Hellbound With You Chapter 469

468 The Long Lost Tale Part Xiv

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"Then we won't have a choice but to take you by force."

"Tch!" Alex twitched his lips. He looked around and he knew there was no way he and Zeres could win against them. They were able to fight those humans but these were vampires and not ordinary vampires at that! What should he do?

"Do you want to go?" young Abigail suddenly asked, causing Alex's head to snap towards her.

Their eyes met. Alex didn't want to go. He didn't want to leave this place. He didn't know why but he felt like he had found that one place where he belonged and that place was next to her. Now that he had finally found his place in the world, why would he still want to leave?

Remembering what she told him that day, that staying with her made her happy, Alex flashed a slight smile at her. "No," he told her.

His answer was, of course, loud enough to be heard by the vampire army and the man who stepped forward sighed. He lifted his hand and pointed at Alex. "Take him," he ordered and the next second, the horde of vampires jumped at them.

The young Abigail closed her eyes, waiting for mist to come. The fight had started. She heard steel clash against claws and flesh but the mist didn't come. She was confused but when she opened her eyes, she realized why the mist didn't appear. She wasn't in danger because no one was attacking her.

Shock filled her eyes. Why were they not attacking her at all?

She looked at Alex, he was already losing and so was Zeres. Their human skills could not stand against these vampires. She could only watch as Alex swung his sword against the vampires coming at him, struggling to hold them off. Then she saw Zeres being kicked in the stomach, causing him to fall backwards by her feet. She immediately crouched down and held him.

"Zeres! Are you okay?"

"Damn. They are way too strong!" Zeres cursed. His body was already covered with wounds. These vampires were a lot stronger than the vampires he used to fight against every night.


Their attention was pulled to Alex as he groaned. Abi's eyes flew towards him and she saw that he was completely surrounded.

"Give it up, your highness. Please drop your sword and come with us now. You and I both know your efforts are wasted here," the elite vampire coaxed.

But Alex just straightened up and glanced at Abigail. He looked at her desperate expression and he could see it in her eyes; that if this didn't end soon, she would call for Lexus. Alex didn't want that to happen because he knew that these vampires were not here because of him. They were definitely here for a bigger purpose. He wouldn't let himself believe that his father sent his strongest force just to bring him back. It was just too absurd. Who was his father trying to fool? Alexander knew exactly what his father was like because he had been around long enough to know that the vampire king only wanted one thing; more power.

The fact that they never approached Abigail was enough for him to doubt their real purpose. If Abigail were to call Lexus out to deal with these men, they would know that a dragon master still lived and that it was her. That knowledge would put Abigail's life in danger and that was something he would never let happen. Even though she had Lexus' protection, Alex had observed that she wasn't invincible. She had her very own Achilles heel that the enemies will soon exploit, especially the vampire king.

But what should he do? He couldn't tell Abigail not to summon Lexus! That would just as equally give it away.

Gnashing his teeth, Alex closed his eyes as he looked up at the sky. He felt so powerless and he hated it. He was sick of this. He would rather die than be the reason for the end of Abigail's peaceful, happy life. He didn't want her smile to fade. He would do anything to keep her world peaceful like it was before he stumbled into it.

The vampires glanced at each other. Seeing Alex just standing there, immobile like stone, made them think that he had finally given up, so that man signaled for them to capture him.

However, out of the blue, his sword swung like lightning, slashing the vampires who were in midair with one strike. They fell to the ground, dead.

Everyone was stunned. When Alex opened his eyes, his eyes were bloody red, but his fangs and nails didn't lengthen.

The next moment, Alex attacked them all. Everyone was caught off guard. They all knew that this prince didn't have the strength and power of a vampire but how come he was so fast? And the way he used his sword was almost insane. His skill was beyond human.

The vampires were angered. It seemed they couldn't accept that a half human was suddenly putting up a fight against them.

A big elite vampire with fiery eyes, obviously the strongest one in the bunch, stepped in. He threw a strong uppercut and it landed on Alex's jaw, throwing Alex back from its force.

However, Alex's feet landed on the ground with knees bent and he used his sword to slow himself down by piercing it through the ground. When he stopped, he was kneeling on one knee as he peered at the enemies through his hair. His eyes were still blazing red. His aura changed making him seem like he wasn't the weakest vampire in the kingdom anymore.

Alexander himself was surprised. He didn't know why or how but he suddenly felt tremendous power surging inside him. Where did this come from?

He felt like a gate was forced open inside him. He couldn't tell what was happening to him. All he knew was that he needed to fight with his life on the line to protect Abigail.

With his mind filled with nothing but that, Alex rose and flew towards the vampires again. That man jumped to meet Alex's attack midair but this time, Alex didn't swing his sword at him. He didn't face him head on; that would have been a foolish move. He knew that this vampire's strength was his brute strength and powerful fists, thus, Alex swerved to the right, evading the vampire's fist rather than attacking. He had seen this vampire fight many times and he knew what this man's weaknesses were. All he needed to do was wait for that opening he knew would eventually come.

He watched him like an eagle, swiftly focusing his senses to evade the strong attacks. Once he saw that most awaited opening, Alex purposely let his guard down and the man saw that as his opportunity. Alex knew he would use a few moments to gather all his strength to strike because this man liked the glory of taking down an opponent with a single hit.

But Alex was going to use that against him. Those few milliseconds that the vampire took to gather all his strength was enough for Alex to launch his attack.

Before the vampire knew it, Alex disappeared before him and appeared crouched down by his side with Alex's sword already dripping with his blood.


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