Hellbound With You Chapter 477

475 The Long Lost Tale Part Xxi

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Young Alex looked down at her face and he kissed her irresistible lips again. He teased her tongue, playing tag with it, easing what apprehension she may have been feeling.

He then lowered his body over her, slowly and gently to let her get used to the feeling of his body on hers. He kept kissing her, as his hand roamed over her delicate skin until it made its way to her centre. She jolted slightly at his touch. Her blood seemed to have travelled down to her groin, making it even more sensitive to the touch and causing her shiver with desire.

He was patient, letting her heat up as if he had all the time in the world, making sure that she was ready for him as his member continued twitching against her until eventually, her insides became completely wet and slippery.

A moan escaped her lips. Abi couldn't help it. Even though she felt shy, her desire for him overcame all her inhibitions. She started to move her hands over his shoulders, chest and abdomen, all the while kissing him passionately. She wanted to feel all of him, too.

He wanted her so much and he couldn't wait anymore. Spreading her legs slightly apart, he placed himself between them and then slowly, he entered her.

He reigned in his desire because he didn't want to hurt her. Even though she was very wet and ready for him, he couldn't take for granted that this might be her first time and he wanted the experience to be a good one for her. So he inched inside slowly and when he was halfway in, he stopped and he let her get used to him. She was damn tight. Doing this was taking all of his self-control but he would rather torture himself than hurt her.

"Are you okay?" he asked when he heard her breath hitch. "Does it hurt?"

Abi looked at him and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm fine," she answered.

"You can tell me to stop if it gets too much, okay?" he assured her.

"Mn." She nodded as she looked deeply into his eyes. She could tell that Alex was holding himself back and her heart melted. He really was so thoughtful and caring and his actions told her that he really did love her. She thought that she really was so lucky to have someone love her like this and that made her love him even more.

Abigail smiled at him, her love for him shining brightly in her eyes and then she pulled him down and kissed him. Their kiss was gentle at first but then became rougher and wilder as their desire for each other blossomed.

Alex groaned from her torment and he pulled away to bump his forehead against her. "Abigail, you are my one and only love. I love you so much," he whispered, his gaze as intense as her was.

He kissed her and he started mmoving again. He inched inside her again and then he pulled out just as slowly, repeating this movement until her muscles relaxed and he was able to slide in and out more easily.

His lips trailed downwards to her neck and shoulders and then her breasts, giving them some attention. He licked and sucked on one while he massaged the other with his hand, earning a moan of pleasure from Abigail.

Abigail was bombarded with new sensations from her breasts and her groin and she didn't know which way was up anymore. Her mind had become a swirl of desire and pleasure and that was all she could think about. As Alex moved inside and out of her, her hips arched to meet him, begging for him to enter her fully. She wanted him, all of him, just as much as he wanted her.

Alex looked at her one more time and when he thought she was finally ready, he finally fully thrust himself inside her as he kissed her at the same time, stifling the sharp hiss that came out of her lips. Her eyes closed from the pain and Alex didn't move apart from placing gentle kisses over her eyelids, then her cheeks and then her lips. He knew that he had hurt her from hearing that hiss but the worst part was over. Even so, he didn't move until Abigail finally opened her eyes.

She looked up at him and he had to ask. "Are you okay, my love?"

Abi had felt the pain as he pushed inside her but after a few seconds, the pain slowly subsided. After the initial shock, she forgot about the pain as her mind brought her attention to the fact that she and Alex were now one. Their bodies were connected in the most intimate way possible and that thought made her unbelievably happy. She was his now. And he was hers. They had become one.

"Yes. I am more than okay," she said as she smiled at him, reassuring him.

As the seconds ticked by, Abi's body started to relax and Alex started moving again. He started with slow, short motions, pulling back a little and then pushing in again in short bursts and then he pulled back further and further and thrust inside her harder and harder as he developed his rhythm.

Abi danced along with him, moving her body in unison with his and they both felt that increasing pressure build up.

Her body arched and she moaned louder and louder as she held onto his shoulders. A strange feeling started to build up inside of her and she couldn't explain it but she wanted to race towards the finish line. She didn't know what was waiting for her at the end but the sensation was incredible. The feeling intensified and she started to climb up higher and higher.

Her fingers dug into his skin as she climaxed and when Alex felt that, he bit his lips and closed his eyes and with one final thrust, fireworks exploded in a myriad of many wonderful colours.

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