Hellbound With You Chapter 480

478 The Long Lost Tale Part Xxiv

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Soon, it was time for his last battle. After this, he would return to Ashteria to finally achieve his real goal and finally get to be with Abigail again.

Alexander led his army as strongly and as fearlessly as he had previously. His strength and power overwhelmed the enemy and he and his army crushed the enemy into dust. They were unstoppable, invincible. Alexander and his army were a force to be reckoned with, an army that no one had ever witnessed before. Alex had earned himself the title of the god of war.

After this huge and victorious battle, Alexander let his men celebrate and so did he. He joined his men that night and drank and ate with them to his heart content. The real reason behind his joy that night wasn't just because of this victory, but also because he could finally start his journey back to his beloved. He kept drinking with his men and Dinah kept his cup full but what Alex didn't know was that Dinah had drugged his drinks.

That night, when the drunk and drugged Alex returned to his bed, Dinah quickly followed him. She immediately climbed on his bed and started to touch him intimately. Alex, who was halfway between reality and the land of dreams, was missing Abigail so much that he thought he had conjured up Abigail. He saw Abigail on his bed with him, her hands touching his body and he let himself continue this wonderful dream he was having.

When 'Abigail' leaned in to kiss him, he kissed her back with a hunger he felt for her. He had been longing for Abigail every night that he had been away, thinking of her face, her voice, her warmth and that passionate night they spent together. He kissed her back, letting himself fall into the abyss of pleasure and called out her name with longing.

But then he frowned. Why did this dream feel so real?

Somewhere, somehow, his consciousness struggled for dominance. He found this dream a bit strange. He was dreaming of Abigail but her actions were definitely not something his beloved would do. This vision of Abigail was coming at him like a wild vixen.

This vision of Abigail took the lead and Alex struggled to make sense of her actions in his mind. Something inside his drunk mind screamed at him but his head throbbed from all the alcohol he had consumed. As the woman sat on top of him, Abigail's face started to morph in front of him. The woman wasn't Abigail! He snapped out of his dreamlike state and he immediately pushed the woman away.

He ordered her to leave as he tugged his hair. His drunk eyes were fierce and filled with disgust as he glared at her.

When the woman tried to come at him again, Alex called his men and ordered them to bring her back to her tent and from that day on, Alex never let her near him again.

On their trip back to Ashteria, the woman started to become desperate. She couldn't go near him anymore and she needed to think of something to get his attention.

Dinah had heard him calling out Abigail's name that night. Being part of the noble family, the woman knew that the current keeper was Abigail and she wondered if that woman was the same Abigail she knew - the current dragon keeper Abigail who was also her half-sister. Dinah knew that Abigail's family had hidden her in the Dark Dragon Hills, so she used this information to get to Alexander.

She demanded to see Alexander and when she was turned away again, she yelled outside his tent.

"Abigail!! I want to go to Abigail! I want to go to the Dar-"

She couldn't finish her sentence because Alex immediately pulled her inside the tent to stop her from spilling out more information on Abigail. Even though he knew his army was loyal to him, he was overly cautious about anything to do with his beloved. His main priority was to keep her safe.

A cunning smile formed on Dinah's face for a short second. She somehow knew that using Abigail's name would work. In the next second, her cunning smile was immediately replaced with a pleading look as she looked up at Alex.

"Alexander, I I'm sorry I did that to you. I had drunk too much that night too and I just, I thought" Dinah trailed off as she started to sob. "I know you don't want to see me anymore. You made that clear. So, can I ask you to take me to Abigail instead? I I want to see my sister Please..." she continued, begging him with her words and expressions.

Alex listened to her and studied her for a while until he finally agreed. He had been avoiding this woman for many days now and her suggestion was a welcome one. Her request meant that he would no longer have to deal with her unrequited attention and Abigail would most likely love to see a relative again. Alex thought that this would make Abigail happy.

However, Alex couldn't afford to divert his whole army's course to take Dinah there so he ordered some of his most trusted men to accompany Dinah to Dark Dragon Hills. Even though the men had many questions over this order, they were as loyal as can be and did as they were ordered. The next day, their group split off from the main army to escort the woman to Dark Dragon Hills, while Alex continued to advance towards Ashteria.

Alexander so badly wanted to go to Abigail to see her again but he was doing this for her. He was going to take the vampire throne for her and for him, so that they could both finally live together in peace. That was all he wanted so he quickly shook off his selfish desire to see her and focused on completing the final task in his plan.

The final battle was only a week or so away and he needed to finalise his strategies for defeating his father's vampire army.

Little did he know that Dinah also had plans of her own.

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