Hellbound With You Chapter 470

469 The Long Lost Tale Part Xv

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Everyone couldn't believe their eyes. That vampire had fallen to the ground with one swift attack. He didn't die but the gash that Alex inflicted on his neck was too deep for it to immediately heal. It was obvious to everyone that Alexander had held back at the very last second and didn't kill the man.

Young Alex had decided not to kill him because the situation might just end up turning into another chaotic scene. The worst case scenario was that his father would certainly send more armies to this place. And that was not something he would allow.

Standing in the middle of them, Alexander looked at the wounded man who was still struggling to heal himself.

"Go back and don't come here again. I will go back to the palace on my own to see the king," young Alex told them.

The wounded man looked up. The way he looked at Alex seemed to have changed and it seemed that it was for the better. What he showed them just now may have changed their original view that he was nothing but a weak half-blood. He wasn't weak at all.

"The king wants you to come as soon as possible. Please know that he will send more men if you don't appear before him within three days," the man responded. "We will go back and tell him you will arrive soon."

And just like that, everyone disappeared from their sight and left.

Young Alex was surprised that the elite vampire seemed to have changed his mind about forcing him to leave with them but he didn't take too long to ponder over it. What mattered was that he had managed to protect Abigail's secret and her peaceful life.

However, after the relief, doubt started to creep inside him again. Was he really all that those vampires wanted? If not, then why did they leave just like that? Did his father really want to see him? Why?

"Alexander!" young Abi's voice pulled his attention back to her and Zeres.

She had already attended to Zeres' wounds. Luckily, he only suffered minor wounds from those vampires.

Abigail ran towards Alex, checking his body to make sure he was alright. He had few wounds as well but they were slowly healing on their own. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"Mm." Alex just nodded.

Alex looked back out into the thick forest, his eyes returning to its normal color before his gaze went to Abigail and Zeres again.

"Let's go back," he said and the other two just nodded.

The three returned to Abigail's house in silence, their thoughts full of images of what they had just gone through.

When they arrived home, Zeres was quick to head off to the witch queen knowing that there were elite vampires in the area. He had been living with them for the last few days but this may have put a spanner in the works around that.

Young Abigail and Alex were left alone again and they sat on the bench outside the house, looking up at the stars again. Her thoughts were about how amazing Alex had been in the forest. It seemed that she was right, after all. This man wasn't weak at all and she felt like he could still grow stronger. In fact, the domineering and powerful aura that he had exuded in the forest still coated him, as if he was now unable to hide it away. She felt that a permanent change had happened out there with Alex and that this was only the beginning.

"When will you go?" she asked, her voice soft.

"I think I better go tomorrow. I don't want them coming out here again."

"I see" she averted her eyes from the sky and looked at him. "You will come back, right?"

Young Alex faced her as well. Their eyes met and his heart began to thud. These past days he spent with her had made Alex's feelings for her deepen to a depth he could never imagine. Only the devil knew how much he had held himself back in these last few days. In fact, he was glad that Zeres came to live with them. Had he not been there always getting in his way, Alex didn't know if he would have survived living in the same house with her alone.

"Abigail" he uttered her name, his gaze becoming intense. "I believe I already found the place where I belong."

Abigail blinked, waiting for what he would say next.

"That place is here," he continued. "Right next to you. That's why there's no way I will not come back. You are my home now."

His words rendered Abigail speechless as her face turned red. Her eyes became blurry as tears threatened to fall. The last few weeks had been bliss and almost too good to be true. She couldn't explain what she was feeling and she just didn't know how to react. All she did was stare at him, completely stupefied.

The next moment, she felt his lips land on hers. She was jolted, shocked but Alex's hand was already cupping her cheek, pulling her closer.

"I like you" he confessed, gently bumping his head on hers. "No I... love you, Abigail."

The mixture of those words, his warm lips, and his touch made Abi's world spin around. Her heartbeat became incredibly fast and loud. These foreign feelings made her body heat up and she couldn't make him stop kissing her. She liked it, these feelings and the warmth of his lips. She didn't know what she felt towards him before. She knew she liked him a lot, much more than Zeres. He made her heart flutter but she didn't know if what she felt was the so-called love.

However, what happened today made her realize the extent of her feeling towards him. Just the thought of him leaving her devastated and broke her heart. She was so scared when they were in the forest, so scared that she was willing to summon Lexus to stop them from taking Alexander away. She never felt that kind of fear before. She wanted to tie him to her and keep him by her side forever. And now, he was telling her that he loved her and it made her heart swell in an indescribable way. The feeling of riding on Lexus in the sky couldn't compare to this emotion that she was feeling.

When their lips parted, Abi felt like she wanted to kiss him more.

"W-w-hat about you? How do you feel about me?" he asked her, his voice hoarse as he whispered and his eyes filled with intense emotions.

Abi looked at him, returning his intense gaze back. "I... like you," she answered.

Alex tilted his head. "Just like?" he asked, probing.

But before Abi could speak, he simply smiled and lay his head on the nook of her neck. "I'm sorry. I am being too forceful and greedy. I am truly happy that you like me too, Abigail. I will wait for the day when you tell me you love me more than anyone and anything."



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