Hellbound With You Chapter 479

477 The Long Lost Tale Part Xxiii

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That night, the lovers poured their heart and soul to each other once again. Saying goodbye for the second time around was much harder than the first.

Abigail could see the determination and will in Alex's eyes and she believed in him. She believed that he would fulfil his promise again. But there was something in her chest that didn't want to let him go.

She tried her best to cast it aside and to put all her hope, trust and faith in him but the feeling was persistent and she couldn't help but feel scared. She thought about why she was feeling this unease but she couldn't quite figure out the reason.

Before Alex left that day, they both climbed up the hill to watch the sunrise together. A new day dawned and they felt like this sunrise symbolized the start of a whole new life for them both. They had confessed their love for each other and they had given each other everything the night before; their minds, hearts and souls.

As Alex watched the sunrise, his eyes blazed as intensely as the sun, looking even more determined to finish what he had started with his father so that he could finally get back to her and start the rest of their lives together.

They both made their way inside the mountain to where Lexus was resting.

When Lexus noticed their presence, he immediately rose up from the mist without Abigail calling him which surprised both Abigail and Alex, as if sensing that something was in the air.

Alex touched Lexus and didn't say anything but that one touch was filled with many emotions. It was almost as if Alex was wordlessly communicating with Lexus through that touch.

When it was time for him to go, Abi did her best not to cry. She smiled bravely at him instead and they kissed one last time before he finally disappeared from her sight.

Weeks passed by.

Alex had finally conquered the 5th kingdom. His army had become even bigger because of the number of soldiers he had taken from this 5th kingdom. But the strong human soldiers weren't the only prize he gained from this kingdom. He also found a woman named Dinah.

Dinah was about to be sold but she begged and pleaded and said that the blood of the dragon keepers ran through her veins. She claimed that she could be the next dragon keeper.

When Alex heard the woman's rantings, he immediately saved her and took her with him. Of course, Alex was very skeptical at first, but when Alex questioned her, his doubts slowly faded. Alex asked her to name the members of the family to start with. Although most of this was common knowledge, there were some members of the family who weren't well known and the first check was to see if this woman could name these obscure members. The woman passed this test as included in her list were the names of these more obscure members. She even mentioned Abigail's name which surprised him because he knew that Abigail's identity had been kept from the world by the family, afraid that others would try to harm her.

He then moved on to asking her to name the different types of dragons and again, she was able to answer him, surprising him again by even going as far as listing the names of the dragons. This was another solid piece of evidence because he knew that only the dragon keepers named their dragons. Any other person would usually describe a dragon by the color of their scales or their temperment. There had been a few famous dragons in the past, mainly famous for the destruction they caused so the fact that she had named the lesser known dragons was another plus.

Alex himself wouldn't have known any of this information if he hadn't met and spent all that time with Abigail. During the short month he had spent with her, she had told him all about her family and all about the dragons that they had looked after. In turn, he had told her about his family and his experiences.

As Alex questioned Dinah further, his doubts disappeared. He decided to take her in and shelter her for Abigail's sake. Alex didn't know how she had escaped the fate that had befallen the rest of Abigail's family but at least Abigail still had family left in this world. He thought this woman would lessen his beloved's grief once she found out the truth about her family.

Since Alex had still not completed his goal, he took Dinah along with him as they marched to the next and last kingdom he would conquer. Once he conquered this kingdom, he planned to finally march towards Ashteria. He thought that he had enough people in his army now but he needed one more battle to hone the new soldiers he acquired and to make them become completely loyal to him. He would not take any more soldiers from this last kingdom.

However, the journey to this next kingdom took longer than anticipated and because Alex had been treating Dinah nicely during that time, the woman had fallen head over heels for Alex. She obviously misunderstood his gesture of kindness.

She started to become obsessed with him, deluding herself into thinking that she was special to Alex. She tried hard to get his attention and even went as far as doing stupid things just to get it. She was desperate for him despite Alex being completely oblivious to her advances.

Dinah eventually begged him to become his personal attendant saying that she would like to work as well. Alex could only agree to her wishes because he didn't have time to deal with her petty matters. He had more important things to concentrate on. Thus, she ended up being the one bringing his clothes and foods to his tent, getting more chances to seduce him. But Alex was still oblivious and never looked twice at her. She was completely invisible in his eyes.


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