Hellbound With You Chapter 473

472 The Long Lost Tale Part Xix

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Back in Black Dragon Hills.

Sitting on the bench, young Abigail was staring blankly at the forest, waiting again. It had been many days since Alexander had gone and he had not returned yet. She was devastated and so damn sad but she never stopped believing that one day, Alex would come back to her. He had promised her that he would return so until that time, she would wait for him.

But she was missing him very much. She missed his smile, his voice, those nights they both just sat on the bench staring at the sky, and all those times they spent together. Why? Why was he not back yet? How long was she going to miss him like this for?

She felt like there was a lump in her throat. She didn't know that missing him would feel this awful. It was a misery she was unprepared for.

"Abigail!" She was jolted by Zeres' voice. When she looked at him, his face was utterly displeased. "Please stop thinking about him already," Zeres said, his jaws clenching. "He's not coming back so forget about him."

The young woman bit her lips and her eyes started to well. She couldn't accept what he said. 'Alexander was going to come back!' she told herself strongly.

"No. Please don't say that. He promised me he would come back, Zeres. So I will wait for him," she told him.

Zeres rose, clenching his fists tightly as he stood before her, locking his eyes with hers.

"Listen, Abigail. I heard from my mother that he is leading an army to go north. The vampire king is ill and I heard that he offered Alexander the crown. You know what that means right? A vampire, especially a royal and a crown prince like him will never marry a human like you," he told her and Abigail just looked at him, shocked, as her tears silently flowed down her cheeks.

Seeing her tears, Zeres' gaze softened and he knelt before her. He lifted his hand to wipe the tears on her face.

"I'm sorry. But I couldn't take it anymore. I hate watching you looking so sad like this every day. I am saying this because I don't want you to wait for something that isn't going to happen. Please, can you just forget about him and let's go back to how it was before he came?" Zeres' eyes became pleading as his other hand held her hand.

But the young woman didn't stop crying. "But Zeres I can't do that anymore," she replied as she clutched her chest. "I already love him more than anyone and anything."

Zeres eyes dimmed and his head slowly sunk as he stared at the ground.

"I I was here with you before him, Abigail. I have been here with you much longer than he has so why didn't you fall for me?" he mumbled. "Why him? I always" he paused, choking, as he looked up at her again. "I have always liked you, Abigail. I fell for you since the day you found me in the forest."

The girl just sat there, still like stone as she looked at him with widened eyes. She was shocked by Zeres' sudden confession and no words came out of her lips.

Zeres smiled bitterly and he looked down again before he rose and turned. The moon was shining bright again. "I am going home now, Abigail. I will come back early tomorrow."

Zeres glanced back and then he stepped forward, ready to leave, but he halted. "I will not stop liking you and loving you. I will not give up, Abigail."

After saying those words, the silver-haired young man disappeared, leaving Abigail dumbfounded as she sat there. That night she ran up the hill and called out for Lexus, looking for comfort. The dragon immediately came out and Abigail hugged him as she bawled her eyes out.

The days went by fast, with the sun setting and rising more than two hundred times already. Young Alexander and his armies had already conquered three human kingdoms. The kingdom before his eyes would be the fourth and the largest kingdom yet.

He stood in front of his growing army, taking in the enemy's posting with his careful eyes, gauging, searching for weakness and for that vulnerable place where he would strike that lethal blow that would render his enemy unconscious.

This kingdom he was about to seize had refused to surrender. They were going to fight him head on with their splendid army and cavalry that were spread as far as the eyes could see. The enemy's army had ten times more soldiers compared to Alexander's army, but these numbers didn't scare him. A glint of thrill flashed in his eyes instead. He had changed tremendously during this time, almost as if he had become a completely different person. His whole army, especially the vampires, were utterly awed by him. They had seen in the last three battles just how extraordinary this prince was. They were awed beyond belief with his military tactics and the way he led his army of both humans and vampires.

In just a short period of time, Alexander had gained the utmost loyalty from his soldiers. To them, he wasn't just a prince, he had already become their King. He was their master whom they would follow and sacrifice their life for because under his command, they were invincible.

The war started. Blood slowly painted the ground. Alexander and his armies stormed forward, raging like beasts as blood was forced out of their enemies bodies. Many fell, but with Alexander leading the helm, they rode once again to victory. It was his fourth victory in a row.

After the second victory, his name had already started to pour out of everybody's lips. The invincible Alexander and his legion. The undefeatable Alexander.

He had led his army to one victory after another but even so, his armies still didn't know to what end he was doing all this for, not even his generals. But they knew that wherever Alexander went, they would be victorious.

The young prince then started to march his army eastward toward another great empire led by a powerful human king.

As they marched, Alex could see the Dark Dragon Hills from afar.

Young Alexander kept looking in its direction the entire day, and when night came and his armies settled, he disappeared like phantom from their midst.


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