Hellbound With You Chapter 471

470 The Long Lost Tale Part Xvi

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The next day, Alex left the Dark Dragon Hills.

He knew that it would be hard for him to go. He looked back so many times before he was able to finally leave. In just a month, he had grown so attached to this place. No, it wasn't this place that he couldn't leave, it was her. It fascinated him how quickly his world had changed. He hadn't even gone that far from her yet and he already wanted to go back.

He looked back at the Dark Dragon Hills from afar once again, pressing his lips tight.

"I'll be back as soon as possible, Abigail. Wait for me," he mumbled to himself before he leapt away, moving fast. The quicker he finished this, the quicker he would be back.

The sun was setting when he finally arrived in front of an enormous and gothic-looking palace. This was the great palace where he grew up. The place that he was supposed to call home, the place he was supposed to belong.

As he stood there, he realized just how distant this place was to him. There were no pleasant memories that he could remember from being in this place. Nothing at all.

The young man remembered what the soldiers told him - that the king was ill - so he went straight to the king's chamber. Vampires didn't fall ill like humans. To them, the word 'ill' meant finally getting weaker because of reaching the age limit. The king was already 900 years old and it seemed that this was his personal limit. Once a vampire started to weaken, he would start to grow old and eventually die like a human.

When he entered his father's chamber, he was surprised to see that the news was true. The almighty, ice cold demon king that he had left nearly a month ago was now lying on the bed looking frail and weak, but the coldness and heartlessness in his eyes didn't change, not even a little. There was just no warmth in them and Alexander wondered if there ever had been.

He was surrounded by his loyal men, looking as if they were really waiting for him.

"You're finally here, my son," the vampire king said. His words made young Alex halt in shocked surprise.

Alex couldn't help but clench his fists because this was the first time this man had ever called him 'my son'. How dare his father call him that when he had ignored his existence since the day he was born?

"I am back, your majesty," he simply greeted.

"Call me 'father', Alexander."

Those words once again shocked young Alex. Father? Was this man serious? Ha!

Young Alex was speechless. He stared into the king's eyes and then at the other vampires inside the room. When Alex realized that the oldest vampire was present in the room, his eyes narrowed. This old woman was the vampire's prophetess. Whoever had lived the longest among the vampires somehow received this strange power and they were able to prophesize.

"Your highness, his majesty summoned you here because he wants you to be the next king," the prophetess stated.

The young man's eyes widened. He was unable to keep up and couldn't speak because of all these crazy things they were saying. What? Him? The next King? He was the youngest prince and the weakest one of them all. Not only that, he was also only a half-blood vampire. Everyone knew only pure blooded vampires were able to succeed to the throne! So what the hell were they saying?

"We know it's hard for you to believe but the king has chosen you," the old woman continued.

Young Alex looked at the king with disbelieving eyes. "Why? Why would you choose me? I am the weakest of all your sons. I am not even pure-blooded," Alex challenged.

The king rose and walked slowly towards him. His hand landed on Alex's shoulder - this was the very first time his father had ever touched him with seeming care.

"Listen, son. You are not weak. You are special," the king said, causing the lines on Alex's forehead to deepen even more. "You are the man destined to kill the last dragon."

Alex felt as if time suddenly stood still. He couldn't believe this man just spouted out.

He was destined to kill Lexus?! He shook his head, refusing to believe it.

"You are the one in the prophecy, Your Highness. The last dragon will fall by your hands. Whether you accept it or not, you can never escape your fate."

Confusion, disbelief and denial were drowning Alex. If he had heard all these things before he met Abigail, he would have been feeling ecstatic by now. All his life he had dreamt for something like this to happen.He wanted to be special and powerful so that his father would finally take notice of him. He had also yearned to become the next king, even though the likelihood of that happening was almost zero, because once that happened, no one would ever treat him like an insignificant extra - he wasn't even a side character in this story. It would mean that no one would cast him away anymore.

However, things were different now. He was different. All those things didn't matter to him anymore. He no longer desired to be noticed and worshipped by anyone else. He didn't care about those useless things anymore. All he wanted now was to leave this place and go back to his Abigail.

So why? Why did it all end up like this?

He wanted to tug his hair in despair. He didn't want any of this anymore but he knew that this prophetess would never tell lies like this and he also knew that all prophecies that the vampire's prophets said out loud always came to pass. None of the prophecies ever told by them has failed to happen.

Alex wanted to scream. He didn't want to kill Lexus. How could he kill Lexus knowing that Abigail loved it so much? How the hell could he do that to Abigail's dragon?


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