Hellbound With You Chapter 483

481 The Long Lost Tale Part Xxvii

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The dragon stood before the city's gate, like he was the gate keeper of the vampire city.

Alex was shocked. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. What was Lexus doing here? Where was Abigail?!

The sight of the large, black dragon that blocked their way caused a slight panic within Alex's army. Many of them had only ever heard of these creatures in stories before and all of those stories were filled with chaos and destruction along with the annihilation of whole kingdoms. Many of them trembled within their boots as they faced this scary monster who could no doubt kill them all with one fiery breath. His army was starting to fall apart.

"HALT!" Alex's shout thundered, halting the chaos that was about to ensue. He then focused his full attention on the black dragon in front of them.

With a frown on his face, Alex slowly walked closer to the dragon. His men tried to stop him but Alex assured them that he would be alright and told them to stay back. His men looked at each other with shock and fear. Their gaze then immediately switched back to their fearless leader as he approached the deadliest creature on Earth.

Alex drew closer but Lexus welcomed him with fire. Alex managed to evade the dragon's attack using his speed. He was only a blur, a dark shadow, as if he had mastered the art of teleportation. His soldiers could only watch him with awe and admiration.

Alex appeared only a few steps away from the black dragon. "Lexus! It's me, Alexander! Where is Abigail?" Alex said to the dragon. The dragon stopped, tilted his head at Alex and just watched Alex for a while. Alex let out a deep breath and pressed on, walking closer towards Lexus but, as if the dragon was triggered, another fiery breath stopped his advance.

Alex gracefully jumped high up above the flames and landed lightly on his feet, on top of the dragon's neck, evading the deathly fire with ease.

The speed, splendor and ease at which Alexander evaded the dragon's attacks motivated his army. The fear in all their hearts was replaced with fierce determination and they were ready to follow their leader to the very end.

However, their leader still hadn't given them the signal to start attacking.

They could only watch as Alex crouched down on the dragon's neck. They were shocked when they saw Alex pat the dragon as if it were a pet. They had to stop themselves from rubbing their eyes to make sure they weren't seeing things.

Alex's attention was solely focused on Lexus. He felt that Lexus was holding back. Lexus' attacks could have been more powerful and more accurate than what he had been dishing out so far. Lexus was definitely being lenient and Alex knew that something was very wrong.

Alex asked Lexus again, "where is Abigail" Alex trailed off as Lexus turned his head and Alex caught sight of two small figures standing on top of the huge city gate.

There she was - his Abigail - standing up there with a silver-haired woman, the witch queen. His heart started to beat again the moment he saw his beloved but in the next second, his whole body turned rigid and his hands clenched into tight fists. Alex's eyes narrowed and rage started to burn within them.

There was no way Abigail would do this on her own volition. She would never take Lexus away from his safe haven and place him in this kind of situation. So it seemed that he now had another enemy to destroy. The Witch Queen. It seemed that the witch queen had captured Abigail and that Abigail was now under some sort of spell. They were manipulating Abigail to control the dragon.

Alex gnashed his teeth as his eyes burned with anger. Abigail had always been very careful and she had heightened hearing which meant that sneak attacks were futile. Not only that, she also had the mist to protect her if she was in danger. This could only mean that someone close to her betrayed her. Zeres was the first person that came to Alex's mind and he clenched his fist, wanting to punch something hard, preferably Zeres' face.

Alex closed his eyes and when he opened them again, his eyes were no longer burning with rage. Instead, there was a cool, calmness within them and his whole being was coated with a dark blue aura which was no less intense than the raging fire that burned within him just a second ago. In fact, this felt like Alexander had reached a whole new level of terrifying.

Alex calmly murmured 'thank you' to Lexus and then he jumped down and withdrew, uncaring that he was turning his back on his enemy. It didn't matter. Lexus was dangerous yet but he was not the biggest threat right now.

He returned to his men to plan their attack and devise a plan on how to rescue Abigail.

Alex asked his best general who had a similar build to him, to switch with him. He made the general wear his armor, creating a double. The general would lead the army to attack the dragon, creating a distraction so that Alexander could sneak inside and save Abigail from the witch queen's hands.

Thankfully, during one of his raids, he had also managed to add a witch to his army. This witch, while she wasn't as powerful as the witch queen - no witch could ever surpass the witch queen's powers - was stronger than most. She knew that Alex was a vampire and yet, she followed him anyway. It wasn't because she was in love with him, but because she believed that he could bring their worlds together and finally create peace in this chaotic world. She felt that he was just the kind of ruler that this world needed.

Half of Alexander's army, led by the general in disguise, started the first wave of assault and they attacked the dragon. This kept the witch queen occupied and Alex, along with the witch, separated themselves from the main army and snuck inside the palace.

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