girl and her lips parted slightly. Their gaze deepened with their faces being reflected in each other's eyes so clearly. The next moment, his hand moved and before he knew it, his hand was on her cheek, caressing it with the back of his fingers.

The mood became solemn and intense and in the next second, young Abigail turned to face the Dark Dragon Hills as she cleared her throat. Young Alex realized what he was doing and he was quick to retract his hand.

"W-what's wrong?" he asked as he too followed her line of sight.

"I think I should go say goodnight to Lexus. Want to come with me?"

Alex didn't even hesitate and he immediately stood up, ready to accompany her.

"You like Lexus, don't you?" she giggled.

"He's cool," he replied and the two of them climbed the mountain again, hand in hand.

"Lexus?" The young woman's voice wasn't as loud as this morning but the dragon immediately came out, as if he had been waiting for them. The black dragon was so close to them, so close that Alex found himself frozen on the spot. He didn't dare move a muscle.

The magnificent black dragon lowered its head and young Abigail excitedly reached out to touch it while her other hand held Alex's hand.

"What's wrong? Were you lonely? How about we go and fly around for a bit tonight?" she kindly asked the dragon, like a sweet mother.

The dragon blinked slowly. His sun-like eyes burned calmly as he gazed at her, at them. His every move was graceful, almost making no sound at all. He was like a tamed domestic pet, contrary to an aggressive and ruthless monster he had heard many stories about.

"My friend wants to fly with you, Lexus. Will you allow it?" she asked again, pulling Alex to stand closer to Lexus.

The dragon's magnificent eyeballs moved and looked at him for what seemed like a long time. The next moment, the dragon turned, stretching out his tail for them.

Young Abigail smiled so widely as she faced Alex. "He agreed! I think Lexus likes you!" she said excitedly and before Alex could reveal a reaction, Abi pulled him and they both climbed on the black dragon. They sat on his back, Abi holding onto a spike on the dragon's neck while Alex sat right behind her.

"Are you ready?" Abi asked Alex and once Alex nodded, she happily yelled, "Let's go, Lexus!"

The dragon's wings spread out wide with a whoosh and then, without much warning, took off with such incredibly graceful power. Young Alex was utterly awed and before he knew it they were soaring in the night sky. The flight wasn't rough or scary. It was incredibly calm.

"Lexus learned to fly gently like this because back then, I was so scared and nearly fell so I ordered him to be more gentle. Hahaha. He's so amazing, right?" she boasted and Alex could only agree. This was just incredible. He never thought he would ever experience anything like this.

"Yeah, he's amazing. And you're incredible, too," he said. The dragon was no doubt cool but this girl who could tame this monster into this kind of gentle creature was the most amazing thing.

As he looked down, the young man could no longer contain the thrill and he spread his arms out wide. "This is just so amazing, Abigail!" he exclaimed.

The dragon flew for many rounds until it finally landed back in the crater of mist.

Young Abigail and Alex climbed down. She gently bumped her forehead on the dragon's cheek and uttered lovingly, "Goodnight, Lexus."

Just after hearing that, the dragon disappeared into the mist again.

After dinner, Alex was busy sharpening and cleaning his sword when he finally noticed that Abigail was not inside the house. He was still buzzing from the electrifying experience. He couldn't believe that he had actually ridden a dragon! The adrenaline rush he felt was indescribable and he had been replaying the scene over and over in his head that he didn't notice that Abigail left.

Alexander didn't have the superb hearing of normal vampires so he could only go out to look for her. When he couldn't see her outside the house, he started to feel worried, but he was quick to tell himself that no one could hurt Abigail. But what if she didn't encounter an enemy what if she fell in a hole or slipped down the mountain or tripped over and hit her head on the ground or something? Could the mist save her from these things?

That thought made Alex move in haste.

Alex walked further away from the house and was walking along the river when he froze.

Abigail was in the river, bathing in the water.

Abi didn't hear him coming. Her hearing was very exceptional but it wasn't something that was pleasant for her to use all the time. She would often get headaches from it and so she had learned to shut that power off whenever she didn't need it.

Alex saw her figure as she bathed under the moonlight. He was utterly mesmerized as he stood there, unable to look away from this goddess before him.

But Abigail soon noticed his presence and the moment she turned, their eyes met. Abi froze as her blood shot up to her cheeks.

"Ahh!" she yelled, her arms covered her upper body as crouched down, hiding her body under the water.

Alex woke up from his reverie and quickly turned around, clearing his throat.

"I'm sorry," he said, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. "I'm going to go back inside now," he added and he hastily walked back to the house.

Alex was already lying down on the bed, trying to force himself to sleep, but Abigail's image floated in his mind, hindering his efforts. The image of her was like a tease, not letting him turn his brain off and instead consumed his mind.

He felt her enter the house but he pretended to be asleep, not daring to open his eyes. The night was already deep so Abi went straight to bed, sighing gratefully when she saw that Alex had already fallen asleep.

Time passed, yet Alex remained awake. It was past midnight when he rose and grabbed his sword.

Like a careful and swift cat, Alex walked over to Abigail's bed. He stood there silently as he gazed down at her sleeping face. He reached out and was about to touch her face but he quickly retracted his hand. His eyes glimmering in the dark.

He stepped out of the house, his eyes turned red as he stared at the black mountain and then he leapt away and landed on top of a tree. He looked back once again to the small wooden house and the black mountain before he finally disappeared into forest.


[Dear hellbounders, I'm sorry but I cant deliver the 3rd chap today. Something unexpected came up so I only managed to write 2 chaps. But dont worry I will include today's bunos chap tomorrow so u will get 4 chaps tom. Thank u for understanding.


p.s. I just want to thank u guys for the candies. I just saw the Halloween event and hellbound is second. I'm so happy. Thank u so much hellbounders!! You guys are the best!!!

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